Mike Colter Teases How Upcoming "Luke Cage" Series Will Differ From "Jessica Jones"

"Yeah, I'm going to say 'Sweet Christmas' a lot!"


April 4, 2016

Mike Colter knows that you're hungry for more adventures in the Marvel universe and he's ready to fulfill your wishes by playing the ex-convict turned crime fighter with superhuman strength and unbreakable skin — Luke Cage. Following the success of Marvel shows like "Daredevil" and "Jessica Jones," Colter's new stand-alone series on the character is expected to be a hit when Netflix debuts it in full on September 30. Yet even though Colter's character was first introduced to audiences on "Jessica Jones," Colter will be the first to tell you that "Luke Cage" will be good enough to stand entirely on its own.


"Definitely we're all in the area of drama," Colter said during a panel at Wizard World in St. Louis this past weekend. "Look at 'Daredevil,' it's a lot of action between the fighting and the shoot-em-up scenes and the adrenaline rush of all that action, and then look at 'Jessica Jones,' with less fighting and more of a psychological thriller, more emotionally poignant...that was a whole new angle. This series ['Luke Cage'] is an ensemble drama and the cast is really good. When Cage is not on screen, the storylines that are going on outside of his storyline are very good, I think that people will look at it more as a well-balanced drama with a lot of soul."


Colter said that the tone of the series is completely different from the noir style of "Jessica Jones," and he credited the writers of the series for bringing Cage's story to the screen so effectively. "Socially, it's a relevant series because there's so much going on in society right now where you could use a guy like Luke Cage. So when you see 'Luke Cage' I think it will be a social relevance that we didn't get from the other series," Colter said. That doesn't mean that show runners are sacrificing any cool fight scenes though — "Yeah, I'm going to say Sweet Christmas a lot...he's going to do a lot of badass stuff! Prepare for badassery!"



Colter was also coy with his hints as to how the series is going to handle Cage's backstory, but promised that fans wouldn't be let down. “It starts pretty much a couple mouths after 'Jessica Jones.' I think we show [the backstory] in a really cool way. They've really paid attention to the fans' desires to see Luke Cage in certain situations and I think everybody will be happy." The actor later expanded on the differences between the two shows by reminding us that Cage "wasn't trying to be a superhero" in "Jessica Jones." "The ['Luke Cage'] series is about him growing into that," he said.



We'll have to wait to get our Marvel fix until Cage's solo series debuts its first season on September 30 on Netflix. In the meantime, revel in the awesomeness that is this picture of Colter and fellow Marvel actor Lou Ferrigno of "The Incredible Hulk" fame. The two "invincible men" posed for a photo at Wizard World in St. Louis this weekend and our minds are now blown. 



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