See What's Inside The Ridiculous $250,000 Goody Bag Given To Oscar Nominees

February 18, 2016

If you were worrying about Leonardo DiCaprio feeling bad if he doesn’t take home an Oscar for “The Revenant,” don’t worry — he’ll be just fine. Whether the actors nominated for Oscar gold this year win or lose on Oscar night, they'll all be going home with an incredibly over-the-top extravagant gift bag. 


The gift bag all attendees will receive this year is reason enough to show up to the ceremony, given that its contents value upwards of $250,000. That's right, they’ll be making an amount you’d be lucky to make in one year in one night and they don’t even have to worry about spending it wisely, because its already been spent irresponsibly for them.


The bag isn’t just extravagant by normal-person standards — it's also way over the top by Oscar standards. Last year the bag was worth $160,000 but contained similar items overwhelmingly targeted at beauty, weight-loss, travel and unexpected high-end items - this year it's $275 toilet paper, while last year it was luxury condoms. 


It's worth noting that the Academy itself isn't the group distributing the gift bags. The bags themselves come from Distinctive Assets, which is a marketing company that offers various products to celebrities in order to promote them. They've been creating the outlandish gift bags for Oscar nominees for the past several years, with the Academy continually tying to distance themselves from them. This year, though, the Academy is actually suing the company (probably because the items reported in the bags this year are just SO insane).


Want to take a peek inside the life of the rich and famous? Filling the pricy goody bag this year is the following: 


A 10-day, first-class trip to Israel: $55,000


A year’s worth of unlimited Audi car rentals from Silvercar: $45,000 


A lifetime supply of skin creams from Lizora: $31,200


Halo Purely for Pets donation of pet food to an animal shelter: $6,300


A 15-day walking tour of Japan: $45,000


Hydroxycut weight-loss Gummies: $19.98


Dandi antiperspirant patch: $21 


Three private training sessions with Jay Cardiello: $1,400


Personal fitness sessions with celebrity trainer Alexi Seletzky: $900


A Fit Club TV “Ultimate Fitness Package” in a private villa: $6,250


Sundial Power Coating: $500


Belldini clothing: $300+


A Steamist Total At Home Spa: $5,060


Unspecified gift from the Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria, Sorrento: $5,000


Unspecified gift from the Grand Hotel Tremezzo, Lake Como: $5,000


Unspecified gift from the Golden Door Spa, California: $4,800


Ultherapy, a laser skin-tightening procedure: $5,530


Tribute: $125


Delovery personalized gift baskets: $2,000


A "Vampire Breast Lift", which uses blood to enhance the appearance of a woman's breasts: $1,900


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Products from the Healing Saint by Dr Jane 360 range: $193


Lat & Lo jewelry: $150


Caolion skin care: $134


Slimware: $29.95


Sedona Lace makeup brushes: $109.95


Nuelle Fiera Arouser For Her: $250


Personalized M&Ms: $300


Joseph's Toiletries "The Welcomer" toilet paper:  $275 


A Rouge Maple selection box including Maple Syrup, salad dressing, mustard: $99


Zekkle Edge: $125


A Haze Dual V3 Vaporizer: $249.99 (This one’s for you, Leo.) 


El Silencio mezcal: $75


Mission1 Clean Protein Bar: $5.64/box


Phantom Glass screen protector: $49.95-$59.95


Memobottle plastic water bottles: $47


Greenhill Winery & Vineyards: $39


Chocolatines treats: $35


Farm Wife Style handmade jewelry: $25 


Purely Inspired Organic Protein: $19.97


Gleener on the Go portable lint brush: $11.99


Signature Vodka: $70