1. Manhattan Sunset by Infinity Mirror

imageWS (Photo Courtesy of maxwellthebeech)

The 1997 masterpiece album from Prog-Metal giants Infinity Mirror redefined the genre with hits such as "Far-Away Laser", "Neverending Eclipse" and the 24-minute odyssey "Brooklyn Bridge".

2. Travellers by -The Times-

The underlooked gem by indie trendsetters -The Times- was critically lauded but unfortunately, the Koyaanisqatsi inspired cover couldn't draw in an audience.

It's a shame that audiences missed out on tracks like "Looking down" and "The Smiths Stole Our Style".

3. What Happens After Vegas by Chundermen

Nanowith (Photo Courtesy of ShadowOutOfTime)

If you ever went to a rave party in 2007, you must have heard "Lost in the Neon" and "Breakfast Bowl" by the Swedish Electropop band Chundermen. They may have faded into obscurity, but their influence can be spotted in music by hitmakers The Chainsmokers or Melanie Martinez.

4. Stranded by Doom Skull

The seminal album by Doom Metal greats Doom Skull was the first album in the genre to actually appear on the modern rock charts. The vocal gymnastics of lead vocalist Skullhead combined with the synthy vibe of the album made it an unparalleled commercial success for them.

Although singles like "Sand in my Teeth" and "Sawtooth Sanctuary pt. III" didn't get much radio play, they're still fan-favourites on tour.

5. Hang In There Kid by GIRVIN

GIRVIN's politically charged album signaled a shift in his style from a more radio-friendly post-grunge vibe to more songwriter oriented ballads like "Ivoire Coast Beaches", "Look Me In The Eyes" and "Photographer" about a National Geographic photographer visiting the African continent.

7. No Mind by Tangram

annadandelion (Photo courtesy of Efe Kurnaz)

Tangram's decision to release an album with just one song (with 5 movements) that lasts an hour was almost unheard of, especially in the Acidpop genre. Unfortunately the experiment didn't translate to sales..

The album cover has become kind of iconic since, becoming one of Nicolas Winding Refn's main inspirations for 'The Neon Demon' and its influence can be seen in 2015's 'Ex Machina'.

8. Jeb. by Jeb Bush

Fresh off his loss of the RNC nomination, Jeb Bush dropped this absolutely fire album proving that while he may not have a career as the president of the United States, his rap career stays strong.

The album is described as a confessional, with introspective lyrics and serious themes layered heavily throughout. All I know is that the chorus for "Please Clap" has been stuck in my head for months.

9. Pass The Detonator by Ween

Vexillologia (Photo courtesy of annapolis_rose)

Ween burst onto the scene in 1989 with this brilliant send-up of early-era punk rock inspired by The Ramones and The Clash. Just as punk was starting to turn the corner into overproduced Pop-Punk, it was a relief to hear an album that sounded like it was actually recorded in a garage with broken instruments again.

The songs "Car-Mangled Scanner", "God Shave The Queen" and "I'm Just Happy To See You" were instrumental for the return to dirtier production techniques displayed in late 90s albums by The White Stripes and The Hives.

10. That's What Makes My Wheels Turn by Breda Model 1931 Machine Gun

rex_francis (Photo Courtesy of Jacqueline terHaar)

Unfortunately, not every album with great cover art is a great album. Such is the case with the sophomore effort from blues rockers Breda Model 1931 Machine Gun. Although their first album was a success, the follow-up felt like more of the same and offered no evolution on their amateurish sound.

Critics said tracks like "Holes in my Souls" and "Starfish Rhapsody" were boring and repetitive while tracks like "Riviting" were "excusable on a first album, but fall flat on the second attempt".

11. Dore Lake by The Ghost Breakers

rex_francis (Photo Courtesy of Albion Harrison-Naish)

Channeling Lynchian soundscapes and Phillip Glass-like melodies, this ambient shoegaze band found mainstream success with Dore Lake. Described by critics as "Horrifically Beautiful" this blend of horror ambiance and strong melodies is a powerful introduction to the band.

While not releasing traditional singles, songs like "Nightfog" and "Desert Ice" were featured in trailers for some of the summer's biggest blockbusters

12. Ground Zero by Bloodshed

Ground Zero, the Radiohead rip-off band, found brief success with the release of Bloodshed in 2000 when Radiohead released the divisive Kid A. People clamored for a sound more akin to OK Computer and Bloodshed filled that need for a short period of time. Songs like "All in the Family", "Delaware" and "Tune Me" found mild success before disappearing completely.

13. Yet Again by Whence

How could we get to #13 and not make it an album by Whence?! This creepy gothic rock band's final album with their original line-up is a mainstay at record stores around the world with hits like "Witches Calling", "Wanewolf" and "Darkside of Me" reappearing in the charts almost every October since its release.

14. Mama Said Knock You Out by The Concussions

nuplsstahp (Photo Courtesy of Neil Leifer)

I'm not gonna lie, this album got me into Hip Hop. I know what you're thinking: "The Concussions aren't Hip Hop", but they were considered it when they appeared on the scene in 1995. I know it's not their most popular album but after a 20 year+ career, it's hard not to see the solid foundation they made for themselves with singles like "Hit the Streets" and "Punch-Out".

15. Utopia by The OnceProuds

Folk Punk band The OnceProuds made a career out of capitalizing on the stereotype of awkward nerdy teenagers, but they decided to change it up with this concept album that takes place entirely in the fantasy of a daydreaming chess team captain.

Their cover of "Waltzing Matilda" remains my favorite version of the song and other singles like "Snowing Ash" and "The Drunkard's Sailing Tune" are my go to feel-good songs.

16. Tower by Tower

Modern rock juggernauts Tower had one of the greatest album covers of all time with their self-titled 3rd album. The music on the album muses about the eventually devastating effects of Capitalism and how progress will only drag us down, with the cover serving as a cherry on top of the heavy-handed metaphor.

Some of the more popular singles from the album included "Crowded Elevator", "Revolver Door" and "Singapore Dreams".

17. Buyers Remorse by The Americans

The Americans finally hit it big in 2016 during the election with this concept album that acted as a cautionary tale for voting Americans. Inspired by Nine Inch Nails' Year Zero which takes place in a Post-Apocalyptic wasteland after a violent dictator's rule, the album flew off the shelves on its release date.

Tracks that made it to the radio included "Collusion", "White Hats" and the almost prophetic "Covfefe".

18. All That You Give by Hardly Window View

singingnettle (Photo Courtesy of Sebastien Plassard)

Art Rock band Hardly WIndow View released their hotly anticipated album All That You Give to mixed critical reviews. Some said that the album leaned too heavily on lead singer Plissin Garbo's poetic lyrics instead of the instrumental acrobatics that dominated previous albums. Other critics disagreed and said that the shift in tone benefited the band's unique sound.

"Hat Hair", "Lick Shtick" and "Out of Gas" were some of the standout tracks on this middling album.

19. Help Me by Help Me


Apparently, lots of great album covers feature abandoned buildings. Help Me's debut album is clearly no exception. Though they hardly reached the level of success found by their contemporaries like Lorde and Lana Del Rey, Help Me gained a decent following after releasing singles like "Lost in Translation" and "Yellow Lines".

20. Available on VHS by Play

Although the Noise Metal genre is incredibly hard to digest, this album is VERY hard to miss in a record store. The abrasive color scheme has to be one of the most eye catching visuals ever put on shelves. Although the music never amounts to much more than static, "The Good Old Dayze" and "Risen" are mainstays in their live shows. Personally, I think their cover of "House of the Rising Sun" is something to behold.

21. Paradise is Just a Day Away by Local Heroes

Local Heroes is one of those unique bands that can get away with having a Ukelele, a 7-string guitar and a synthesizer in the band. Known for their explosive live shows, Local Heroes decided to record an album of all new material live on the beach in Honolulu to a crowd of only 200 people. The album was a success and helped established them as a force to be reckoned with in the Alt Rock world.

Standout tracks include "Dance with the Seaweed", "Screaming Voodoo" and "Limp Stiff (Crowd Version)".

22. Drown by Dead Weights

fyrahundraslag (Photo Courtesy of Bruno Catalano)

Don't let the picturesque landscape fool you, Dead Weights is one of the absolute heaviest bands in the business today. Drown cemented them as a force to be reckoned with in the metal world and began their 5-year winning streak for the Metal as ** award at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards.

Tracks "Brick Shoes" and "Black Siren" were both on the Grammy shortlist for Best Metal Performance.

23. Legacy Systems by Legacy Systems

For most artists, the self-titled album is the debut, where they're still feeling out the sound and hoping to break into the industry. But for a few greats like Avenged Sevenfold and Tower, their self-titled album is the point where they feel like they've come together as a band. Unfortunately, Legacy System's self-titled project was their final album but it was very aptly named. Containing references to their earlier music while pushing their trippy-EDM influenced sound to its absolute limit, the album encompassed everything that Legacy Systems was about.

Although nearly every track on the album was nearly perfect, the evocative "System Shutdown" and the energetic 'Boot Sequence" stand above the rest.

24. Painting With The Clouds by Dojo

If you like minimalism, you'll love Dojo. Her definitive first album, Painting With the Clouds, is the definitive musical equivalent of the entire movement. Recorded in a single day with just Dojo and her Ukelele in her home studio, the album made waves around the world. Singles like "Tearfall" and "Permanent Clouds" never fail to get aspiring singer-songwriters teary-eyed.

25. taste by O Douglas, O Douglas

TechnoTrout (Photo Courtesy of littledrillcreative)

Like a funkier Modest Mouse, O Douglas burst onto the scene in 2014 with their debut album taste. The toe-tapping retro beats and slinky guitar solos made it difficult not to get a song from this album stuck in your head. "Pit Passion" and "Toasty" were played in clubs around the world, and started a worldwide thirst for funkier disco music to make a comeback.

26. Armoured Woman by Lorde

fullofire (Photo Courtesy of ElitistHatPropaganda)

Inspired by a fan's insistence on her signing a mis-photocopied picture, Lorde released this iconic album to critical acclaim. Her unique style and production have never been more apparent on the hits "Joan of Arc" and "Chain Mail" that you no doubt have stuck in your head now.


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