Ben Stiller: "He could not help but be funny all the time."

"His kindness and generosity is what I think of. How kind he was to anyone who wanted to connect with him. And he could not help but be funny all the time. He would do something as long as it would keep you laughing. He made many, many film crews laugh out loud before the audiences ever saw it. He made such a big impact on the world. So, there is the man, and his talent, and I think in his case both were extraordinary."

Ben Stiller:
Conan O'Brien: "He bought me a bicycle."

"I was kind of low, and Robin loved to ride, and I loved to ride, and he bought me a bicycle, but this was so Robin Williams. He bought me this bicycle, and he had it delivered to my house, and it was the most absurd bicycle you've ever seen. It was bright orange and bright green and had shamrocks on it.

So, I called Robin up because, who does that? I didn't know him well enough to justify this kind of, 'You didn't get me anything.' So, I called him up and I just said, 'Robin, I'm floored by this bike.' And all he would say was, 'Well, I knew you ride, and I knew you could use it,' and he went, 'Does it look ridiculous? Does it really look ridiculous?' And I said, 'Yeah, it looks ridiculous.' And he went, 'Good. Do you really look stupid riding it?' I said, 'Yeah, I'm going to look really stupid.' And he said, 'Well, then that's good then.'"

Conan O'Brien:
He just knew.

He had been flying from base to base in Afghanistan doing shows for the troops. It was about 9PM when he did his show for us which didn't end until 11PM. He stayed up another hour taking pictures, signing autographs and making jokes. Before he left, he asked if I enjoyed the show. I said yes and he said good cause you seemed extra sad today.

I worked in the trauma hospital and lost 3 people that day. I watched his stand-up shows as part of my treatment for survivor's guilt when I got home.

He just knew.
He would go that extra mile.

Every year he does this event at San Francisco Zoo where someone can buy, in an auction, a slumber party at SF Zoo and then get to have dinner with and a story read by Robin Williams. My dad's best friend had a bidding war with another lady, but was ultimately outbid. When RW heard about it, he agreed to do two nights, one for the lady and one for my dad's friend.

I can never thank RW enough for doing that. It had been about a month after my father passed away, and needless to say my family was devastated. We almost couldn't handle going. But I'm glad we did; he was such an amazing person that for one night my family was happy. He laughed when I called him Mr. Williams, and read us "The Emperor's New Clothes". He was so nice and I'll always be grateful to him.

He would go that extra mile.
Minnie Driver: "There were about 300 people around."

"It's sad now. But it was watching Matt and Ben shoot that park bench scene with Williams, and it was really beautiful. He did this amazing impromptu stand-up routine to all the people eating their sandwiches on the common and people coming out of buildings because they heard he was doing this. At the end of lunch, there were about 300 people around. He was a good man."

Minnie Driver:
Billy Crystal: "He was the brightest star"

"He made us laugh. Hard. Every time you saw him on television and movies, in nightclubs, arenas, hospitals, homeless shelters, for the troops overseas, and even in a dying girl's living room for her last wish. I spent many happy hours with Robin on stage. The brilliance was astounding. The relentless energy was kind of thrilling. I used to think if I could just put a saddle on him and stay on for eight seconds, I was going to do okay... He was the greatest friend you could ever imagine... supportive, protective, loving... It's very hard to talk about him in the past because he was so present, in all our lives...

For almost 40 years, he was the brightest star in the comedy galaxy."

Billy Crystal:
Pierce Brosnan: "Robin nailed it on the second take."

"I remember this day like it was yesterday was a San Francisco morning on the set of "Mrs Doubtfire" ...a drive by fruiting... I thought we would be there all morning trying to get the shot, Robin nailed it on the second take. I am so proud to have been part of that movie and to have known the great Robin Williams."

Pierce Brosnan:
The kindest man.

A few years back, Robin Williams was having breakfast at my cafe, and was sitting next to a little girl who clearly recognized his voice but had no idea who he was and was too shy to make eye contact with a stranger. So Robin pulled his sleeve down over his hand to make a puppet and talked to her with a silly voice through it

The kindest man.
"Really nice guy considering I just shot paint into his face."

I played paintball with Robin Williams and made it a point to run straight to his bunker and shoot him right in the face, he was going to be my prize. He was a good sport about it and spent the rest of the day giving me a running commentary/riff track on the game as it progressed. Really nice guy considering I just shot paint into his face.

Obama: "He made us laugh. He made us cry."

"Robin Williams was an airman, a doctor, a genie, a nanny, a president, a professor, a bangarang Peter Pan, and everything in between. But he was one of a kind. He arrived in our lives as an alien, but he ended up touching every element of the human spirit. He made us laugh. He made us cry. He gave his immeasurable talent freely and generously to those who needed it most, from our troops stationed abroad to the marginalized on our own streets."

Robin Williams: "If you need booze or drugs to enjoy your life to the fullest, then you're doing it wrong."

I once met Robin Williams, very friendly and funny. More so then I expected honestly. I went to a dinner with my father and a couple of his co-workers at a fancy Italian restaurant when I was about 18 and about halfway through the meal a few of the co-workers got drunk and started to scream at the waiter in Italian. In response the waiter, and eventually a few other workers, joined in and were screaming back at the co-workers and then in between all of them came Robin Williams gesticulating wildly and screaming mock Italian at both sides until they calmed the hell down and started to laugh at Robin Williams and his antics instead.

When everyone went back to their seats I walked up to Robin Williams, thanked him for defusing the situation, and did the usual "I love your work, It's amazing to meet you" spiel and then he began to ask ME questions about my life, how I am, my age, what I wanted to do and was very friendly and caring. When I was walking away back to my dad he stopped me and said words I try to live by, "Kid, take a good look at those suits. Don't try to end up like them. If you need booze or drugs to enjoy your life to the fullest, then you're doing it wrong."

Robin Williams:
What an amazing man.

We held a massive service at the church for my dad's mom she attended in San Francisco. It was obviously a hard night for my dad. My parents stayed late in the city to clean things up and spend time with family. It was about 2:30 AM when we finally started making our way home, but before leaving the city, my dad wanted to stop and get a doughnut at some random doughnut shop we passed by. We all went inside, and lo and behold, Mr. Robin Williams was there, sitting in a booth eating a couple doughnuts and drinking some coffee. He noticed our well dressed, solemn looking crew walk in, and pretty quickly after we sat down to eat the delicious treats, he came walking over. Now, I admit fully that I do not remember what he said to us, but I do remember what he looked like and I remember him Introducing himself as Robin (Which is my aunts name, I think thats why it caught my attention). He ended up joining my family at our table and (as my Dad always said) he just started making pleasant conversation, which quickly turned in to him making my parents smile, and soon after he had us all laughing. I couldn't tell you what they laughed about, but I remember seeing my parents laugh and smile for the first time in weeks. My dad remembered that so fondly. He always said it was exactly what he had needed in that time, and that he appreciated the way Robin Williams went about it. It wasn't that he was a celebrity, he was just being a nice guy who saw a bunch of sad folks and realized he could probably make a difference. And he did. I loved hearing my dad tell that story because you could tell that moment meant a lot to him. I'm sad he felt the need to go.

What an amazing man.


Norm Macdonald: "Far funnier than the set I had to do soon."

It was my first stand-up appearance on Letterman and I had to follow the funniest man in the world. I was a punk kid from rural Ontario and I was in my dressing room, terrified. I was on the phone to a friend back home when the funniest man in the world ambled by. There was no one else on the floor. In shock, I told my friend who just walked by. Only the funniest man in the world. I guess he heard me say his name, cause in an instant he was at my side. He was a jewish tailor, taking my measurements. He went down on his knees, asked which way I dressed. I told my friend on the phone that the funniest man in the world was on his knees before me, measuring my inseam. My friend didn't believe me so I said, "Could you talk to my friend, sir. The funniest man in the world took the phone and for ten minutes took my friend's Chinese food order. I laughed and laughed and it was like I was in a dream because no one else was there. No one. The place was out of Moo Shoo Pork, and there was nothing he could do about it. He angrily hung up on my friend and I was about to thank him when he said I hadn't even tried the jacket on. Then the funniest man on earth dressed me, a complete stranger, and i remember he ended with a windsor knot. He spoke mostly yiddish, but when he finished he was happy with his job and turned me to a mirror to present myself to me. No one witnessed any of this. No one. The funniest man alive was in my dressing room a good half-hour and was far funnier than the set I had to do soon. When he left my dressing room, I felt alone. As alone as I ever remember feeling.

Norm Macdonald:
Chris Columbus: "He truly was one of the few people who deserved the title of ‘genius.’"

"To watch Robin work was a magical and special privilege. His performances were unlike anything any of us had ever seen, they came from some spiritual and otherworldly place. He truly was one of the few people who deserved the title of 'genius.' We were friends for 21 years. Our children grew up together, he inspired us to spend our lives in San Francisco, and I loved him like a brother. The world was a better place with Robin in it. And his beautiful legacy will live on forever."

Chris Columbus:
Chris Gethard: "What he oozes is empathy".

"Robin Williams may not care about any of the rules, but he absolutely cares about the people. He cares about the people onstage with him having a good experience, and you can sense that pouring out of him alongside his sweat. He cares about making sure we all could look him in the eye and know we are in it together, and he cares about making every single person in that basement theatre have a good time. He doesn't ooze confidence, not at all. He seemed nervous until the second he got onstage. What he oozes is empathy, an empathy that gives him both the need and ability to make people have a better time than they were having before he got onstage."

Chris Gethard:
"He was even nice enough to take the time to autograph each student's lab book at the end of class."

I met Robin Williams once, and he was an amazingly kind and funny. He was good friends with my high school chemistry teacher, so one day the teacher surprised our class by having Robin Williams come visit. He was telling jokes the entire time, and we got to make "flubber" with him. He was even nice enough to take the time to autograph each student's lab book at the end of class. It was so wonderful to spend an entire class period with an actor who was such a big part of my childhood. He is definitely missed.

He just got it.

Robin Williams filmed a scene from the TV shown Louie in my diner. When he came in I couldn't recognize him cause of his goatee. He was awfully quiet and just sat in one of the booths by himself till they stated to film. I was waiting in the kitchen as they were filming and during a take he came inside and just started a conversation with me and he paid me one of the most sincere compliments I've ever received. "I bet you work a lot. I know you have a thankless job. I used to work in a diner before I was famous. So I want you to know, thank you. Thank you for just doing your job."

It meant a lot to me. It was so sincere. He was a really nice man.

He just got it.
Always ready to perform.

When I was younger, my grandmother and I ran into Robin Williams eating alone in a Whole Foods. We approached him and introduced ourselves and he immediately cleared a space for us to sit and chat with him. I was pretty young at the time, so he spent most of the time trying to make me laugh by doing voices. I may have been too young to truly appreciate it at the time, but looking back I can easily say it's one of the greatest moments of my life and Robin has always had a special spot in my heart because of it.

Always ready to perform.
Open to everyone.

I worked with Robin Williams on a film set months before he passed- he is exactly the person you want him to be. Everything he said was a joke or set up for a bigger joke, and he genuinely seemed like he cared. His demeanour was very inviting, I didn't feel like I had to be some hot shot producer to talk to him.

Open to everyone.
Always willing to talking to anyone.

I met Robin Williams in SF at a local skate shop. We were both looking at the same T shirt rack when I heard him ask one of the dudes working there for another size. Something clicked and I was like "....hold on I know that voice".

I turned around and we both looked at each other and I pointed at him and he smiled and pointed back. I told him I was a huge fan, and he just kept smiling and said thanks so much, how do you like this place? We just kept talking about random stuff in the shop until he said he had to get going. It was funny too as my friends walked in from another store and saw me just talking and laughing with Robin Williams, the look on their faces was hilarious. He was genuinely an amazing guy and I'm really glad I got to meet him and have a moment.

Always willing to talking to anyone.


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