This Trailer Shows You What An All-Encompassing "Star Wars" Mega-Film Would Look Like

April 4, 2016

Through seven films, the “Star Wars” franchise has managed create a spectacular world full of beloved mythology. Although some movies are less loved than others, the narratives of the films still flow fairly seamlessly into one and other. It's this aspect of the franchise that allowed Fandango to make the ultimate “Star Wars” trailer, combining all seven movies into one mega-film. 


The trailer is a fun take on the franchise that imagines a world where Anakin, Luke, Rey, Darth Vader, Darth Maul and Kylo Ren are all hanging out - a concept that is just as worrying as it is exciting. Noticeably missing from the party? Jar Jar Binks. Check it out below. 



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It's pretty inconceivable that every moment from each film in the franchise could be smashed into one two hour film, but the trailer does a surprisingly excellent job of squishing the franchise’s highlights into one concise video. The mega-film encompasses the “Star Wars” narrative so well that it works as a bit of recap for those who aren’t looking to re-watch every “Star Wars” movie before “Episode VIII” comes out. 


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