Could The Main Villain In "Suicide Squad" Be Starro?

April 6, 2016

While "Suicide Squad" may be full of notorious DC villains, there is still the lingering question of who the main antagonist of the upcoming film adaptation will be. This insane collection of anti-heroes certainly have to be facing something bigger and badder than themselves — because really, why else would the government ever mobilize these supervillains and let them out of prison? There have been some rumors of who the ultimate baddie of the film will be, yet one fan theory claims that the main antagonist will be Starro, citing evidence from the film's latest trailer to back up their claims. 


The scene in question that gives us the biggest clue is when the Suicide Squad is dropped off in a quarantined part of town. Here, there appears to be zombie-esque creatures covered in goo shooting at them. Then there is also the brief shot in the subway when we see someone attacking and completely destroying the oncoming train, which (while we can't see much) shows that there is something clearly covering their head. According to reddit user savepublicdomain, this all relates to Starro. The villainous alien is using the goo substance in order to mind control its victims, and it's the mission of the Suicide Squad to try and neutralize this alien presence.



We have to say that this theory is completely plausible. In the comics, mini spore clones of Starro attach to the faces of their victims, effectively taking control of their central nervous system — so this goo substance we saw in the trailer could be how Starro is taking control. And though he typically is shown in his giant starfish form, there is also the definite possibility that he could be portrayed as the humanoid Starro the Conqueror, which we may have caught a glimpse of in the subway.


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The fan theory went on to speculate that this could be an effective setup for Starro appearing in "Justice League: Part One," as he was the first villain they faced in the comics. Setting up Starro in "Suicide Squad" would be a good way to introduce the villain and his powers so that we could jump right into the action once the Justice League finally unites. Of course, there is the very strong-held belief that Darkseid, who was foreshadowed about during "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice," will the the villain the DC superheroes face. On the same level as Thanos in the Marvel Universe, Darkseid is something the DCEU can build up for a time as a looming threat. Having our beloved heroes face him right off the bat wouldn't be very exciting, so perhaps he will only make an appearance in "Part One" to then become the main threat in "Part Two." Having said that, Darkseid is the villain that unites the Justice League in the New 52, so it's hard to say for sure which route Zack Snyder will choose to take for his upcoming films. 



Do you think Starro is the villain that the Suicide Squad will face in their upcoming film? What are your thoughts on him appearing in "Justice League: Part One?" Be sure to sound off with your thoughts on their theory in the comments!


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