These people have no manners.

"She turned to me and said..."

"One day I was at a gas station and I noticed two young kids staring at me intently. Their mother was also getting gas, but she was around on the other side of her car. The little boy must have been about 3 or 4 and the little girl was probably about 7 or 8. They were just staring at me. I finally said, 'Hi, how are you guys doing?' The little boy turned and whispered something to his sister. She turned to me and said, 'He wants to know if you are a boy or a girl?' A bit flummoxed by this forthright assault on my obvious manliness, I stammered, 'Uh... I'm a boy...' She said, by way of explanation, 'He's never seen a boy with long hair before.' 'Well, some boys have long hair', I replied, a bit defensively. 'I know', she said. 'I've seen lots of boys with long hair.' 'Really,' I replied. 'Where?' 'Oh, places like the dump...'"

"I could not believe she asked that..."

"One time I was walking to Walgreens, when a woman approached me and asked if I could spare any change. I had like $.50 in my pocket and I was in a good mood, so I decided to give it to her. I put the change in her hand and she stared at it for a few seconds, then looked up at me and says, 'Is that it?' I could not believe she asked that, sure it wasn't much, but I didn't have to give her anything. I said, 'Yeah, that's all I have.' She scoffed and walked away. I saw her a few times after that and after the way she acted, I always turned her away."

"She stops and starts yelling at me..."

"Was sitting on my stoop smoking a cigarette when a older woman saunters down my street. She stops and starts yelling at me "and my dirty kind" to stop moving into her neighborhood and driving all the white people out. Then she ended with 'Go back to Mexico!' I'm Chinese."

"Bill comes and the woman approaches me and..."

"She ordered an elaborate $23 cocktail which upon her arrival noticed there was hair on the outside of the glass. I apologized and quickly exchanged it, brand new hair free. I quality checked after as well just to be sure. Problem solved right? Bill comes and the woman approaches me and asked to remove the cocktail from the bill. I explained to her that incident was reconciled when she happily consumed the replacement cocktail. She asked for a manager to have it removed. Complained that I gave her attitude and was rude her."

"The 'cute' coworker looked at my belly and said..."

"When I was pregnant, I went to an office party that was held at an indoor pool. There was a hot tub, and I sat on the side in my suit with my five-month pregnant belly, wishing I could get into the hot water. The 'cute' coworker looked at my belly and said with a smile, 'If I ever look like that, somebody shoot me.' Another coworker answered her, 'Why don't I just shoot you now?' The 'cute' coworker laughed, as if it were all a joke. I didn't care. The 'cute' coworker was a bad designer, and I was a good one. Cute doesn't last forever."

"She gets out of the car and starts to..."

"Was waiting at a traffic stop when a lady drove up and scraped the side of my car. She gets out of the car and starts to abuse in the filthiest language possible. I pointed out that my car was standing still at the time, didn't help or stop her from screaming expletives, turns out she was trying to blame me because her insurance had expired, didn't help when the cops showed up."

"She then casually asks me if my mom pays the..."

"One birthday (~13) I went to dinner with my friends. There was a wait, so we walked down to the toy store. We are all looking around, the only customers in the store. The lady working there starts talking to us and we tell her it's my birthday. She then casually asks me if my mom pays the other girls to be my friends. I just looked at her, slacked-jawed. She goes on to explain that she (or her friend) paid a girl to be her daughters friend. Paid her way through college too. I wanted to cry. My birthday was ruined."

"She didn't speak English very well but she started screaming..."

"I was a retail employee for a fancy department store for a couple of years. I will never forget one particular night. I was cleaning up the sales floor when I saw a cute little sweater on the floor. I picked it up and quickly realized it was a used sweater that someone either had dropped or forgotten. I was walking up to the registers to place it inside the lost and found bin, when this lady snatched it from my hands, and asked how much it cost. I tried to explain it was a lost item and that it belonged to someone and they might come back to get it. She didn't speak English very well but she started screaming at me that I was racist because I did not want to sell her the sweater. She then brought her husband over and he started yelling at me, I was just a teenage girl by the way, anyway they demanded a manager and they asked for me to be fired."

"After I was done, he threw..."

"Not so much said, but done. I was working at a swimming pool store, where I often have to load 50-80lb bags of sand/chemicals into people's cars for them. I am a small not terribly unattractive girl, and I often had creepy old men stand back and watch me load these heavy bags into their trunks. Not a big deal, they're old. The one that got me was a very muscular guy in his 30s, very capable of loading the 4 or so bags into his car. But he didn't. He stood there with his arms folded and watched me load every one. After I was done, he threw 2 dollars on the ground, told me to pick it up and buy myself something nice."

"The media suggested 'Aspergers made him do it'..."

"I was visiting my aunt a few years ago. During that time, two different people made the news for killing a hand full of people. The media suggested 'Aspergers made him do it' in both cases - which I've got, but I don't make a big deal out of it - and so my lovely family dropped a bombshell during dinner. 'Do you think you could go and kill people like that too? Because, you know... He's got Asperger's, and you too, so...' I was a bit shocked. I mean, stereotype much? I could have just said 'No, not a chance', but noooo. I had to try and add some nuance. 'I guess it could happen, but...' I think they stopped listening after the 'but', judging by their reaction... So I just decided to laugh it off, by saying 'I'll let you know, but you should know I'm planning to get rid of people that could testify against me.'"

"Looked at her in disgust and said..."

"Not said to me, but overheard in a store. A young woman is bagging up her groceries after checking out in a discount store. She has a 3-4 month old in a car seat on the cart, and twins, a boy & a girl, about 3 years old, who are running laps around the front of the store, yelling, playing, and generally being children. The mother tells them to stop, calm down, etc; which works for 10 seconds, then they're back at it. An older woman who was also bagging groceries looked at her in disgust and said 'It's called birth control, honey...' I wanted to punch that c**t in the mouth. The young woman then replied at the top of her lungs 'Birth control isn't 100%, I was on it when I had him (pointing to the baby), and those two are twins! Am I supposed to drown them like they're kittens or something?!' The old woman quickly got her stuff and left."

"My mom's entire family is convinced I'm lesbian and..."

"My mom's entire family is convinced I'm lesbian and afraid to come out, and lately they've all been dropping these little passive-aggressive hints to make it clear that they're totally OK with it so I'd be comfortable telling them. They all get married and have babies quite young so that's the only reason they can think of for why I have not produced a husband and children at my advanced age. I just don't have the heart to tell them I'm super awkward and weird, and not nearly pretty enough to compensate for it, thus I am the spinster cat lady."

"As we walked away she touched my arm and said..."

"I'm white and my ex-wife is black. Our kids are mixed but differ a lot in shades of darkness. My oldest son is almost as dark as her, while my younger daughter could pass for white. We were in the grocery store once and we only had our daughter with us while my son was at preschool. My wife was at one end of the aisle with my daughter in the cart, and I was at the other end grabbing something. A very old lady, maybe in her 70's, came into the aisle on the same side as my wife and daughter, and she had a weird look of concern. I walked back over and the old lady saw that we were together and started smiling in relief. As we walked away she touched my arm and said, 'are you happy with her?' I didn't understand, so I asked her what she meant. She said, 'oh, I just mean is she a good nanny? Would you recommend her services? My daughter needs one. She is using a latina woman now but I told her the problem with those people is if she steals something the police won't be able to find her. She probably has no records. Anyway, I think it's absolutely wonderful that you let her come shopping with your child. People gave me such insults for letting our nanny do that 50 years ago, but you know times were different.'"

"I get in the elevator and this lady turns to me and says..."

"I am of Arabic descent. After September 11th I was bringing in a big box to a guy at work who just had a kid. It was a stroller. All wrapped up and a nice bow. I get in the elevator and this lady turns to me and says 'I cant believe they let someone like you in the building with a box' and immediately left the elevator. Everytime I would see after that, I would pretend to answer my phone and very loudly say 'Asalamalakham my brother'."

"He refused to pay the dollar and kept..."

"I used to work in a call centre and I spent an hour explaining to a DOCTOR that we could not keep his username when he changed accounts unless he paid $1 a month to keep it open as a 'mailbox'. He refused to pay the dollar and kept questioning me and at the end of the call he simply said 'you know what this has been a complete waste of my time that I could be spending SAVING LIVES rather than talking to someone who sits in a call centre acting like a know it all c**t. Goodbye, I hope you get raped.'"

"Once he found out I was deaf, he went on a..."

"In college I had this friend who was dating long distance a guy from the Bible Belt area. They were at the point where they were starting to meet each others' friends. I'm deaf, so we figured the easiest way to 'meet' was by AIM (the only instant messaging we had back then). Much to our surprise, once he found out I was deaf, he went on a rant about how that my parents must've sinned and that I should've been put to death at birth. And that all handicapped people were destined for hell because their parents sinned. I wish I had saved that rant. It was...what's the opposite of epic? Definitely an eye-opener. I had no idea there were people who genuinely felt like that."

"Some snobby lady looked over at me and said..."

"I had just gotten off a red-eye flight, and was in the airport bathroom brushing my teeth. When I spit it out, I still had some toothpaste on the side of my mouth. Some snobby lady looked over at me and said, 'It looks like you have a little leftover on your mouth from your last client.' I calmly wiped my mouth, turned to her and said, 'Yeah, your husband doesn't have the best aim, does he?' Then walked out of the bathroom."

"Guy steps in front of me, turns around and tells me..."

"Was shopping at Wal-Mart. Had a ton of items, easily 125-150 bucks worth of groceries. Guy walks into line behind me and has like three things, so I tell him he can get in front of me because he doesn't have much. Guy steps in front of me, turns around and tells me, 'You know you won't get ahead in life like that', turns around and checks out. If someone is nice to you, you say thank you, not berate them for it."

"He replied in a thick French accent..."

"People at Six Flags are A**HOLES! I was actually just there yesterday, I teach science for an inner city summer school program and our director decided to send the kids who passed their courses to Six Flags. In line for one of the rides, my group of students asked me to take a picture with them. So I asked the guy ahead of us in line if he would mind taking a pic of us with my camera. He replied in a thick French accent 'No'. Then said to his friends in French 'Stupid Americans, why would I want to take a stupid picture of him and his annoying darky kids?' Little did this turd realize that I speak his language fluently. In my very best French I screamed back at him 'Listen you frog licking, worthless, Parisienne piece of trash! I'd say I'm surprised at your utter lack of manners, but if you actually had the balls to say that crap to my face then I guess you wouldn't be FRENCH would you? Say something like that about me and my students again and you're gonna learn what feel what it feels like for me and these 'darky' kids to beat to you to a pulp!' His face suddenly turned a shade of beet red and he turned around trying to pretend like he couldn't hear me. So then I gathered my students around me and taught them how to say a couple scathing insults in french which we then proceeded to scream at him as loud as we could in the middle of this very long line. Eventually the French dudes decided maybe they didn't want to try this ride and promptly headed for the exit. Afterwards I bought my students ice cream as a reward for a job well done."

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