"America's Next Top Model" Is Coming Back...But Tyra Banks Is NOT

February 25, 2016

This is the reboot all your sick days and summer vacations were begging for: “America’s Next Top Model” is officially getting a second life! 



Sadly, this news is accompanied by the revelation that perennial host Tyra Banks will not be coming back. Aside from begging the question "what’s life without Tyra?", we are now left to wonder which lucky ex-supermodel will take her place. Furthermore, will smizing continue to be a present character on the show without Tyra? What about tooching? 


Currently, there are so many questions about the reboot and so few answers, but here’s what we do know. At the helm of this reboot is VH1, rather than the show's original home on The CW. This move is a no-brainer, given the fact that VH1 has been airing syndicated episodes of the show for years, and, let's be real, is probably where you’ve always gone to watch “America’s Next Top Model.” VH1 has shared that the show will feature a “re-imagined cast of host and judges” and that the season will consist of 14 brand new episodes. 


Fans, what would you like to see from an “ANTM” reboot? Do you think the show can survive without Tyra?