"Fuller House" Could Get The Olsen Twins For Season 2 (According To John Stamos)

March 4, 2016

Throughout its first season, "Fuller House" continually references the beloved Michelle Tanner, the youngest Tanner daughter played by twin sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in the original "Full House." (Due to child labor laws, the Olsen twins shared the role of Michelle in the original series, switching the part every episode.) As we all know, Michelle is the only main cast character not in the new season of the revival series, and fans are eager to see her star in the second season following the news that Netflix has ordered more episodes. But one of the Olsen twins hasn’t even acted in over a decade, and right now Mary-Kate and Ashley are too busy on the runway for a reboot reprise. However, in a recent interview, John Stamos said that after talking with the Olsens, he has a "good feeling" about the twins returning to the show. 




Netflix announced the second season renewal just a week after the first season’s release (despite overwhelmingly negative reviews from critics). While the Olsens have not committed to returning, the other twins from the show, Uncle Jesse’s boys Alex and Nicky, are all grown-up and make an appearance in the first season.



Reviving such a well-loved and character-driven series hinges largely on the return of the original cast. While Michelle might remain an off-camera presence in the "Fuller House" family, the return of all the original cast members (except the Olsens) is still a big draw for longtime fans. We just hope that Mary-Kate and Ashley call the producers soon and say, “You got it dude!”


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