Matt LeBlanc & Jenna Fischer To Play Married Couple In New TV Sitcom

March 8, 2016

Matt LeBlanc and Jenna Fischer are officially getting married on CBS’s newest show! 


The pilot, originally called “I’m Not Your Friend," will be a multi-camera comedy about the lives of a married couple, played by the former fan favorites of "Friends" and "The Office" fame. When Jenna Fischer's character Andi decides to return to work, her husband (LeBlanc's character Adam) is left at home to be the parent. Andi’s job of choice is working as a medical lab technician, while contractor Adam finds himself in more of a domestic role than he is accustomed to. The comedy will take root in Adam’s surprise at how much work his new job requires of him. 


Lots of laughs are also expected to be found in the show’s supporting characters. Adam and Andi’s oldest daughter, played by Grace Kaufman ("Bubble Guppies"), will expect her father to be a complete pushover as a caretaker and plans to take advantage of this. Also joining the show is Matt Cook ("Clipped," "The Comeback") who will play a dorky, young dad who believes Adam is an alpha male and has high hopes of buddying up with him. 


The show will be written by Jeff and Jackie Filgo, best known for working on “That ‘70s Show.” The couple will also serve as executive producers in addition to LeBlanc and Michael Rotenberg. “Friends” fans will be happy to know that the director of the “Friends” pilot, James Burrows, will also be reuniting with LeBlanc to direct the comedy. 


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