The Amish Were Right

"This girl....

Talks about how much she hates the $200 marble iPhone case her mom bought her.

Constantly calls her brand new MacBook Pro a POS just because she doesn't know how to use it, then proceeds to throw it around and drop it all the time.

Breaks the $200 marble iPhone case.

Excited when mom buys her a new one. Yeah, I didn't stick around" Source

The Amish Were Right
What's Your Sign?

"I had to deal with this more times than I ever thought I would. At first I never even considered this possible until I met my ex. Would go out of her way to accuse me of cheating and constantly try to analyze what I would say or do cause it somehow involved infidelity.

Her reason:

'You know I am, I am a Cancer. Just so emotional'

No. You are just a Cancer. You are CANCER!"Source

What's Your Sign?

Shuttersock/Nicolera Ionescu

Who Could Turn That Down?

"After going out a few times.

Woman: 'Man. I've gone so overboard spending lately. Hey, can you take care of my credit card debt for me?'

Me, silent, looking at her oddly trying to decide if this is a bad joke.

Woman: 'I mean, you could be a sugar daddy, couldn't you?'

Me: 'No. I'm not that old yet nor wealthy. And I wouldn't be even if I were.'

Woman: 'You don't want to be my sugar daddy?'

That was the end of that relationship"Source

Who Could Turn That Down?
Strong Come On

"Took a girl out on a date two weeks ago.

At the end of the date,

'I would offer to split half the check but to be honest you don't deserve that. You are eating with ME after all'.

Alright. Well I was going to pay for the whole meal anyways, even the five glasses of wine your alcoholic butt got.

Second, why even make that offer then? I didn't ask you to pay and was not expecting it.

At the end of the date, she tried to have sex with me in my car. She prefaced the move by saying, 'Just so you know, I'm never gonna put your disgusting penis in my mouth'. Then proceeded to try and kiss me.

Seeing as she was an absolute mess after housing five glasses of wine, and being pretty pissed off already, I refused her advances and drove her home.

Cue the sobbing the whole ride back. Then she proceeded to tell all of our mutual friends that I was pushy and creepy. Lol none of the friends believed her but still-Lol forget that girl" Source

Strong Come On
At Least She Was Upfront!

"I dated a girl who was a typical ditzy upper class girl. She flat out said on the first date all the rules to dating her

She is very high maintenance and if I can't handle that, I should just leave now

She expects at least 1 gift a week

She expects at least $120 for shopping a week

If she goes with her friends and their boyfriends and I tag along, I have to buy at least 2x the stuff the other bf's bought their gf's

I can't take any pictures of her without her permission and if I do, she has to approve everyone that goes on social media

If we go out with her parents, I have to pay the bill

She wanted to go through my phone once a week to see that I'm not talking to other girls

If I go hang out with my friends, I have to text her at least once and hour

This girl was spoiled and wild beyond anything I've seen before. Our relationship, if you could call it that, only lasted 2 weeks. Last time I checked up on her Facebook, she's single, has a kid, and has quotes that say 'My haters are my motivators' Source

At Least She Was Upfront!
Chicken Wing Tears

"My friend's sister calls herself princess. First of all she's really picky about food and never eat anything 'gross' like chicken legs or wings. She once shed a trailing, forced tear when she learnt that the thing she was eating is chicken legs at the middle of buffet.

We were in restaurant with my friend and she tags along, so when we asked her order, she just said that we should know her favorite foods since we have known her for so long (not really). I just ordered her some burger meal and she threw a tantrum since she doesn't eat ketchup and I 'should have known this' (why the what?).. we were in Burger King. She ended up clearing her whole meal straight to the floor and ordered salad.

When she talks, she requires her boyfriend to pay her FULL attention. Looking away is not an option or he would 'disrespect her'"Source

Chicken Wing Tears
Hangry, Hangry Princess

"I was dating this girl that absolutely loved KFC's fried chicken. While she was in the shower one time, I decided to run to KFC and surprise her with a quick little meal.

I did not get mashed potatoes, never really cared for their take on mashed taters. She threw me out upon finding out there were no mashed potatoes....THREW. ME. OUT" Source

Hangry, Hangry Princess
I Blame Her Dad

"I hung out with a girl when I went to PA school whose daddy was a doctor. Her parents filled her and her sister's sbux cards with a couple hundred each every month. He would pick up their SUVs and gas them up and get them washed so they didn't have to. Not good enough?

One day, she needs gas, and it's raining. She goes to the gas station, calls her dad, and whines and complains until he drives there just to put the gas in her truck. So glad I didn't stick with that one" Source

I Blame Her Dad
His Poor Brother

"My brother's wife decided when she wanted to get engaged, designed and picked out her ring, and called my wife sobbing (at 11 am) on the day he was 'supposed to' propose and said, 'I think we are done, it was supposed to happen today, we agreed it would be today and I just can't wait anymore' They facetimed us at 3pm and were engaged"Source

His Poor Brother
Prison Princess

"My ex had princess as part of her screen name. Needless to say she was a flat out psycho. Thought it was ok to flirt with men to get what she wanted, lies beyond belief. And had the most amazing knack for getting people on her side. After we split up she went off the deep end and started drinking and popping prescription pills until she ran a guy over in the bike lane in California dragging him for a quarter mile before making a u turn and dislodging him. Guy survived. She got 4 years in prison. Got out a couple years ago and hasn't changed a bit!!! Oh and still thinks she's a princess" Source

Prison Princess
Too Much Princess For Him

"My biggest red flag was when my ex said, 'I'm a princess, and you've gotta do a better job competing with other guys if you want to keep me.' I dumped her that night.

She was a, um, let's say dancer. With herpes. And a Xanax problem. I guess those are the red flags I some how missed until that big one.

Within a month she moved from her place in California to a house with a fifty-something year old engineering professor at Georgia Tech in Atlanta. She's 24, and now playing semi-step mom to 2 kids roughly half her age. Definitely more princess than I could handle.

On a side note, for any engineering students out there at Georgia Tech, if your prof is dating someone who is half his age and kinda looks like she doesn't dance ballet. he's got herpes" Source

Too Much Princess For Him
The Princess of Tinder

"So I meet this girl on tinder and she tells me she 'wants to go shopping' with me. I'm like 'Great, I love shopping.' So we meet up at this mall and she's wearing these blinged out, hot pink, cowboy boots. I'm surprised but you know, whatever, we all make dumb fashion choices. I head towards the 'cheaper' part of the mall, with the H&M and places I shop. And this girl, she goes, 'Nuh-uh," grabs my arm, and drags me towards the designer section.

We end up in a Coach store. This girl picks up the most hideous pair of purple flats I have seen in my life. She asks me if I like them, and I mumble sure. She asks if I'm sure and I shrug and say yeah. She then gets really close to me and says, 'So are you gonna buy them for me?' in this baby voice. And I think she's joking so I say, 'Yeah totally.' It's only when she thanks me and heads for the register that I realize she is serious. I stop her and explain to her that I'm not buying her shoes.

We just met, and I'm in my early twenties and broke as anything. This hoe starts tearing up, gives me puppydog eyes and says, 'I guess I'll put them back.' The sales attendant comes over and asks if we need any help and she tells her 'My girlfriend promised to buy me shoes and now she won't'. I did what any sane person would do and just left" Source

The Princess of Tinder
Daddy's Little Princess

"I once dated a girl who had a dad that bought her everything. He made a lot of money and was really great at saving it. His life's mission was to use that money to buy his rude daughters love. She was 22 and had her car paid for in full, insurance, phone bill, rent free living, yada yada. For her birthday every year she would get $1,000 in cash.

I on the other hand was 23 at the time and paid for everything I owned. I had a crappier car than her because I paid for it myself.. she would remind me often of how much better her car was. I paid for all my other expenses and bills.

Then this beyond normal thing happens.. she gets a job at the bank I have all my accts at... SHE LOOKS UP MY BANK ACCOUNT TO SEE HOW MUCH MONEY I HAVE!!! She tells me this and criticizes that I only have $XXXX amt in the bank when she has $XXXXX I'm the bank and is 'So much better than me at saving money'. I never once in our whole relationship brought up the money issue or how she didn't really work for what she had. This time though, I lost my mind. I mentioned everything she had that she didn't pay for and explained that if it wasn't for daddy she would be a boulder 20k in debt. This blow up fight was the biggest I've had in any relationship. Our relationship ended there.

I learned a valuable lesson here. Always date someone who has similar work ethic and financial goals as yourself. I realized that I always resented her and can admit I was jealous of her getting handed money. That's not right nor is it healthy. I'm not happily married to a very hard working woman who will help me raise a hard working child" Source

Daddy's Little Princess
Princess Vaccine

"I dated this girl in high school. Let's call her Tina, because that was her name. First red flag was during lunch one day. She asked to see my drink, a cranberry juice cocktail, so I gave it to her. She started tossing it up and down. I told her, 'If you drop it, you're buying me a new one.' 'Yea yea sure,' She replied, and kept tossing it in the air. 'I'm serious,' I repeated, to which she shrugged, and continued playing with my drink. Sure enough, not a minute later, she dropped it. The plastic cap shattered, and my juice was everywhere. 'You're buying me another drink,' I said, and she threw a hissy fit. 'All I have is this dollar! And that's for my drink!' ;Too bad,' I said outright. 'You told me you'd buy me another drink if you dropped it, and you dropped it. Now I have nothing to drink.' She begrudgingly gave me her dollar, and acted like it was my fault for making her give it to me.

Second (and final) red flag was on a vague, everyday morning. I was a senior, she was a sophomore, so of course I had a car and she didn't. I would go several miles out of my way to pick her up and give her a ride, not expecting anything in return (not even gas money). We pulled up to the school, and the only parking spot left was on the fenced-off side of the schoolyard. 'Drop me off so I don't have to walk around,' she said. At first I thought she was joking. Once I realized she wasn't, I replied, 'Let's just find a parking spot and walk to class together,' to which she, again, threw a hissy fit. How dare I not drop her off first, completely ignoring the fact that I didn't have to give her a ride in the first place. She didn't want to be slightly inconvenienced, and it was my job to make sure she wasn't.

Needless to say, we didn't last long. Tina, if you're reading this, you were my first and only encounter with 'Princess Syndrome,' so thanks, I guess" Source

Princess Vaccine
The Birthday Princess

"Senior year of high school, prom was coming up and this one girl who I kinda knew asked my friend if he would go to prom with her. He said yes, but a few days later changed his mind which was a 100% jerk thing to do. She however really wanted someone to go to prom and the guy that turned her down, along with some of my other mutual friends told me I should go with her which sounded like a good idea because she was kinda cute and I was going alone at that point.

A week or so later a few of us were hanging out at Nifty Fifties and they gave us those little paper hat things, and I wrote 'Prom?' on mine and she said yes. Sick! On the way home from asking her out, she said to me, 'So how does it feel knowing that you're going to prom with the birthday princess?!'

First Red Flag.

Upon further conversation she told me that prom was going to be on her 18th birthday and because of that she was definitely going to get prom queen (which would most likely be the absolute last reason I'd want to get prom queen in her situation).

Fast forward a week or so. I had just gotten home from school and I got a text from her asking if I wanted to go with her to pick out her shoes for prom. I should tell you all that halfway through my senior year I moved to another school district 40ish minutes away and my date lived like 15 minutes on the other side of the school, not to mention that the car I drove was a gas-guzzling machine and it was like $10 round trip when prices were high. I tried telling her that I had just gotten home and that it would take me an hour or so to get there and I had work that needed to get done (I also had zero interest in going but that's beside the point). Reasonable excuse I thought.

She lost it.

She was saying all this stuff about how messed up it is that I wouldn't do this for her and other random stuff that totally didn't make sense. She then said "I guess I'll just ask Anthony to go with me!" Anthony was a close friend of mine who had off and on feelings for my date and they were close friends (there was a reason he didn't ask her but I can't remember). I told her to go ahead because that didn't bother me. I wasn't trying to date the girl, hell I wasn't even trying to get laid. I purely asked her out because she was dying to go to prom with someone and I was single.

Flash forward to day of prom.

A few days before prom she asked if she should get a tan. I told her I really don't like that look, especially not awful spray tan. The day of prom she showed up looking like a carrot and her hands looked like that of a black person. Her tan was BAD. Uneven, blotchy, you name it. She was proud of it though so who was I to tell her otherwise? She said, 'How does the birthday princess look?' and I told her she looked beautiful. She also told me at that time where to meet her and her friends who I was now taking (which was news to me) but I bit my tongue and went along with it.

I get to her friends house 5 minutes early, and she is 45 minutes late. When she finally arrived she was wearing a tiara that read 'Birthday Princess'. Her and her friend probably took ~100 pics together and me and the other dude (who I hated but by the end of the night found out he was actually pretty cool) just sat to the side waiting for our turn for the pics. I think we took three together.

Now when I tell people this part of the story they get confused because apparently my school was weird. We had this thing called "pre-prom" where basically we'd go up on stage in the auditorium walk out with our date, get pictures taken, and get judged for prom king/ queen. People do little cute things on stage in order to gain approval and to get more votes, some funny, some cute, some just walked out like normal.

What she made us do is she walks on stage first looking around, I creep up behind her with a HUGE 'happy birthday' balloon (so everyone knew it was her birthday, tap her on the shoulder, and when she'd turn around, I'd be on one knee, and put a sash on her that read 'Birthday Princess'. It was cheesy. It was uncomfortable. I hated it.


So we get to prom and take our seat. We eat a little and then people start going on the dance floor. I ask if she wants to go dance but she says she's not feeling well and I should just go. I obliged and danced for a good twenty minutes and when I look at her sitting down she looks very upset. I notice her staring at the boy who turned her down dancing with another girl, and I felt bad for her. I went up to her and told her to come to the floor and have fun with everyone and she again says she's fine. A half hour passes before I walk up to her she looks at me dead in the eyes and before I can say anything she says snaps and says 'You really need to learn when to leave me hell alone!'

Well then...

I leave her at the table and go hang out with friends, people keep coming up to me asking where my date is, and than someone asks, 'Why is she crying?'. The questions then turned to 'What did you do to her?!' It got to the point where even teachers and school faculty pulled me over asking if I did anything to upset her.

An hour passes and it's time to announce prom king and queen. I sat down again and she calmed down by this point. She was telling the whole table how she HAS to be prom queen because it's her birthday and she's the 'Birthday Princess'. I told her not to get her hopes up just in case it didn't happen, and she didn't like that at all.

She wasn't prom queen. She wasn't even nominated.

She ran out of the room crying.

After it was announced and people started dancing again, I went up to the aforementioned Anthony and told him if he wanted to dance with my date he could. He told me he would feel bad and didn't want to do that to me, but I assured him it would be fine. I look over a little later, notice them slow-dancing and that was the happiest I had been all night. I than went off to dance with some of the other girls who didn't have dates and for once prom was fun... to bad it ended twenty minutes later.

As everyone is gathering their things and clearing out my 'date' finds me again and says 'I feel like you're upset with me.'

I didn't say a word.

She asked if we could go to Applebee's because it's her birthday and they love singing to her every year. First I told her she wasn't special... they do that to everyone. That was a real slap in the face to her. Secondly I told her by the time we got there we would only have 15 minutes before it closed. She told me that as long as we order before it's closed we can stay there. As someone who was working as a dishwasher at the time, I knew how much of a jerk move that was. She said 'Please! But I'm the birthday Princess'. I refused.

The drive home was one of the most uncomfortable car rides of my life. Every time we passed a restaurant: 'Do you think Denny's would sing to me?'... 'Do you think the diner would sing to me'....'Do you think McDonald's would sing to me?'

I have never met someone, yet alone an 18 year old who was so obsessed with their birthday.

I pulled up to her other friend's house (a bunch of people were going here after prom to hang out) and we all got out. As I was walking up the driveway I got the thought 'What the Hell am I doing?'

I walked back to my car and drove away.

Long story short, while she wanted to feel like a princess I felt like 2017 Prince.

The day of prom at school, I asked my friend if he wanted to hang out after prom. He told me he wasn't going because he was going to ask out the girl I was going with and didn't want to go alone.

Fast forward a few months. I hadn't spoken to the girl I want to prom with since I drove away. Literally not a word. It was the day of graduation and my one friend was having a graduation party. I went and lo-and-behold my date was there. A group of us started talking and out of nowhere she said 'You know, the way you asked me to prom was cool, but the way that *__* (the kid who didn't end up going to prom because I was going with her) would've asked me would've been SO much better!' His plan was going to be to get the Snow White at Disney to ask this girl to prom because she was OBSESSED with Snow White. Like she cried on senior trip at disney when she saw her because she was so overwhelmed with excitement. Maybe the first red flag should've been that she was obsessed with princesses....Source

The Birthday Princess
It Started So Promisingly

"Southern Lady. She was hot, smart, nice, white collar, home owner.

She told me she keeps her curtains closed because her dad drives by every night to make sure she is in bed by 10, and he'll know if she has guests.

My Spidey sense started tingling, and my other parts said, 'Power down the web shooters.'

I suggested that he had some boundary issues, to which she said 'But that's just how fathers are'.

Uhhhh, no its not.

I suggested that she could move away for a little independence. Just far enough that he couldn't drive by every night. She said 'Oh, I could never live far from my family.'

If you cannot see the problem, you are part of it. Seeya Princess!"Source

It Started So Promisingly
How Did He Not Break Up With Her?

"I once had a girlfriend who kicked me out of her house because I refused to eat pizza with her, since I had the stomach flu. 100% legitimacy. I'll put the full story down here.

I was a junior in high school and I was just about to go to science class when I got the sudden urge to puke. I ran to the bathroom and just let it all out. Shortly after, I went to my teacher and explained the situation. Long story short, she let me go early. As I was heading to my car (originally to head home) I had texted my girlfriend at the time (ex now) and told her I wasn't feeling well and I think I was just going to go home. Well, after much begging and pleading I gave in to her request to come visit her anyways. When I was passing the pizza place in my town, she called and asked if I'd pick her up a pizza. I didn't care to since I was already near, so I was like sure alright. As I was nearing her town (about 15 minutes away) I stopped by DQ and got myself an ice cream cone. As I entered her house she was delighted to see me. I sat the pizza down and we began chatting and walking television. As time went on she noticed I didn't touch the pizza and started questioning me. I told her I wasn't feeling well, yada yada.

She then started demanding I eat the pizza because she 'felt fat' and 'didn't like' eating alone. I told her no because I had just puked and she doubted me and asked why I was able to eat ice cream. Calmly trying to explain to her that ice cream soothes your stomach, she just started yelling and told me to, 'Get the hell out, you're pissing me off.' Then, instead of arguing I complied and just left. Soon thereafter I get a text saying, 'If you really cared, you wouldn't have left so easy. I see how much you care about me. I want you to fight for me.' Which I tried asking her why she couldn't just be rational and tell me that's what she wanted and she called me a 'fricking idiot.' Then ignored me for the entire day" Source

How Did He Not Break Up With Her?
Both brothers??

"My brother's girlfriend once scraped her knee and required assistance from my older sister to bandage up the wound. When she wouldn't stop whining my sister had to resort to pinching her lightly so she'd focus on a different pain. It was an issue for weeks. She wouldn't stop yelling, 'She pinched me!!'. When my brother found out I was suicidal, he wanted to come home but she said I was 'doing it for attention'. I wasn't. I tried a few more times after that.

Flash forward: our entire family hasn't seen that brother in over 5 years. He is still with his girlfriend. He works all day, she stays at home in her palace of pettiness with her 'furbabies'.

My second brother's girlfriend put me in the hospital on my birthday. She's bullied our entire family for years and is insistent that we pay for everything and give her family properties to sell. When I confronted her about that later on, she said 'We (she and my brother) came here to help, to offer our services, and our intelligence,' but we have her on tape asking for family property to sell because she needed the money.

Other gems from her include, 'I hate men, I'm so sick and tired of men', constant complaining, and ceaseless 'Whyyys' when things aren't going her way or when she cannot understand another culture or another person. She's cold-hearted and she enjoys assaulting people, and blames it on the culture where she's from. She has little empathy, she is aging like Senator Palpatine, and she's turning her toddler into a narcissist like her (God save him).

Bonus quote: 'I'm going to be so rich someday I'll have my own helicopter for travel'

I'm honestly just heartbroken and I would like to say, if a girl makes excuses for her behavior only to repeat it again, if she holds herself to a ridiculous degree of entitlement and never acknowledges her wrongs, if she twists every argument into your fault when it was mostly hers and demands that you need to improve, it's highly likely she may have narcissistic personality disorder. In which case, YOU NEED TO GET OUT AND SAVE YOURSELF" Source

Both brothers??
It Was 12 Dollars!

"We were out at a cafe and she ordered a $12 pasta to which she refused to eat because she thought it was a little cold. For the record it wasn't. Offered to get it replaced but rejected that idea only to sit and stare at?? Needless to say I never saw her again" Source

It Was 12 Dollars!
She Won't Do That Again

"Goes for coffee with someone. 'We should go see a movie'... Sure thing!

'Your paying right? I don't have any money', so I did. We walk past the snack bar and she goes and ques up. Slightly confused I stand in line with her, she orders what she wants and then looks at me. I chuckle, place my ticket on the counter and walk off and out the cinema" Source

She Won't Do That Again
He Had No Words, Lol

"I actually had a girl ask me 'When are you gonna start buying me stuff?'. We'd gone out maybe 4 times, it was unbelievable. I just about pulled the car over and made her walk the rest of the way to her house.

I guarantee you she is making some rich dude a great trophy wife at this point. She was dumber than a box of rocks, but I'm not gonna lie, she was really attractive. Quick story on just how dumb: Took her car to the mechanic, they told her she needed to change her transmission fluid. She went and bought transmission fluid, and put it in her gas tank- She was 23" Source

He Had No Words, Lol
She Just Wanted That 2 For 5!

"My ex-I brought her a surprise chicken sandwich on my way to see her one time. Apparently I should have gotten two sandwiches as she was really hungry. Threw the bag and sandwich at me and was genuinely angry at the fact that I only brought one" Source

She Just Wanted That 2 For 5!


Poor Guy

"Really, really, really liked this girl in High-school. She literally took my breath away, I thought she was so beautiful. We had a good rapport in class and I thought I had a decent chance so I worked my bum off for two months straight doing odd jobs in order to save up enough money to take her on a proper date. My mom was a single parent barely making ends meet and I was 15 at the time so I couldn't get a real job.

Once I had saved up enough money my plan was to take her to see this movie she said she'd been wanting to see -- some horrible thing that had Sandra Bullock and Bill (not Paxton) Pullman in it. 'While You Were Sleeping' maybe? I don't really remember. It was a long time ago. Anyway.

After the movie I was going to take her to this local restaurant called Gilbert's. It was the nicest place in town. Tiffany lamps over all the tables. Nude paintings on the wall. No way you were getting out of there with less than a $50 bill, and this was back in the late-80's/early 90's.

Date night rolls around and I go to pick her up and two of her female friends are coming along for the ride. I had not been apprised of this, but whatever. I was pretty easy going back then so I rolled with it. We get to the movie theater and they don't have any money so I am paying for all 4 of us. The two tag-a-longs both wanted popcorn and drinks and I must have gotten a look on my face because the girl of my dreams gave me a semi-playful rebuke like. 'What, they can't have popcorn? Come on!'

So, I cave, wincing as every dollar leaves my quickly dwindling date fund. I had enough extra that we would both still be able to go eat at Gilbert's as long as I was careful with my purchase. I had to forgo popcorn and a drink of my own, but it wasn't a big deal.

Movie ends and I explain that dinner really needs to be just the two of us, and she basically tells me that's not happening. As a result we end up having to go to this greasy spoon little dive in a strip mall. At this point the comments about what a cheap date I am start to get dropped in conversation in front of me. I have to sit there and listen to how horrible the food is, and how if I had really wanted to impress her I should have taken her somewhere nice. All three of them are sitting on one side of the booth and I am sitting on the other, so it's like a weird tribunal of shame.

I'm trying to just laugh it off, but I could feel my face flushing. I don't say anything about the unexpected extra people I'm paying for. I just smile and say, 'Maybe next time.' Then they start talking about how bad the movie was (and it really was awful) and suddenly the idea to go see that particular movie has become mine even though she'd been wanted to see it for weeks. And now I'm listening to how wrong everything is at the restaurant we're eating at. The food is crappy. The silverware is dirty. The floor hasn't been swept in days. It smells like onions and old people. Etc, etc.

I gotta be honest. By the end of the night I was struggling to hold back tears. I was ashamed, but even more I was angry. This girl had no idea how hard I had worked in order to treat her to a nice date, and how her thoughtlessness had made that date impossible to realize. I realized how vapid and shallow she was. She and both of her friends. Zero consideration for how hard I had worked, and even less for how I had planned the evening to go.

But she taught me a valuable lesson that night. People who complain about things given to them for free are literally the worst people in existence, and as far as I am concerned they can all go die in a horrible fire. Same for people who show no consideration for the feelings and expectations of others. Both are huge red flags. Basically comes down to self-absorbed inconsideration. The hallmarks of a princess if ever I saw one.

For those wondering about the fallout from the date. We never had a second one. However, much later, at our 10 year reunion she cornered me while drunk and told me that I was the nicest guy she ever dated and the reason she ultimately stopped dating jerks. So, even though it did not seem like it at the time, she did appreciate the effort I went through and what I tried to do- Small consolation maybe, but it was nice of her to say" Source

Poor Guy
This Stuck With Him

"Took a girl to the movies grabbed the door for her and she just walked through looking at her phone. I said you're welcome and she replied, 'It's expected' in the biggest valley girl tone I've ever heard. I let go of the door and walked away to my car in front of her and let her open the door to my truck herself. This might not be the best example but just the tone and scoff she used still sticks out even though it's been 7 years. Dang. 7 years.. that's not a fun thing to remember" Source

This Stuck With Him

Shutterstock/Dean Drobot

She Had Unlimited Data

"Hmmmm biggest red flag huh.... one night after working a 14 hour shift I went home to sleep cause I was exhausted, forgot to text this girl I was dating at the time and tell her goodnight, I woke up to 11 missed calls, 26 angry texts and then when I responded I received a short story length text about how awful I am for thinking sleep was more important than saying goodnight to this chick, I dropped her" Source

She Had Unlimited Data


That Was A No

"When she threw back her engagement ring at me and told me to get a better one" Source

That Was A No


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