Twins are kind of strange mythical creatures. They are two separate people, but they look identical, sound identical, and their parents dress them identically. Maybe this last thing is why sometimes, they use their unique situation for evil.The twins in the following stories realized how much fun they could have with their twin and the potential for anarchy that they could cause. After all, getting sweet revenge is so much better when you have a partner in crime to help!

We Don't Have To Fool People They Take Care Of It For Us
We Don't Have To Fool People They Take Care Of It For Us

"In high school, my twin and I were often asked by teachers to switch classes as practical jokes on their colleagues. We never initiated this, though. We did get our SAT scores confused (because of our compound surname and shared birthdate), and a representative flew from New Jersey to Southern California to meet with the principal and us to explain what happened and to apologize; it was the first time that'd happened to them, but it was one of a thousand flubs to us.

In community college, I took an ancient philosophy course and my brother took a modern philosophy course from the same instructor in the same semester, and these fit our own perspectives well. The instructor told me he'd never had a student so adept at learning philosophy. He never realized we were two people.

We attended different universities, and one time when I was visiting his campus and walking through the plaza, a pretty young lady ran up to me and planted a big kiss on me. I asked her, 'Has your boyfriend told you about his twin?' My brother was dating a cheerleader, and her face turned the color of her cardinal sweatshirt.

I worked for many years at a Federal Agency where security was provided by armed guards who memorized every employee. Whenever my brother showed up, they waved him through.

On a business trip to London, I was stopped by a German friend of my brother who was astonished to bump into him coincidentally in a third country. He bought me a drink anyway.

The best twin story happened years later when I shaved my beard - my brother doesn't have a beard - and my own 15-year-old daughter thought I was her uncle come to visit. She didn't believe me when I told her who I was, and she ran to ask her mom for confirmation.

I suppose these aren't intentional switches of identity, but the cases of mistaken identity are so frequent there's no special delight in fooling people.

Most people, though, don't look in the mirror and for a split second think they're looking at their sibling. Sometimes I fool even me."

It's Just Too Stressful!
It's Just Too Stressful!

"My junior year of high school I had a history teacher that I didn't really care for. He joked a lot to both my sister and me about how he'd never be able to tell if we switched places. One day we decided to test that. My sister had history during the same period I had Spanish, so in the class before, we switched backpacks and shoes and even fixed our hair a bit just to make sure we looked as similar as possible. I went to the history class and there were some classmates that just immediately knew I wasn't her. I sat there as quietly as possible since we have somewhat different voices, and I even wrote with my left hand. The teacher stared at me a little bit but went on with the lesson. I was getting kind of nervous about missing notes in my Spanish class so I decided to call it and go to my regularly scheduled class. I waved goodbye to my laughing classmates and went upstairs to Spanish. I walked in and looked at my sister and said something along the lines of, 'Alright you gotta go back.' Almost everyone in my Spanish class gasped as she stood up and left. There was a substitute teacher there instead of the usual one. She looked absolutely astounded and stuttered out 'You know I'm going to have to write you up for that, right?' I nodded and said it was okay and sat down and started doing the assignment.

The next day when I had history, the teacher didn't say anything until I looked at him and explained the whole thing. He laughed really hard and said he hadn't noticed at all.

The entire experience was rather stressful, and I've never met any twins who routinely switched places with each other. I'll probably never do it again."

I'd Know That Smell Anywhere
I'd Know That Smell Anywhere

"My ex and his twin tried doing this to me IN BED. It's 2004 and we're sitting on his bed watching TV, the NBA finals to be precise, when he decides he's gonna grab some more food.

A couple minutes later, the door opens behind me. As soon as it does I say to myself, 'That's not him.'

Then 'he' climbs into bed, wraps his arms around me, and I immediately tense up and sniff the air hard. Then I whip around and scream to the high holy heavens, 'Get out! Get out!' As, even in the dark, I'm now CERTAIN this is my boyfriend's identical twin brother.

Then my ex's brother, my ex outside the door, and all their friends start laughing hysterically, as the door now BUSTS open with all the guys thinking they've pulled one over on me. Then my ex's brother teases me, 'I coulda had you, Jessica. Maybe if it was pitch black and the TV wasn't on.'

To which I explain, 'No way. I SMELLED YOU the second you walked in and you guys are sick for even trying!'

Men, never underestimate how well your woman knows you."

Sometimes It Really Comes In Handy To Have A Twin!
Sometimes It Really Comes In Handy To Have A Twin!

"When a pair of close friends of mine were 18 years old the time came for them to pass their driver's license test. Their tests were set a couple of weeks apart.

The first one got his license no problem, but unfortunately, his brother broke his leg and couldn't go to his test. He could have just waited and passed it later when his leg would have healed, but he thought it would be easier and faster to ask his brother to go in his stead.

Long story short, one brother passed the driving license test twice, for the both of them.

It was the same inspector for both tests. The second time, the guy said, 'I feel like I've seen you recently...' Well, to be fair, my twin friends then had quite a distinctive look, being over 6' tall, mixed race, with long blond braids - you wouldn't forget them easily!

My friend replied, 'No, it was my twin brother you saw two weeks ago. We look a lot alike.'

No more questions from the inspector."

Twins Are Tricky
Twins Are Tricky

"My friend in high school was an identical twin. If you knew them for very long it was easy to tell them apart but most people didn't put in the effort. One twin had tried, several times, to break up with her boyfriend and he would always convince her to stay with him. Not a bad relationship at all, she just didn't want to be in it and he liked having someone to do everything with. So, enter twin 2. The boyfriend asked her to the movie (thinking she was twin 1) and she said yes. Then, after the movie, she broke up with him, finally and kindly. I don't think he ever knew it was twin 2 that broke up with him and probably wondered why his charm didn't win her over.

Another fun story. I teach at a 5 - 6th-grade center (intermediate school). We have a set of male twins that are identical in looks and totally different in personality. We have a program that helps kids who are in need. These boys are well loved but don't have much by way of material possessions so they often go into one teacher's room for supplies and/or a snack. She came to me one day with hands flinging and hollering (in delight), 'Did you know there were two of them? There are two of them?' The boys followed her in laughing. They had both been going in to get stuff and she just thought one boy wasn't getting enough food at home and was losing supplies right and left. They didn't try to fool her it just happened. They tease her all the time now and have built a wonderful relationship with her. And yes, I knew, as I have both in my class."


"My identical twin was in the Biology section in high school. I was in Computer Science. It was the last day of 12th grade before summer vacations in May 2007.

Before we head the first period, our friends were discussing the possibility of a classroom switch. I was a timid little kid, so I really didn't want to do it. But hey, last day, any punishment wouldn't be too bad. Why not?

So in the break between 2nd and 3rd period, we take our seats, but in the opposite sections. I remember people sitting around me laughing. I was also slowly getting comfortable in my new surroundings.

At one point during math class, my teacher approaches my brother and asks him to get a haircut. She has no clue that she's standing two feet from my brother and not me. All my classmates are rolling on the floor laughing! What I would give to have seen that!

Anyway, we went home that day feeling like superheroes. Generally well-behaved in our childhood, this sort of thing was a rare occasion for us.

A year later, we came back after graduation to collect our high school degrees. That's when we decided to tell our teachers. And of course, nobody knew."

Oops, Her Bad
Oops, Her Bad

"Two weeks ago I did a jerky thing. My sister works in a town 20 minutes from where we live and everybody there knows her. Nobody knows me. So every time I go to town I get strangers waving at me and smiling and asking me how work is. It can be a little time consuming and annoying to stop everyone and say, 'That's not me, you're thinking of my sister. We're twins.'

If I do it that way, everybody laughs and out come the jokes. 'Oh, the terrible two!' And, 'Looks like we've got double trouble!' Hahahahaha! That's hilarious...point being I generally just smile and wave.

Two weeks ago, however, I was having lunch at McDonald's. As I left, I was slurping on a pop and paying no attention to anyone and walked through a pedestrian crossing that had just been repainted. My hoof prints everywhere and I didn't even notice I had completely messed it up.

The worker called out, 'Oh thanks a lot, Carla. Gonna have to do that again. You should watch where you're going, huh?'

I just stood there thinking, 'Do I correct him? Hahaha. Course not.' What I did say was, 'Sorry about that.'

He answered, 'It's alright. How's work?' So I had to have an awkward conversation with him for a few minutes. Smug in the knowledge that the people in town would think my sister is a blind, stampeding buffalo while my reputation remains safe and anonymous.

She was pretty mad when I told her about it. I was laughing my butt off. Sorry, sis."

Don't Steal My Name
Don't Steal My Name

"We were in fourth grade. Considering that it was April Fools Day, my brother thought it would be hilarious to throw a rubber snake into the staff room, scream, 'OH MY GOD, A SNAKE,' and then run away.

What he did not account for was a really clueless friend of ours who happened to be standing in the corridor would scream, 'Where's the snake? Are you okay?'

The teachers heard that. Once they discovered that it was a rubber snake and that it was just a prank, they were livid. Our teacher walked into our classroom, and slammed the rubber snake on the table and yelled at the top of her voice, 'Vikas, stand up!'

My brother and I both stood up. Our teacher didn't see that coming. She fumbled for words a bit, and then she looked at the both of us and said, 'I only asked Vikas to stand up.'

'Ma'am, I'm Vikas,' one of us said.

'No, he's lying. I'm Vikas,' The other said.

'Don't steal my name.'

'It's my name and you stole my DNA anyway. I'm Vikas!'

'If you're Vikas, then who am I?'

'An idiot!' We started fighting.

Our teacher pulled up one of our classmates and asked him to identify us. He genuinely couldn't. She tried to figure out how to proceed, and then she gave up. She looked at the both of us, asked us not to do it again, and then left."

If At First You Don't Succeed, Try Try Again
If At First You Don't Succeed, Try Try Again

"In primary classes, we always used to be prompted by our friends to switch sections. In class V, our sections used to be located adjacently. So, we decided to change it after the lunch and we did it before the teacher arrived. When I entered my sister's class, all students started shouting, 'Cheater, cheater!' as most of them could easily distinguish between us.

Then during college, my friends gave us the challenge to swap classes in 3rd-year which did not seem to work because of the different schedule and important lectures. I always used to occupy the first seat and few of the professors used to ask questions and our trick of swapping classes would have severely failed had any of us being questioned about any technical stuff.

Lastly, on the eve of an annual function in the final year of B.Tech, I received a prize (obviously on her behalf) which my sister won in a poetry competition and not many people could tell the difference."

Fooling The Law
Fooling The Law

"I was about 18 at the time. To set the story right, you have to know that I have an older brother. He's about 4 years older than me, but we look Identical. No milkman genes in our family, we're all a spitting image of our father in his youth.

So I was applying for a job at a local warehouse doing inventory for magazine subscriptions. This involved going in for a physical. This wouldn't have been a problem if I wasn't doing legal substances at the time. So I gave my older brother my license and he went in and did the physical for me. All went good and I was working within a few days.

The next time involved my brother. He was having some legal issues with illegal substance court at the time and had been arrested on sight to spend a weekend in jail as a reprimand. He immediately says he is me. They try to get him to admit with threats of this and that, but he holds firm. Upon taking him to be fingerprinted to find out who is who, he admitted it."

That'll Teach Them
That'll Teach Them

"My ex-girlfriend had an identical twin. People couldn't tell them apart. I dated her for around a year and they'd try to prank me. They'd switch places when we would meet for lunch, or when we'd plan to hang out at her place, on the school bus, or even meet in hiding for our hanky panky stuff.

When you've been with someone for so long you don't need to see their face to tell them apart. You can know it's them (or not) by their touch, the things they say, their mannerisms, their smell and of course their expressions. So I could always tell it was her or her sister in a jiffy - except once.

They switched right before we were going to kiss and I could tell it was her twin. I still went ahead with it, held her hand and pulled her towards me. She freaked out and my ex quickly dashed into the room pulling her away from me and throwing herself into my arms. I got the death glare from her.

They never tried this again."

When You Need To Be In Two Places At Once
When You Need To Be In Two Places At Once

"She was at a Next Prof conference downtown and needed to step out during the keynote speech to attend a meeting of the leaders of her student organization. So, she called her trusty neighborhood look-alike. I met her at the door of the hotel, she handed me her nametag and whizzed away. I walked in, sat in her seat at the keynote, enjoyed a wonderful dinner and chat with all her unknowing colleagues. Some of the computer science stuff went over my head since it's not my field, but I gave her a reputation for being quite knowledgeable about current automation challenges in the aerospace industry. When she returned, I gave her nametag back, and she had dessert.

I really don't know why no-one noticed we were wearing different clothes. Academics."

A Surreal Experience
A Surreal Experience

"Growing up as an identical twin people always said how we should switch and do something crazy. It never crossed our minds up until years later when I got injured while playing basketball and needed to play another 2 games if I was to be selected for the provincial team. It so happened my brother and dad came to the tournament I was to play. I told my dad what we wanted to do, him being a law-abiding citizen said he would not want to be a part of it and left. We got on the team bus and switched clothes. The coach was in on it and a few of the team members as well. With my twin being better than me and being well rested, he outplayed everyone and got selected. I was sitting on the side cheering and feeling weird."

It's The Weirdest Thing
It's The Weirdest Thing

"My father in law is a triplet. Only two of the three are identical. When he was around 20 years old he went to a barber and told him, 'I have a condition that my hair grows back really fast, will you cut it the second time for free?'

The barber said, 'How fast? Two weeks?'

'No, like five minutes,' my father in law said.

The barber said, 'If it is five minutes, I will cut for free.' My father in law got the haircut, went home, got his brother, drove back to the barber, and got a 'second' haircut for free."


(Points edited for clarity)

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