From now on, whenever you hear Lori Loughlin's name, instead of picturing her as Aunt Becky from Full House, you'll think of how she was recently caught allegedly bribing the University of Southern California into enrolling her daughter. Her criminal activity has ultimately ruined her reputation and her career. But she is not the only one.

Sometimes, fame goes to a person's head, causing them to believe that they have the power to do almost anything and get away with it scot free. Whether they lied to enhance their image or to protect it, or just for the thrill of it all, the shield of dishonesty can only last so long before it shatters to pieces, along with their reputation.

What other celebrities tried to cheat the system and failed miserably? A few come to mind...

Winona Ryder

She was a sought after young actress in the late 80s and early 90s with hits like Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands, but Winona Ryder had trouble finding work after her conviction of two counts of shoplifting. In 2001, the actress was found guilty of stealing more than $5,500 worth of merchandise from Saks Fifth Avenue.

Since, she has tried to downplay her convictions, having been quoted as claiming that it "wasn't, like, the crime of the century," The Huffington Post reported.

Sure, Winona, we'll agree that people have been under fire for Stranger Things. This guy, however, we totally should have seen coming...

Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong was more than just a famed athlete. Having beaten testicular cancer and leading an international battle against it with the successful Livestrong Foundation, the seven-time Tour de France winner was on a steady bike ride on top of the world.

That was, until it was discovered in 2012, seven years after his retirement, that his success was not just by determination and skill, but with the help of performance enhancing drugs. Armstrong was stripped of all of his Tour de France titles and was forced to give back his bronze Olympic medal he won in 2000. One biopic and two documentaries were later released chronicling how his doping activity remained nearly undetected for so long.

An inspiration to millions proved to be a selfish fraud who lied and abused his own power to enhance his image. It is an old tale that is hardly news anymore. Maybe, nightly news, at least...

Brian Williams

As the successor for Tom Brokaw as host of NBC Nightly News, he was, perhaps, America's most trusted broadcast journalist (if you don't count Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert). So, when Brian Williams would recount his experience as a correspondent aboard a military helicopter that was shot down over Iraq in 2003, the people believed him.

In 2015, the anchor had to apologize for leaving one small detail out of his story:


NBC placed Williams on six-month suspension, letting Lester Holt take over until he was to return. Those who follow the news should have noticed that Holt never left and has been hosting the show ever since. Later, Williams would return to broadcasting as chief anchor of NBC...'s cable network MSNBC, where he currently sits as host of its late night political wrap-up show, The 11th Hour.

However, Williams has struggled to maintain his once signature trustworthiness since. You almost have to wonder, what was he thinking? Of course, he is not the only person to inspire that exact question...

Hugh Grant

In 1995, Hugh Grant was dating the lovely Elizabeth Hurley when he was caught with a lady of the night in his car in Los Angeles and taken into police custody on charges of "lewd conduct" in public as The Guardian recounted it.

The aforementioned question of what he was thinking is the first thing Jay Leno asked the British actor when he appeared on The Tonight Show in the wake of his arrest.

The media backlash was merciless. Promotion for his romantic comedy Nine Months was stunted. He did not another land major role for few years. However, in an unusual twist of fate, Grant bounced back from the situation better most would expect. He admitted his guilt without defense. Hurley agreed to work things out and stay with him, until their amicable split in 2000. Once he got back on track, he started getting the more iconic roles of his career, such as in 1999's Notting Hill and Bridget Jones' Diary in 2001.

But, no "act" throughout his career has or may ever be as prevalent as the one he committed in his car that fateful. Just like some well-known athletes are better known for their losses than their wins...

Ryan Lochte

The second most decorated Olympic US swimmer could have used some extra water on August 14, 2016, during the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. While it was initially reported that Ryan Lochte, with teammates Jimmy Feigen, Gunnar Bentz, and Jack Conger, was held up at gunpoint at a gas station by "individuals posing as armed police officers," as the Los Angeles Times wrote, it was later discovered that Lochte had, as he told Matt Lauer, "over exaggerated that story."

The real story is that those armed robbers were security guards of said gas station which Lochte, in his intoxicated state after a long night on the town, had vandalized and committed public urination outside of. Immediately after his lie was exposed, Lochte was forced to apologize, was given a 10-month ban from swimming, and was stripped of all of his commercial sponsors.

Later that year, he made an attempt at a comeback by appearing as a contestant on Dancing With The Stars, but that did not work out too well either:

How could things get worse for the athlete? How about a doping scandal? On May 24, 2018, Lochte shared a photo to his Instagram account of him receiving an intravenous injection with the caption, "Athletic recovery with some #ivdrip," SportTechie reported. While it was found that he was not taking a banned substance (it was more than 100 ml of a B vitamin complex), the volume of his dosage went against World Anti-Doping Agency’s code. Thus, he received his second swimming ban, this time being 14 months.

Good luck in Tokyo in 2020, Ryan... with everything.

How do you feel about our celebrity scandal retrospective?

Did these individuals deserve the punishments they faced? Did we leave anyone else out who deserved worse?

Let us know in the comments below!



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