B-b-but The Orphans!

"Some years ago I was selling my old PS2 on eBay, along with a bunch of games. It didn't sell the first time around. As I was about to re-list, I got an email. It was apparently an African Pastor who said he wanted it for his orphanage. Of course, he couldn't use PayPal because reasons, but he was willing to use an escrow service (that he chose, obviously), and would even give me 20 bucks over asking for my trouble.

I smelled a rat right away, obviously, but I figured I would have some fun. I told him I would be happy to help out the poor African orphans. In the meantime, I re-listed and sold the PS2.

He sent me another email in which he praised my charitable spirit, and said to wait for further instructions. A couple of days later, I got an email from the Royal Bank of Canada with an escrow certificate attached. Apparently the Royal Bank of Canada had fallen on hard times, and was now operating out of Nigeria using one of their local ISPs. I traced the IP address back to an Internet Cafe in Lagos.

Just a few hours later, another email from my friend showed up. It was a pre-printed UPS label. He said to go ahead and send the PS2, and he would release the escrow as soon as it arrived. I said sure.

I got an old cardboard box out of the garage, and filled it up with gravel and the remains of a crushed cinder block. It probably weighed about 35 pounds. Slapped the label on the box and had UPS come and pick it up.

My Pastor friend emailed me about a few days later. He seemed very upset, for some reason. Apparently, UPS had charged him about $40 for a box of gravel sent via 2-day shipping"

B-b-but The Orphans!
Her Uncle Would've Wanted It This Way

"My friend did this to a 'Barrister Jeff Edwards' and it was hilarious. He emailed her, calling her Alison (which is not her name) and saying her uncle died and left her money and she responded:

My Dear Jeff,

Thank you for your email. I never had the chance to meet my uncle, but I heard he was a kind, philanthropic man. I wish to carry on his legacy of giving and bequeath to you, my dearest of Jeff's, any and all of whatever he may have left behind as he ventures into the abyss - I sincerely hope to follow him soon.

Kindest of regards to you,


He was so pissed when she told him to keep it all and replied some long winded message followed by 'I decided to offer you 40% of the total, to avoid all forms of jealousy that might arise in the transaction'

She even got him to send a photocopy of his (most definitely fake) passport"

Her Uncle Would've Wanted It This Way
Mess With His Mom, Get Trolled

"I was at my parents house last night when my mom answered a call on their landline. I perked up when I heard her say with a worried look on her face, 'My computer's infected?' I knew immediately this was a scam call so I told her I'd handle it and took the phone. It was a guy from India in a call center saying he was with Microsoft and I needed to follow his step-by-step instructions to clean up all the viruses on our pc (i.e. give him remote control, steal whatever info they can get, install malware, turn it into a zombie, or whatever else they do with this scam.)

Now I hate scammers with a passion but I'm especially pissed off because my mom is getting up there in age and isn't as sharp as she used to be and would've fallen for this had I not been there. In fact, she did fall for this exact same scam about a year ago. I had to wipe the computer and told her very plainly that no one will ever, ever call from Microsoft, or for any other internet related issue. Unfortunately her memory isn't so hot these days.

In a very thick Indian accent this guy tells me how bad the computer is with all its viruses and infections. 'Oh no! Really, I have viruses? How do I fix it?' I say. He assures me he'll walk me through the clean up process and I express my relief and gratitude. Sweet - I don't have s--t to do at the moment.

'Ok, sir. I need you to hold down the Windows key and the R key at the same time.'

'Ok, I did that.'

'Now what do you see?'

'My computer is off now.'

'Sir, no, why is your computer off? You should see a menu. Please power the computer back on.'

I actually had turned it off so I would be able to blare the Windows log-on sound to make it convincing. Now, this is like an '04 PC my mom has so the start up time is NOT exactly fast. So after a good while I tell him I'm back up and ready.

'Ok, sir. Now look at the keyboard and find the WINDOWS KEY and the 'R' KEY. Please hold these down at the same time. Now please tell me, sir, what do you see?'

'Hmm. My computer turned off again. I held down the main Windows button and the 'R' key just like you told me and it turned off again. I'm sorry, I just don't know what I'm doing wrong.'

He's getting a little frustrated now. But the beauty is, I'm thinking, this guy probably has to call hundreds of people before he's got a sucker on the line as willing and eager as I am to remedy this particular computer problem. So I do this cycle a full four times, each time giving him more little hints that I think the 'Windows Key' is actually the power button. By the fourth time I thought for sure he would get it because I was calling it something like, 'The main Windows power button on my Dell,' but sadly he never did figure it out. He gives up on that and moves on to try something else.

'Ok, sir, forget that, we will try something else.' He goes on to explain that we're going to do a boot-up sequence where I have to press the F8 key while the computer is booting back up. Obviously, this could not have worked out better. The chance to continually miss hitting the F8 key in time has me absolutely giddy inside. I assure him I'm ready to hit the key and restart the machine.

I let it fully boot up and blare the Windows login sound again and say, 'OK! It's back on and I'm hitting the key now.' He sighs with more frustration. 'You have to do it WHILE THE COMPUTER IS STARTING BACK UP,' he explains. So I apologize again and feign frustration myself while holding back my unfettered delight.

The next round he is more careful to make sure I'm hitting the key during the boot-up sequence. So I'm punching away on the space bar key as loud as I can during the boot-up, and after a couple minutes or so here comes that beautiful Windows start up sound again and he lets out an even louder, more frustrated sigh.

'SIR. Did you hit the F8 key?'

Well I've gone this far, I think to myself, I may as well lay on another level of frustration by insulting his English. 'Yes, I was hitting the 'S' and 'H' keys the whole time! I don't know what went wrong."

Yep, that did it. 'No, no, no, the F-8 key. The F - 8 key. Sir, look at your keyboard. Do you see the F8 key?'

'OH....Oh...the F-8 key,' I say. 'Yes, I see, I'll try again.' We sit there waiting a few more minutes. I repeat the whole process, this time after the start-up sound I tell him I hit the 'F' and '8' keys but again nothing happened. Holy S--t. He's fuming at this point but trying as hard as he can to hold it back. Right then I heard my mom call that dinner was ready. Normally I would have blown off dinner for something this much fun but we'd grilled out these beautiful ribeyes and I wasn't about to let mine get cold. I tell him I'm really sorry, I have to go to dinner now and I will have to fix it later. And with that, after this 35 minute phone call, I just hang up.

I sit at the table admiring this beautifully marbled steak and tell my folks it was all a scam and I was just wasting his time. The phone rings. My mom jumps up and says, 'I got it' In the sweetest voice, my mom said, 'I'm really sorry but we are having family dinner at the moment and I have a rule that everyone has to sit down together,' and after a moment listening to his reply she hangs up and sits back down.

'What'd he say,' I ask. Mom replies, 'He said, 'Screw your family dinner'"

Mess With His Mom, Get Trolled


Scam VS. Sandwich Artist

"I worked at Subway about 12 years ago. My coworker and I were closing up for the night, and some guy came to the door with a proposition. He offered to leave his cell phone in exchange for $40. Once he was done, he'd return in less than an hour and give us our money back, plus an extra $20. We were young and stupid and we fell for it. This was the best night we'd ever seen for tips ($24 each!) so we felt like we had nothing to lose. He left us his (stolen) cell phone, took our money and never came back.

We looked up 'Home' in the contacts list of the phone, called it, and were greeted by a very angry owner demanding to know who we were and why we had his phone. We explained the situation and told him to pick it up at our store the next day.

My coworker and I happened to have split shifts the next day, so one of us would be there no matter when the owner showed up. He came early in the morning, and coworker informed me about the pickup when I came in. About an hour after my shift started, a car backed up to the front of the store, out of sight of the window and almost in the street that ran past. This seemed odd, since there was no one else parked in front. A scraggly looking gentleman (not the guy from the night before) entered and told the other guy working with me that he left his phone here yesterday, and was told he could retrieve it. I said 'Oh, right! Other guy, go find it in the back, I have to run outside.'

As I was taking the license plate down, I noticed the driver was watching me. It was the phone thief himself! I chuckled as I walked up to his window, and said he could have the phone back but first I get my money back. He pulls $40 out of his wallet, which I took, and then demanded the extra $20 he promised. He refused at first, but then I reminded him that I've got his plate number, and now his buddy's on camera asking for obviously stolen property. He gently handed me the extra cash by crumbling it in his fist and throwing it at me, so I smiled and told him his buddy will be back out soon.

Back inside the store, my coworker reports that he can't find the phone anywhere. I said, 'The phone was picked up this morning by the real owner and I'm calling the police.' Scraggles ran out, jumped in the car, and they peeled off"

Scam VS. Sandwich Artist
He Scammed A Reality TV Star!

"It was beautiful scam. It was a contestant on American Idol (Unisex fake name: Casey) who came from a grifter lifestyle until Casey made it on American Idol. Actually, ended up doing quite well on the show.

I was tempted to look up Casey and see how it has gone for his/her career ... Naaah, I digress.

I live in West Hollywood, a liberal bastion of acceptance of others, including marijuana smokers. Im sitting on the steps of my apt building, smoking a joint, when Casey walks by with (a grifter) friend. Remember, these kids are low-to-mid 20s. They're from outta town, living a dream. They're excited and blown away to see marijuana smoking, openly in public.

They ask me if I recognize Casey, I lie and say I don't- Truth is that I love American Idol and I'm always rooting for the underdog- always. I watched Casey the night before.

Casey and the grifter friend ask me if they can buy some weed from me. I'm not a drug dealer but I had recently bought an oz so I told them I'd just give them a joint or two--- a congrats, welcome to Hollywood for making American Idol.

The two come up to my pad. I pull out the Oz of Kush and realize: We need a little plastic baggy. I excuse myself to the kitchen to grab a ziplock. When I come back in I see Casey's friend has a fist full of buds. Quickly, he hands them to Casey. Its like watching card tricks in slow motion. He had grabbed about 7 or 8 grams. I saw the whole thing.

I pretend like I don't see because it would be so awkward. Instead, I put enough weed in the ziplock I had retrieved for a couple joints--- there is a knock at the door. Casey had invited his/her parents over upon agreeing to come inside to smoke.

They come in and sit down; I smoke em out.

The whole time my brain is running wild. I know these kids just stole from me after I offered to give them free weed.

Casey, 'You think you would ever rent out your spare room to me?'

Bam! I've got it!

Me, 'Surrrre. Of course I would. And, this is a super high security building. Let me show you the amenities.'

My building does have 30+ cameras all throughout the building, hallways and parking garage. As I walk the parents and Casey around with the grifter friend, they can see the cameras.

Me, 'Yeah. And, you know that huge mirror in my living room (that takes up the entire wall in the living room), I have cameras behind it in case anybody breaks in. They are digital and run 24/7" as they are all leaving, 'I'll watch that show (American Idol) and I'll vote for you!'

Hugs and goodbyes around. They leave. I wait exactly 20 mins.

Text: Casey I'm really disappointed in reviewing the footage on my home security camera. But, I think this tape given to Harvey Levin (TMZ) will make me thousands of dollars. What do you wanna do?

Long story short, the grifter friend of Casey's showed up four hours later and apologized up and down And, gave me back my weed. Said he felt bad and please don't use the tape to hurt Casey. I pull a blank disc from my pocket, show it to him, drop it on the ground and then (using my foot) slide it on the ground till it was ruined

Me, 'Good Luck, kid. Learn from this'

He Scammed A Reality TV Star!
Inquire Inside, Ha

"I wanted to get rid of an old nasty junk refrigerator. It had been sitting all week in front of the house I was renting in a crummy crime plagued area in Fullerton Cal. I had a sign on it 'Free scrap' but nobody was interested- I changed the sign to 'Works good only $50, inquire in house', and as expected it didn't last one nocturnal orbit, some sucker removed it for me without even disturbing my sleep!

Punishing someone with their own greed is like mental martial arts, turning the opponent's energy back against them... and sometimes it can help rid those pesky 'valuables' from the yard'"

Inquire Inside, Ha
He Told Her He'd Marry Her

"I was 13 that time when I received a mail from a woman named Jessica Ali.

Everything was same as a regular scam mail. Same dialogues of a beautiful African girl living in a country undergoing unrest selecting my account for transferring millions of dollars and promising a 20% commission. The difference lied in me. I was kinda bored with the same scam mails that made me a multi millionaire each time. After all, excess of money is bad.

So, this time, I replied. I replied that I consented to keep her money in my account.

The reply was faster than expected. We kind of had a regular conversation, at the rate of one mail each day.

She sent me a mail asking for personal demographic details like my name, age, gender, etc. And with each mail, she sent me her photograph in a sexy pose. She once asked me for my photograph, which I did send, of course (the photo above).

She sent me a phone number belonging to her assistant, asking me to call and give my account details. For 2--3 days, I postponed. Then, told her, that I called, but no one picked up. She said her assistant got no call. I said that I called, and that she was lying. I started adding fire into our 'relationship'.

I think she got too excited for transferring her money, or maybe 'my' photograph did the job. She said that she was ready to be my girlfriend forever. Yeah, I knew this was coming. So, now, whenever she mailed me asking for my account details, all I wrote were romantic things. As to how I was gonna meet her, how I was gonna speak to her, how I was gonna marry her, etc, etc. She was growing restless, and I was kind of getting bored.

This continued for more than 2 months, which aggregates to almost 60 mails. Yes, I scammed her for 60 days.

It ended when I sent her an 'official' threatening email from a government 'official'

The next day, I just received a single word email; OK"

He Told Her He'd Marry Her
Do You Like Catfish On Your Pizza?

"My social life started to decline when I got busy so I decided to try out Tinder, an app to meet people close to you. I learned quickly that this app wasn't built to make friends...it was built to meet people based on physical attraction.

That's when I came across this girl. She had an unbelievable body and a bio that said DON'T SWIPE IF YOU THINK I'M A CATFISH in all caps.

Here was my thought process, 'She's 22, lives in GA, loves pizza...AND...wait...what?...that sounds kind of suspicious...'. No one bluntly says they aren't a Catfish unless they are a Catfish, slowly rubs beard. But I wanted to see for myself. So, I hit her with a creative opening line for the first message:

Me: Pizzzzzaaaaa!!!! ....I assumed that'd get you to open the message :p

Catfish: Haha hun, I'd open anything from you

We start to talk and she says in exchange for me ordering her a pizza...she will take me on a date! Hahaha! Time to reel in this Catfish! I told her that I'll order her a pizza under one condition. All she had to do was FaceTime me! And then there were messages on top of messages of excuses. She eventually says, 'Okay, I'll send you a video. Hold on'.

And I wait...and wait...

But while I'm waiting I decide to Google image search her Tinder photos and lo and behold I found the REAL girl's Instagram page.

Then I get a video message from the Catfish...and it was the fakest video ever! It was was a screen recording of a video from the real girls Instagram page. But, I fed into it and acted like she fooled me.

I got all her information for the pizza. Went on dominos.com...and ordered a pizza to be sent to her house (where she had to pay at the door of course). I put hot sauce and anchovies on it"

Do You Like Catfish On Your Pizza?

Dmitry A/Shutterstock

He Inspired The Scammer

"I was 16.

There was a guy selling online gaming codes on Reddit (a website). Only half of them worked. This was on purpose.

I wanted to put a stop to this.

First, I created a fake persona---Jayson Howerth and messaged the guy and told him I had some advice. Exchanged emails.

Through emails I told him I used to run a similar gig but the government shut me down. I made up all types of stories about how I used to run scams and how I just used the creative energy for my scams to run a legitimate business instead. The guy was inspired. He said he wanted to run a real business and he'd bring me on as an advisor. He also said he'd shut down his scam---and did.

I don't know what happened to the guy after that- I forgot the password to the fake email I was using, whoops"

He Inspired The Scammer


Nigerian Prince Royally Pranked

"I trolled this one 'Nigerian Prince' guy for about two months. I kept sending him emails telling him that I wanted to give him money and that I was very sorry for how he was getting screwed over. He would send me account numbers for Western Union and I would send him back messages saying 'I just sent $50, God Bless you!" When he emailed me that he never got the money, I would reply with, 'Check again! I sent it to account XXXX' I would have the digits off by one or two from the correct account. This went on back and forth for about a month before he realized I wasn't going to send him anything and was just messing with him"

Nigerian Prince Royally Pranked
Trolling Hard

"I got a call from a Jamaican number claiming to be Publisher's Clearing House with my prize of 3.5 million dollars and a 2015 Mercedes Benz. I played along for a little bit to see how the scam worked. Within the first 5 minutes, I asked the rep to confirm something for me. The rep immediately groaned loudly in frustration, muted me for a moment and then hung up. Disappointed that I couldn't keep the conversation going, I went back to what I was doing before.

But then I got a call back from the original rep's supervisor. The supervisor asked what had happened during the first call, and I described in vivid detail all that had happened. I took 5 minutes to explain a 5 minute phone call. We talked about how to claim the prize, and he gave me several numbers that I would need later. I wrote them all down, then repeated them incorrectly. The supervisor confirmed that I had the numbers correct.

I told the supervisor that he wasn't very good at running a scam. 'If you are going to give information, at least make it consistent. Otherwise your credibility is garbage.' He became irate and started yelling at me about how I was so stupid, and how he couldn't believe I was wasting his valuable time when all he was trying to do was give me money.

Ok, game on motherf--ker. I kept him on the phone for 45 minutes getting him to explain what a birth certificate looks like, how to apply for a federal ID, how to take a bus to a Walmart in a random town I don't live in, how to fill out the transfer documentation, acceptable forms of payment, etc. etc. I would often have him explain things over and over until he was yelling at me, then I would change the subject and get the conversation back 'on course.' After 45 minutes, he told me he needed to do some paperwork and call me back in 30 minutes.

To my complete surprise, he called me 30 minutes later. He detailed the process for sending a payment, the information to give, etc. I kept repeating all the things I needed to do, getting at least one thing wrong each time. He would correct me, explain the process again, and then ask me to tell him what I was going to do. We did this for 20 minutes.

At this time, I started getting bored with the conversation about the transfer, and tried to change the subject to various other topics. I started asking about where he was calling from, what religion he was, etc. He told me that he was not a Christian, but he believed in God and attended a Baptist Church with his mom. I started making ridiculous claims about how Baptists weren't Christians, but that I was glad he was one. He got really pissed off and started yelling at me. I calmed him down again by talking about the steps to the transfer.

Finally, I told him, ' don't really know how anyone who believes in God would believe that what you are doing is acceptable. You are defrauding people. You are literally stealing money from vulnerable people. I don't know how you can possibly justify that.' He began screaming 'F--k you!' over and over at the top of his lungs for about 30 seconds, and then hung up the phone- That was the most fun I'd had all week"

Trolling Hard


Trying To Scam The Elderly, Got Scammed Instead

"In the summer of 2016, the 'IRS-is-going-to-arrest-you-for-non-payment-of-back-taxes-unless-you-pay-up-immdiately' scam was afoot and doing well - especially with the uninformed elderly.

I have an elderly friend who was called, the pitch made, and after getting call-back information, she hung up and blocked the number with no further consequences. She then told me about it.

On a whim, I called the number she had been given to call, and said I had just gotten a dunning call from an IRS Agent, and was calling back to prevent going to jail. I am in my mid-70s, myself, but I made my voice even raspier than usual, and feigned confusion, repeatedly whimpering that I did not want to go to jail and please, please help me.

I could just imagine the person on the other end of the line - in India or Pakistan, even though I had called a legitimate Seattle, WA number, licking his chops.

I provided only the last four digits of my Social Security number that seemed to satisfy the 'Agent', but no address, and of course a fictitious name, and when he asked how much the 'original' caller had said I owed, I figured, why not, so went for $6,550 - a nice round (and believable) number.

Remember, I was calling them, not them calling me, and they were obviously happy to have another fish on the line even though they could not have been sure now in what lake they were trolling.

I explained I had to cash in a Life Insurance Policy to pay the debt. That pleased the 'Agent' no end, and that effort would take a while - several whiles as I dragged it out.

To make a long story short (covering two months with almost daily conversations with the 'Agent' (prolonged because I was 'sick' and occasionally 'in the hospital;), and after I finally had 'received the proceeds of my Policy', I was finally told to buy a large number of iTunes Gift Cards, while being warned not to tell the Big Box Store cashier why I wanted so many.

I looked online for images of the IDs on the back of iTune Cards, found quite a number, and 'after scratching off the ID-covering'. eventually began to recite the IDs to the 'Agent' as proof I had actually bought the Cards. He had explained that once he was satisfied that I had actually bought the Cards he and I would meet to allow me to hand over the Cards and, in turn, receive an official document from the IRS showing that I had fulfilled my errant tax obligation, and that I was no longer a fugitive.

A few of the IDs were good, but some were not. At that point, the 'Agent' asked what the hell I was trying to do.

I then asked him what he was trying to do, and then thanked him for a grand diversion.

Silence- This 'Agent' was not happy, telling me I had wasted his time

I told him I was glad to have been of service"

Trying To Scam The Elderly, Got Scammed Instead

Ruslan Guzov/Shutterstock

He 'Caught' The Catfish

"About 6 years ago I joined jDate and towards the end of my subscription, I was contacted by this attractive woman. She sounded very interesting - she was in Egypt working on a feature film as a makeup artist and was looking to meet people when she got back to the States. Her jDate profile didn't really provide much info, but it kind of aligned with her story. About a few days into our 'correspondence courtship' she reached out to me with a 'proposal'.

She offered to have me 'meet her' - but since she was on location in Cairo, she couldn't meet me in San Francisco (her home town). But given our limited interactions thus far, she felt a 'true connection' that she never had with anyone before. She first sent me pictures of where she was supposedly staying including pictures of her hotel room thinking that it would excite me. The hotel room pictures looked very odd so I did a quick lookup online to find the hotel's website and see if they matched. Big surprise - they did not even come close. I asked her to explain the discrepancy and she said she was in the VIP area and they don't show those hotel rooms to the 'general public' because they were so 'special'. Strike one.

A couple of days passed. Late that night (or afternoon Cairo time), she wrote me again saying how much she missed me with some pictures of herself wearing everything from fancy evening gowns to practically nothing at all asking me to 'keep it between us'. The reason sounded paranoid yet plausible - she had a jealous ex-boyfriend that would make her life miserable if he discovered she shared these pictures; after all he took them and didn't like other people looking at 'his woman' - even though they 'were separated'.

Doing a quick TinyEye search exposed this lie because I seriously doubt she was who she claimed she was, especially since she misspelled her own name. When I asked her about it, she said that she wasn't originally from San Francisco, but from Israel so she tried to transliterate the name for my benefit. Uh yeah, ok. Strike two. It was at that point that I decided to contact jDate support about the scam. They said that they couldn't do anything, but if I wanted, I could contact the authorities so I did.

I spoke with someone in the FTC who told me that scams like these were on the rise and they appreciated my tip. At that point, I suggested that I offered myself as bait to catch this liar --- they eventually agreed to let me help them.

About a week or so passed and then she sent me the BIG NEWS. She was finally coming home! However, it came at a serious cost to her. Not only was the film she was working on taking longer to complete, her mother was deathly ill and needed to come home to take care of her. She desperately wanted to quit, but the Producer and the studio threatened her saying if she left that she would be blacklisted from the industry and she would never work ever again. However, as a good Jewish daughter she felt honor-bound to come home to care for her mother.

Since she was not doing very well financially prior to this gig, all of the money she had either went to her sick mom or to pay her expenses. Since the film was already way over budget, they haven't paid her in months and was desperate to leave, but since she 'trusted me so much' she felt comfortable asking for a loan that she would gladly pay back with interest. The tickets would only cost $5,000 and she'd be home before you could say 'King Tut's Tomb'. Needless to say I declined, but turned the tables on her and offered to pay for her ticket home. Not only would I fly her back on the right flights from Egypt to SFO, I would pay for first class tickets to boot! She first pushed back a little saying that she didn't feel right having me do all that work for her, but quickly changed her mind.

To this point, we never 'talked' before. We corresponded through the jDate messaging system. She asked me for my phone number so we could discuss logistics and so she could finally hear the voice of her 'boyfriend'. I gave her a phone number to an old pre-paid phone that had a couple of hours of time on it that I had on hand. She told me she would call me as soon as she had time.

A couple of days later I was driving somewhere and the burner phone rang. It said 'unknown' on it - apparently she took the bait and decided to call me so we talked. Her voice sounded very 'odd' - not very feminine at all. 'She' gushed lovingly that I would do so much for her and how excited she was that we would finally meet. I went along with the ruse and talked for a while. She apologized for the bad quality 'call' - she was calling from a cell phone from one of her friends who were just as excited to meet me too one day (yeah I bet).

We talked for a while where she tried to learn more about me, after all - up to this point, it was all about her and her needs. I don't recall what I told her, but I do know that I made most of it up on the fly. She was 'very impressed' with my background and really looked forward to seeing me at SFO, jumping into my arms and giving me a big kiss hello.

Long story short, I gave the details that I gave 'her' to the FTC who coordinated efforts with local authorities in Cairo. According to what I was told, a man about 6? 4? and over 200 pounds attempted to get a boarding pass under 'her' name. 'She' was arrested for conning others on jDate and other sites, but agreed for a reduced sentence to expose her entire operations. Apparently it went pretty far and wide --- it wasn't the biggest dating scam in history, but it definitely made for great conversations when talking about con artists and other manipulative individuals"

He 'Caught' The Catfish
Can I Buy A TV Instead?

"I buy and sell cars every so often. I use Craigslist because it is free and effective. Unfortunately you always get scammers in god knows what country that try to1) get your Paypal info and scam you or 2) mail you a fake check and get you to send the excessive amount back to them...Check bounces and you are out all the money.

So one day I had some time on my hands and decided to play along with this scammer. They always communicate via text or email. There is never a credible number to call back. I tried to waste his time by asking a LOT of questions. His method of scamming was the same as the example I gave above. So pretty much you know this is junk when they want to buy a car without looking at it.

The car was selling for 16k and he was going to send 19k by 'mistake' and asked I just send the 3k back to him. Cool, I agree and keep in daily touch with him on the details. The beauty here is that In his mind he has a pay day coming! Most likely he is in an impoverished county and $1 will go a long way there. If these guys get one scam every 3 months they are doing well.

Every day I thank him and tell him how much this will help me and my family and my special needs child. So he sends the check to a fake address I gave him and asks if I received it. I tell him thank you so much for the check. He asks that I send the money back immediately. At this point it has been over 2 weeks of us communicating. I act like I have the check and tell him that I REALLY need a new TV and if it is okay that I use the extra money for that instead.

He starts to get angry and demand that I send it back. I keep him going for a few hours promising him that I will pay him back. (Remember this is all over text messages). Eventually he loses his cool and gets nasty with me. I finally apologize and say that I will send him the money. He gives me the numbers I need to send it electronically and I confirm that he is at the store to pick up his money. This goes on for another hour as I keep asking him to check and see if the money arrives. So not only is his appetite wet, he is at the store waiting on his payout. I finally tell him I knew from the beginning that he is a scammer and that I utterly enjoyed wasting his time and playing with his emotions.

He says: 'You stupid piece of garbage!" I laugh. It was petty, but it felt great- I know it ruined his day as he was expecting a payout for at least 2 weeks"

Can I Buy A TV Instead?
Ohhhh Bob

"Picture this- You just bought a run down old house, not quite big enough to be a farmhouse, but too big to be a ranch or anything. You are living in the old trailer home installed for when the previous owner was doing some home repairs (before a terrible cancer diagnosis).

Along comes Neighbor Bob! Bob is a contractor, fully licensed, and can do EVERYTHING

Well it soon becomes clear that Bob got his Electrical Engineering Diploma at Google Tech, and his degree in 'advanced piping systems' is even worse

Bob doesn't know how many inches are 16 inches square, Bob does not know a Cross cut it, Bob does not know that insulation is made from fiberglass.

Bob is a Scammer.

But Bob is a desperate Scammer, and you (or rather me) are a prick when it comes to people trying to cheat you.

So you tell Bob to go pick up the lumber you ordered from the hardware store.

Bob calls you two hours later. There lumber isn't there. You tell Bob its just running late but shouldn't be long

Bob comes to you the next morning and says the lumber never showed.

You show Bob the lumber and angrily say 'I had to pay an extra bucks because they got there and no one was around!'

Bob starts to get nervous. Bob apologizes.

Bob asks to use the bathroom.

Bob steals a bottle marked 'Percocet'. Bob is now taking Skittles with the coloring sucked off.

Bob accuses you of having fake drugs.

You ask Bob why he would think that.

Bob stutters and sputters as he tries to think of an excuse for his stealing a pill bottle from your bathroom.

You tell Bob where he can put his diplomas and his degrees, as well as some other objects.

Bob does not like your suggestion.

Bob calls the cops.

The Cops arrest Bob.

You (I mean me) laugh hysterically as you down another beer"

Ohhhh Bob



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