Why Throw Away Out Of Season Candy

"I use to work at a CVS. After Halloween, all their candy goes on sale, up to 80% off. After 3 weeks, though, no one bought candy corn flavored chocolate or bat shaped gummies. So they told me to throw it all away. This was about 2 shopping carts worth of candy. None of it was expired or damaged, just out of season. Instead of taking it to the dumpster, I placed it all in the back of my car. The next morning it all went to the local food drive center. (In all honesty, I did keep 2 bags for myself). The food center sent me a thank you letter saying I donated over 50 lb of candy.

About 2 months later I am called into the head office. They have it all on video me putting the candy in my car. They told me I owed them $500 in damages or they would press charges. I got a lawyer and argued that dumpster diving isn't illegal in my area, which since I was told to throw it away this is what I did. In the end, I was just fired and banned from the store, charges dropped."

Why Throw Away Out Of Season Candy
How His Friend Got His GED

"About 15 years ago I was working at a manufacturing plant. One of the guys on my station had been working there for 4 years as a temp already, while I was hired from temp to full time in just 6 months.

I asked him why he hadn't been moved to full time by now and he tells me it's because he doesn't have a diploma or GED. He has two kids at the time, and a third child on the way.

So after work one night I brought him to my house, I scanned my own GED, and then photoshopped his name in place of mine and printed him out about 40 or 50 copies of it in color, not black and white. The whole process took about 2 hours to make sure it looked as perfect as a real GED, and in the end, it did.

He took a copy to HR the next morning and told them his mom had finally found his GED and he made a copy of it for them. He was hired on as a full-time employee within two weeks.

Not sure if it was illegal, unethical probably, but working 4 years as a temp while everyone else around you keeps getting hired on full time (which gave a 3 dollar per hour raise, insurance, paid time off, sick days, paid holidays, etc) is messed up. I had to do something to help him, especially since he had two (soon to be three) children to provide for.

So I'd say it was for the right reason."

How His Friend Got His GED
The Girl Who Escaped The Psych Hospital

"At the psych hospital, there was a young woman who was a frequent flier - in and out of the hospital every couple of months due to chronic mental illness and substance abuse.

Her mother called me one day and asked if I could tell her whether her daughter was in the hospital on that particular day because she hadn't been seen for a couple of weeks and the family was worried about her. I knew her mom because I had worked with her before during this woman's previous hospitalizations.

It was an HIPAA violation to say anything at all to this woman, but I erred on the side of humanity - I broke the law - and looked on the hospital-wide census. She wasn't there. I told her mom as much. For the rest of my time working there, this particular young woman never came back.

About two years later a man was convicted of murdering two women who had the same general demographics as this young woman and who lived in the same county. So while I would like to believe that this young woman got her act together and moved to Hollywood to become a star or some other positive thing, I have a sick feeling about what happened to this poor young woman.

I wish I could've given the mother better news, even though it was a violation of the law."

The Girl Who Escaped The Psych Hospital


Beneath The Seat Of The Buick

"I was driving home from work one day, I was behind a white old, probably 95, Buick. All was normal until in the back window I noticed a head pop up in the back window and bang on the window like they needed help. I suddenly started to get really concerned. Then all of a sudden the driver turns around and shoves the person in back's head down really forcefully until they were beneath the seat. The driver suddenly merges two lanes to the left to a left turn lane and turns left on a yellow.

I don't really know what went through my mind but I took the risk and merged too, but by the time I got to the light it was red. I didn't care, I flew through it and made a left-hand turn through the intersection. I followed the Buick while I called the cops. I tailed it until I heard sirens coming from behind me. They zoomed past and pulled the Buick over. I drove by in case things got bad, I didn't want to get shot. I hope they saved that person in the back. I felt like I saved a life that day, hopefully."

Beneath The Seat Of The Buick
Daughter Took The Blame

"When I was 16 I took a traffic ticket for my mother's piece of trash then-boyfriend.

I was working at a grocery store when the manager told me I had a call. I walked over to the phone and the boyfriend was on the other line. He tells me he got into a wreck and he was driving on a suspended license. If the police caught him, he would go to jail. Unfortunately for me, he and I were the only ones working at the time and I knew I couldn't pay the bills on my own. So I told work it was an emergency and drove my car down to where he was. He had convinced the trucker he hit to let him tell the police I was driving, the police came and wrote me the ticket."

Daughter Took The Blame
How The Lunch Lady Became A Best Friend

"I was in Seminole Middle way back when in Florida and we were really poor. Like, really poor. I used to steal lunch wraps and salad from the health bar during lunch in the cafeteria. The lunch lady knew. There was lunch A - C, all hosted at different times of the day.

She wouldn't charge me until the third lunch, and even then it was next to nothing. I would have a backpack full of wraps and salads that I'd take home and share with my brother.

14 years to this date I have spent every Sunday talking to her at least two hours. She is old now and nobody really visits her. I tend to go see her from time to time when the opportunity arises. I bring her Thanksgiving dinners, Christmas dinners. Sometimes I cook breakfast for her and I maintain her garden. I take her for walks (she's in a wheelchair). I love her. When she passes away, I'd have lost a mother and a friend."

How The Lunch Lady Became A Best Friend
No Report On The Stolen Baby

"Went to my junkie tenants' to pick up a late rent check. I believe in second chances, but these two had been messing up at my expense for two years. They had three months left on the lease at this point, and I wasn't going to offer them a new one this time. Anyway, I knew the lady was about ready to have a baby the last time I'd seen them, but I was not ready for what I saw when I got there.

Door wide open. The place was trashed. The parents were passed out, one on the couch, the other on the floor. Paraphernalia everywhere. Found the baby in a car seat on the kitchen floor. There were flies and roaches everywhere, even on the baby, who was only a week or two old at most. The baby was obviously not well and was in a disgustingly old and dirty diaper and nothing else. Practically stuck to the car seat.

I grabbed the baby and ran. I knew exactly what to do. I drove to the ER, parked at a public park across the street, and ran and dropped that baby at the door, and ran off. I never looked back.

I never contacted them about the rent. The gravity of what I'd done was sinking in. I knew the couple didn't have any family, and that I'd done that child a huge, life-changing favor, but I could absolutely go to jail for it.

They were gone a month later... They never reported that baby missing."

No Report On The Stolen Baby


When Helping A Friend Suddenly Means Something More Serious

"When I was 18 and had just moved away to college my best friend was 16 years old and still in high school. Let's call him Jake. He is a gay guy and we're from a small town and he was having a rough time back home with being accepted and had just broken up with his boyfriend. Jake called me very distressed in the middle of the night one day and told me to come get him that he was running away from home because he had fought with his parents again.

Now it's 2AM and it's a 3-hour drive one way and I've got school tomorrow sorry buddy no can do. We hang up.

He calls back an hour later. He tells me that he's met a guy on the Internet that will come pick him up and drive him to the city. 5 hours away from home. The guy is 31 and on his way. Now, wait a minute. No, Jake, you wait right there. I got up got dressed and was in my car in about 3 minutes time.

I drove home in 2 and a half hours, picked my friend up and drove right back home. We got there around 6 am. His parents were already blowing up my phone. I told them 300 times I hadn't seen Jake and they are crying and the school principal calls me and the police are on their way.

So I pack Jake in my car and we went to the mall while the police searched my entire house (my roommate was at home).

One day and lawsuits threats later we finally call Jake's parents and tell them he's with me and all and he goes home. He wasn't allowed to contact me for a year or I'd get sued for kidnapping (I was 18 so an adult).

A year later we moved in together and he's still my friend. I wouldn't change anything I did because God forbid he had left with that man that night and something had happened to him I would've never forgiven myself. I did what I thought was right."

When Helping A Friend Suddenly Means Something More Serious
How Breaking And Entering Put His Career On ‘Track’

"So I was living up in Northern British Columbia, Canada. That's the area where it gets 'f---ing cold'. I came up with my girlfriend at the time, her for a head start on some schooling through a university program, me because I'd decided to tag along and I'd heard stories about getting some of that 'big boom oil money' if you moved up North. We were staying in a s----- little basement suite with a s----- landlord living above us.

My girlfriend was doing the school thing, working part time, I was working in the warehouse at Wal-Mart, looking for something bigger and better. My previous years as a warehouse manager got me an extra 25 cents an hour at Wal-Mart. Hell yeah, don't let 'em tell you that experience doesn't count for anything!

So the people that had lived next door to us had moved out and somebody had just moved in. I hadn't met the person yet. Just noticed a new vehicle outside every couple of days. This particular day, there was no vehicle in the driveway and I'm standing outside enjoying a cigarette as much as one can enjoy one of those cursed things on a bitterly cold morning.

I hear this sound. I can't place it.. and I'm the type of guy who, when I hear something I can't place, I have to place it. So I start looking around. What is that? Like, a whooshing. Something spraying. What the f--- would be spraying out here?

I find the area it's coming from, it's the neighbor's house, near the driveway. Something near there. He's got a little deck running along side the drive, I kind of peer over my own railing and see a water spigot attached to the underside of his deck. Beyond that, underneath the deck, the source of the sound, a geyser of water.

For those of you who've never lived somewhere it gets really, really cold, if you don't turn the water off to your outside pipes, it freezes in there.. and then they burst. So that's what happened here. Previous tenants had moved out, not shut off their pipes. A new guy moves in, doesn't notice.

So I go over to his driveway, look underneath the deck and he's got a couple of those low basement windows. The kind right up against the ground and the water is building up and rising towards them. That could be a problem! So, I'm trying to think, how can I get in contact with this guy I've never met and told him that his pipe has burst and is about to flood his new basement?

I'm humming and I think 'Maybe, just maybe, his mailbox!' So that's crime number one. I root through the mail and I luck out. Not only does he have mail already showing up at his house, it's company mail. So now I know who he works for too! So, I call the company. It's a big company and I go through a lot of automated stuff before I finally find a person to talk to and I let them know the address, guys name and so forth, give them my number and they tell me they'll see if they can find him and get him to call me back.

Meanwhile, all that automated s--- took some time 'cause, which button do you push to say 'Guy who lived here need come home now!'? Right? That water is still rising, it's lapping up against his windows. So I start poking around his doors, see if they're open, maybe I can just get in and shut off his water. No luck, all locked up tight. No phone call yet, what to do, what to do? So I said, 'F--- it.' I started checking his windows. Front, all locked, side, all locked but the back window? The back window isn't locked but it has a lock on it and I know from previous experience being a stupid person and locking myself out of my own houses that if those aren't snugged all the way up to the edge of the window and there's a little, itty bitty gap you can slam a sliding window into 'em and they'll just pop right off. So, that's what I do. I smashed that f---ing thing right the s--- out of there, slid his window open and climbed on in.

Went down to the basement and I see water streaming down his walls and building a huge pool about to soak the s--- out of a big pile of electronics. We're talking the foundations of his man cave here. Guitars, amps, drums, big a-- TV, consoles and all the rest. All in the process of being unpacked with a big old' freezing water catastrophe inching towards it. I shut the water off, move his stuff and raid the place for towels and the like, get a mop, start cleaning and s---. I get the call a few minutes later from the company saying 'We're sending some people to see if they can get into the house, Mr. So and So is out of town and won't be back for days.' I tell them 'Ok!'.

A truck full of dudes show up and I give 'em the lowdown, tell 'em what happened and they help me clean a bit and take off. Well, let me tell you about this guy who lived there when he finally showed back up three days later. He f---ing loved me. He took me out, got me all sorts of f---ed up and during that evening asked me what I do for a living. I told him my story of coming up North for the big bucks and falling short. He said 'Why don't you come work for the railroad?' and the rest.. the rest is a history.

...and that's how I found my career on the railroad. By breaking into my neighbor's house. He was management, he got my name out there and said many a good thing about me."

How Breaking And Entering Put His Career On ‘Track’
False Papers And Free Puppy

"I used to work at a veterinary clinic who had a partnership with a local pet store. The pet store was one of those places where the top of the 'cages' are open so anyone can reach in, pet the puppies, and move on to the next. Well, that's one real easy way to spread parvo & other diseases between puppies. This place was run by the scum of the earth. They would pull a puppy off the floor on a Friday, put it in the back until around lunchtime Monday and then bring the dog to us. By that time the puppies were usually too sick to save. I can't tell you how many puppies a week they would bring us with parvo.

One day they brought us Corgi puppy. He had previously had a kennel cough. He was sick for so long that his lungs were permanently scarred so he would have a cough for the rest if his life even though he wasn't sick. They asked us to just put him down since he was deemed unsellable. We falsified the paperwork to say he was euthanized and one of the other techs took him home."

False Papers And Free Puppy
How Lying Under Oath Saved His Ex

"An ex-girlfriend was taken advantaged of by a senior officer in her unit. She was with a group of people at his house. Everyone is drunk; she wakes up with him on top of her and pushes him off.

She calls me weeks after, in tears. We spend a lot of time talking about it, and I support and encourage her efforts to bring him to justice. Even if he isn't convicted, he broke several other laws and regulations. I offer to testify as a character witness on her behalf, which the prosecutor chooses to accept.

At trial, I am under cross-examination by the defense attorney, his defense is that it was consensual. He asks me if I have ever seen the ex-girlfriend very, very drunk. I say no, but that's pretty much the way the ex and I met and started dating years before (but no sex at the time of drunken encounter). I can't say unequivocally if she was taken advantaged of on this occasion, as I wasn't there. But, there was no doubt that the guy accused was guilty of fraternization, abused his position of power both as a certified medical professional and commissioned officer, etc. Knowing her as well as I did, I believed her. I believed she was taken advantaged of. So I wasn't going to let him even bring up the possibility that it was consensual or somehow her fault to the jury, which could result in him walking on all charges (military trials are weird).

(As an aside, I think the defense attorney's line of questioning was erroneous and objectionable, because his clients' mistaken belief that she had consented was not a defense as she was impaired, AND he had specialized training to recognize her impairment. And yes, IAAL.)

Ultimately, he was not convicted of the taking advantage of her but was convicted of a slew of other charges. Lost his license, went to the brig, lost his rank, etc. Only did a couple of years, but his life as he knew it, ended. An unintended consequence was that his weird ex-wife also got screwed. She showed up to trial as a character witness for him to protect her interest in his retirement. Apparently, she was prepared to lie on the stand, but his defense attorney pulled her once he knew she was likely going to lie about his past history of abuse and victimization of junior officers. I kept my indiscretion to myself so the prosecution wouldn't have to deal with that ethical dilemma.

I don't regret it. Doesn't keep me up at night. He was a predator. Her poor decision making did not mean she deserved to be taken advantaged of. And going through the process, even without the conviction, really helped her overcome the event. Now she is happily married to a great guy (not me, I'm a dirty, dirty liar) with kids. I hope that guy faced down the demons that told him it was OK to take advantage of drunk, junior women he was supposed to be mentoring and protecting and got his life straight."

How Lying Under Oath Saved His Ex
Perks Of Working In A Government Office

"I broke the Official Secrets Act in the UK in order to get the guy who stole my car radio arrested. He smashed my car window and ripped it out while I was at work in a government office. The car was in the office car park. I chased him on foot but couldn't keep up in my suit and slippery shoes. So I ran back to my car and started driving around the town looking for him. I then got a phone call from the police who said they were aware of what had happened and were watching me driving around on the CCTV cameras. They asked me to return to my office and wait for them to come and see me.

So I drove back to the office and met with them in the presence of my boss. I felt a little better at this point as it turned out the thief was one of our 'clients' and we had a whole case file on him with all his details. But, when the police asked me if I knew who he was my boss stepped in and said 'Sorry, we can't tell you. You will have to file an official request in writing for us to give you his info.' The cop replied 'Ah, we can only file an official request in the event of a serious crime. Theft of a car radio doesn't count.' And that was that. The cops left empty handed and I was left fuming.

That afternoon one of the old ladies in the office came over to me and quietly slipped me a piece of paper with his name, age, address etc. I left the office and went to the police station to see the cop that had visited me. I said 'This didn't come from me' and slid the piece of paper over to him. He looked at it, said 'Thank you' and then I left without saying another word. A few weeks later they arrested him. He went to court and was ordered to pay about £2 a week compensation. I never saw a penny of it."

Perks Of Working In A Government Office

Christopher Boswell/Shutterstock

So Much For Helping After Hurricane Katrina

"I got arrested down in New Orleans after Katrina.

There was a housing project that was going to be bulldozed with people's belongings inside, ostensibly because it was too flood damaged and was unsafe. The real reason was that they were going to put up new condos. We got keys from one of the residents so we could open his door inside the building, then we climbed in through the second story with a ladder, because every door and window on the first floor had a couple inches of steel over it. We entered with cleaning supplies and cameras, to show that the damage was surface-level.

We began cleaning and New Orleans Housing Authority was on the scene pretty quick. They took our ladder and said we had to get out or the police were on the way. Obviously, we couldn't get out without the ladder, the doors were sealed shut by steel. We were in the middle of some literal entrapment. By this time we'd attracted some attention -- in the courtyard of these housing units, there was what I can only describe as a contractor party happening. A bunch of people with white lawn chairs and balloons talking about what they were going to do with the property after they kick all the poor people out. Well, there were news cameras covering that meeting, and they decided that what was happening in the building was more interesting, so that's how cameras and media started showing up outside.

Before long the police arrive, and there is a crowd of cameras and people. The people are chanting "The people united will never be defeated!" while the police are telling us that we have no choice but to break the door down.

We have boltcutters because they are the standard issue down there for so many reasons. We cut the supports of the door and start taking turns kicking it out. I actually got the final kick in, so there's footage of me out there somewhere kicking a steel reinforced door out from the inside.

The police come swarming in, one of the bigger guys makes himself the new door. A sergeant comes in, he is very short and will turn out to have the most cartoonish Napoleon complex I've ever witnessed. He is exceedingly rude and condescending not only to his own men, but to us, and even to the residents of the building (even though the building was sealed up, many of the residents had taken up camp nearby).

What unfolds is almost a sort of long-form interrogation/intimidation session. Blazing Louisiana heat, with about 20 bodies standing around in a very small room. The sarge starts pacing back and forth, kind of giving us all the run-down, attempting to grind his heel on how in trouble we are. He's being very animated and boisterous, but for whatever reason, I start looking around the room and not at him. I notice one of his officers mulling about the room -- he's acting strangely. I see him grab something from his pocket and place it on the coffee table -- he mulls about the room a bit more, before walking back over to the table, picking up the object, and going 'Hey sarge have a look at this.'

It turns out to be a drug paraphernalia. They've just planted drugs on us. The sarge looks at us with a gleam in his eye and says 'well now we've got you all on felony drug charges.' A number of other things happen, various continued intimidation tactics to try to get us to reveal who we were with etc. etc.

They clearly don't want to leave with the cameras out there. The sarge suggests sneaking us out the back. He realizes that all the doors and windows are sealed and starts swearing and yelling. They resign themselves to take us out the front. Cameras are everywhere, there are legal observers rushing up to us with pens and paper to ask us our names and contact info so that we don't disappear (this is a real thing) -- they arrest one of the legal observers for doing this legal action.

We get sent to Orleans Parish Prison holding, but we are bailed out. I remember when they bailed us out there were a number of people outside the jail holding signs that said: 'Free the Lafitte Nine!' (Lafitte being the housing unit we had been in).

One of my friends had to spend a few nights in the bad part of the prison holding because he didn't have his ID. He told me that he saw guards selling drugs to the inmates and that the biggest guy in the cell offered him his protection when he learned we worked for Common Ground.

Anyways, a team of lawyers decides to represent us pro-bono and we get nicely dressed using suits from the sinking clothing dispensary we were running. We travel to the courthouse in borrowed suits in our attorney's pickup. The pickup had a bumper sticker on it that said: 'I feast on the flesh of the living, and I vote.' The proceedings last a number of days, and we are cleared of charges."

So Much For Helping After Hurricane Katrina
Illegal Home Remedies

"In high school (and after) I sold drugs. I really only did it to have a perpetual supply of my own stash, but then it got to be more than I could ever smoke and I ended up dropping out my senior year to grow, sell and supply because the money was good. So I guess I didn't start selling for the right reasons.

However, not too long after I dropped out, my younger cousin got diagnosed with Crohn's disease around 14-15. He went through the gamut of treatments and the last one was called Remicade. Remicade has some pretty bad side effects and his quality of life was pretty crap. He could hardly eat and when he did he vomited most of it up. During the first few months, he survived off of IV bags and orange juice. He had to drop out of school and start homeschooling, and even then could hardly do his work.

After almost a year of the Remicade treatment, doctors started talking about surgery to remove multiple feet of his intestine and giving him a colostomy bag. I convinced my family that drugs could actually help him. At this point, he was about 16-17 and I smoked with him for the first time. Not too long after his first 3 hits, he said he was hungry for the first time in nearly a year. We ordered pizza and he ate a whole medium pizza by himself and went to bed without getting up in the middle, which was rare for him. I stopped focusing on my 'business' and started focusing on sourcing drugs and other products for him.

He has been in remission for almost 2 years now. I moved away to a different state, but still source products for him. He can get by on a low dose and its enough to keep the disease at bay. He's starting his first job soon. It is now newly legal medically in his state. it wasn't when I started this."

Illegal Home Remedies


She Almost Got Deported

"My first and only marriage to date was an illegal alien. Her family came to the states on a visa with the intention of over-staying and settling down in the States. She was ten years old at the time her family initially arrived. After a while, INS caught up with them and was pushing to deport the whole family.

So I married her. Then I had to move in with her for a couple years so our story would look legit in case we got interviewed. At the time we got married and moved in together, we weren't even dating, so it was a strange situation. It wasn't fair to her since she had her whole life here and had no say in her family's illegal decisions, which is why I did it. But at the end of the day, she and her whole family got to stay in the States."

She Almost Got Deported
Red Light Rebel

"Woke up one night to my mother screaming bloody murder. A week prior she was involved in a work accident (ironically she works at the hospital) where a crazy a-- patient had lifted her up and basically dropped her on one of those 90deg points on a desk. Nothing broke, but the bruising was so bad and intense she formed internal clots and was at risk of a big one breaking up and running through her circulatory system - something like that.

The night she woke up screaming bloody murder, well, it happened. And she was in a ton of pain. My old man was carrying her to the car and he told me to get her to the hospital ASAP. Before I even get out of the driveway my mother's going ape s--- from a combination of pain and worry. Her worry was that one of the many clots that were stuck would make it to her brain or heart, and that's all it took to make me drive 100 mph through every red light to the hospital.

I ultimately ended up with 4 red light camera tickets and a cop trying to pull me over in the last block to the hospital.

The cop was nice enough to let me go seeing as how I pulled into the emergency side of the hospital and was scrambling for a wheelchair before he had a chance to say hello.

The bureaucracy still made me pay for the red light tickets."

Red Light Rebel

Satellite Photos/Shutterstock

Scratch Off Scandal

"I worked at a furniture store in the electronic department. We had a promotion going on where you could get free stuff (really rare) or 10-25% off. All you had to do was scratch The silver stuff off of the scratch tickets we gave out.

You could see through the back if you held them up to the light. We checked every ticket for prizes and I found a free 800 dollar surround sound system. I brought the ticket home with the intent on keeping it and using it at another store.

The guilt caught up with me that night so I brought it back in and kept it in my pocket.

We had so many well off people come in buying 2000 dollar TVs and 3000 dollar laundry pairs that I just couldn't give it to them.

A week later a single mother who was down on her luck (she was a friend of one of the co-workers) came in to buy her 10-year-old son a 32" tv for Christmas. One of the cheap 200 dollar brands. I gave her the ticket even though it wasn't my sale, said 'I have a good feeling about this one' and traded her tickets.

Her son got one hell of a Christmas gift for his PlayStation set up."

Scratch Off Scandal


An Abandoned House The Family Utilized

"I used to be the stepson of a former step-relative. As it happens, when I was a child/tween, I visited my step-relatives parents at their upper-class establishment. There was a jogging path beside the house by a creek, and my step-cousins & I would visit the park at the end of the path. Over there, we would fashion small branches and sticks into fantasy weapons, play what we'd call 'Adventure,' and have an otherwise alright time. Autumn and winter were probably the best seasons for our activities in hindsight.

I mentioned my step-relative earlier for a good reason; my former step-relative was not exactly ethical in their dealings with others, and rumor has it that they're currently in some legal s--- which I won't explain any further. One day, it turns out that the neighbor next door to my step-grandparents got busted for laundering money, and the DEA supposedly raided the place for evidence.

Now here's where the illegal s--- kicks in:

My former step relative had the bright idea to take whatever landscaping tools the building had for their business and invited me as well as my stepcousins to help ourselves to whatever else was inside. Bear in mind that this could still have been a crime scene, and anything we've disturbed could have been evidence. At least two major felonies for each passing visit to the ransacked, unlocked home, y'know?

Naturally, one of my step-cousins and I enjoyed ourselves to a lot of FREE s--- by entering the house from the back. In addition to the thrill of exploring an abandoned house, we got a set of books on HIV, biosafety, and such (I was intensely interested in becoming something related to biomedical research at the time). Here's the kicker: My step-cousin and I repeated our visits to this joint a few more times spread out over several months (years?). I'm sure that we'd easily gotten away with more than 20 dollars' worth of goods by the time we visited that place one last time."

An Abandoned House The Family Utilized


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