Christopher Walken

"This one goes either way depending on who you were in the situation. My dad met Christopher Walken in a bar, but it wasn't under pleasant circumstances.

Basically, Walken had been doing something in the area and he walked into the bar around 8 or 9pm. My dad wasn't that old, maybe in his 30's tops. So this was about 20 years ago or so.

As soon as Walken sits down, people at the bar start mobbing him for autographs, grabbing stained napkins, baring skin, whatever it'd take to get his autograph.

He just stood up angrily, shouted something akin to 'Screw off! All of you! Leave me the [expletive] alone!' And then pointed to my dad and said, 'But give that guy a drink on me. He's the only one who didn't give a crap.'

My dad doesn't believe in being starstruck, so he kinda just went, 'Neat, Christopher Walken,' and continued watching TV."

Christopher Walken
Will Smith

"For me, my worst celebrity encounter was definitely Will Smith.

Bad Boys 2 was filmed in Miami. One of the scenes involves the metro-mover (a mass transit rail system that operates in downtown). My father owned a large plot of empty land near a key metro-mover stop. He agreed to let them film and use his land as a base of operations. All he asked for in return was some passes for me and a friend to visit a 'closed set'. I guess I was like 13 years old at the time. So myself, a friend of mine, and my father all go to the closed set on the specified day. We get in just fine. The person taking us around was awesome. We got the whole tour. Then, our guide asked us if we wanted to meet the stars.

We go up to the metro-mover station and see the filming taking place. Both Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are there. After the scene was over, our guide approaches Will Smith and tries to tell him who we are, and how nice of our family it was to give the land for free for the filming. Will Smith proceeds to ignore her, and then blows past myself and my friend and leaves without even acknowledging us. My friend and I were crushed. Martin Lawrence saw all of this happen and immediately ran over to us. He apologized for Will Smith's actions, and then talked to us for a good while. He was an incredibly nice person. But I was so disappointed in the way Will Smith treated us. He knew we were huge fans, that my family was doing their production a big favor, and didn't give a single crap."

Will Smith
Mariah Carey

"I was working as a personal assistant at the time and a friend of mine knew Mariah Carey's assistant. So I get a call from said assistant to see if I wanted to make some extra money and help set up her house she was renting while she was in Los Angeles.

We were supposed to start at 10am. So I show up at 9:30 and there are about ten people standing in the driveway. I ask what's up and they say, 'They won't let us inside'.

One of these ten people was her manager, one was someone very high up with Virgin records and the other was the nanny with Mariah's two kids. No one could go in. Not even her own children.

We waited outside until 1:00. Three hours standing around and waiting because she's still sleeping. So we go inside and her assistant comes up to me and another personal assistant and we are told "Don't look at her. If you do, I have to ask you to leave."

This turns into basically a game of hide and seek while we're trying to set up the little princess's house.

Around 7:00 the assistant asked us if we were hungry and she was going to order something. She asks if we like steak and of course we say, 'Hell yeah!'

She orders take out from Morton's steakhouse. A pretty nice place, around 50 bucks per steak, for the rest of the people there. At least there would be some good food at the end of this. Maybe she's not a huge jerk after all. So nice of her to do that for us.

So the other personal assistant and I are finishing up upstairs and everyone else is downstairs eating. We finish up and head down to the kitchen and Mariah is there.

We make sure not to look at her and wash our hands. As we turn around she is cutting up the two steaks left for us, and feeding them to her dogs. Then she looks at us and says 'You guys can get something on your way home. They were hungry.'

The assistant pulls us aside, asks us if we're finished, then handed us each 80 dollars. The agreed amount was 200 each. She says she'll get the rest to us. She never did."

Mariah Carey
William Shatner.

"I've dealt with him on film projects, at comic conventions and on a sponsorship deal, and he's universally a jerk to everyone. From making volunteers cry to telling fans to pose a certain way or he won't take their picture and refusing to say even a word to people who paid $100 for an autograph. Just this weekend he was wicked rude at a convention in San Jose and humiliated a bunch of volunteers.

All of the other original Star Trek cast members are great. Leonard Nimoy before he died, George Takei, Walter Koenig, Nichelle Nichols. Friendly and amazing people."

William Shatner.
Michael Jordan

"I have a waiter friend who took care of Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley once. Apparently, Michael Jordan told him that the privilege of waiting on them was his tip. Barkley slipped him a hundred on the way out and apologized.

Sir Charles with another clutch rebound."

Michael Jordan
Michael Phelps

"Most people thought Michael Phelps was a jerk in high school. He was the type of person to assume faculty would kiss his butt and be fine with him skipping class and not doing work because he was swimming. They hated him.

He would also randomly throw food in the hallway as people would herd out of lunch en masse.

Only the administration liked him because he made them look good. They even stopped class to make us watch one of his swims on TV. They went so far as to rename the street the school was on to Michael Phelps Way, which also pissed off the neighborhood, though they changed it back when he got caught smoking weed. A lame reason but whatever to get his name off."

Michael Phelps
Gene Simmons

"I worked at a server at a restaurant that he owns. He was there for the grand opening and all that stuff. He selected me to be his 'special server'. Meaning I had to over serve him and his friends a bunch of drinks and cheap food. The whole time he whistled at me to come over to take his order, didn't bother to learn my name, and called me a [perverted pet name] twice. Oh. and the guy didn't tip me. Their comped bill was over $800.

Screw Gene Simmons."

Gene Simmons
Justin Bieber

"My girlfriend took her cousin, a huge fan of his, to one of his concerts a few weeks ago. The cousin won them backstage passes and even the superfan cousin was worried he'd be a jerk.

I guess there were a few times on stage he freaked out and stopped songs that he didn't complete. One of them he was singing, then he'd stop to yell at the guitarist/back-up singer behind him that he was doing just fine and didn't want his help. He quit out that song. Then another that involved him playing an acoustic guitar that didn't sound great, so he started complaining 'Thanks guys. Thanks for giving me an untuned guitar! Thanks a lot!' then quit that song too.

To put some perspective on it, backstage the people controlling the fans got in each fan's face and told them they weren't allowed to scream, grab him, hug him, all that stuff. Everyone. I think the guy loathes his career at this point."

Justin Bieber
Toby Keith

"The guy is all over the place with his patriotism and how much he loves and supports the troops. Truth is, he only gives a crap about the army.

He was doing a tour, and came through Iraq. We had a 'DV (Distinguished Visitor) tent' set up, and after his show, some of the guys I worked with wanted to see him. He was in there about 6 hours or so before his flight, and they asked the guards who were outside his tent if they could meet him. They heard his response clearly from inside 'tell the airmen they can take a picture of me when they take my bags to the plan'.

To do that to someone, especially when support for the troops is part of your shtick, is just really messed up. He could have made that deployment a thousand times better for them, but instead, it just made them feel worse. I will forever hate him. Not just for being a hypocrite, but for treating those guys, my friends, like servants."

Toby Keith
Tommy Lee Jones.

"I was working the window at a local state park, handing out car passes to guests so they could put them on their cars so the rangers would know who had permission to stay overnight.

Someone filmed some movie there and I was handing out car passes to the crew. Tommy Lee Jones pulls up and I tried to give him his car pass and he told me to piss off and then drove away."

Tommy Lee Jones.
Ariana Grande

"A friend of friend works in a high position at a casino she's performed at. He says she a diva of epic proportions. She actually demanded to be carried on and off stage because she was so tired."

Ariana Grande
Steve Carlton.

"Mine would be Hall of Fame pitcher Steve Carlton.

I was six years old and asked him for an autograph. He said, 'Sure. 50 dollars'. I said, 'I don't have 50 dollars'. He said, 'Then you don't have my autograph'.

I. Was. Six."

Steve Carlton.
Kevin Spacey

"My aunt was once an aspiring actress and was classmates with a bunch of now-famous actors at Juilliard. She told me a story about Kevin Spacey, and this time he invited these two homeless men out for dinner at a really nice upscale restaurant. They went, and they had a really nice meal. After they ate, Kevin Spacey invited the two of them up to his hotel room, and they refused, saying they were grateful for the meal but didn't want anything else. He told them that was fine, and that he needed to use the bathroom. He then ditched them there to pay the bill.

Apparently he told this story to a bunch of people in his year, thinking it was a funny way he pranked a couple homeless guys. It really disappointed me when she told me this."

Kevin Spacey

"I work in an arena and I've seen a multitude of famous people, mostly sports stars and musicians. The worst was Prince, by a mile. He wouldn't speak to anyone he considered under him, which was everyone except his assistant. The limo driver for his concert was supposed to take him to his hotel after the show, since he had a day off after the show, and had another in state show the day after.

The driver took Prince to his hotel after the show, with his two acquaintances, but he wouldn't get out the limo. Prince made a change in the itinerary where the driver was supposed to pick someone up from a city an hour away, and they also should have been in the limo after the show, but he told no one. So Prince made the one person in the limo dial his assistant because he didn't talk to the limo driver, and the assistant passed on what needed to be done.

Prince went to the hotel, and the driver left to pick up the other two people an hour away.The driver gets to the destination, and the people he was made to pick up, were currently at Prince's hotel, waiting in the lobby for when Prince was dropped off. The driver had to go two hours out of the way for nothing, because Prince doesn't talk to people. The driver didn't get back until after 3am."

Katy Perry

"I was a Marine stationed at Miramar a couple years back when she did a concert on base. They asked for volunteers to pull security which I promptly signed up for because she was my celebrity crush at the time. I figured it was the best chance I had to possibly meet her.

So before the show, when we're finishing all the last minute preparations, a couple other Marines and I saw our opportunity to say hi to her and she was awful. She refused to sign autographs, refused to take pictures, and wouldn't even shake our hands. I've never received dirtier looks from anyone than I did from her. I realize she gets those requests all the time and it's probably annoying, and I would have been okay with her refusal if she was polite about it, but she made it very known she thought she was too good for us. I couldn't believe it. After the show I talked to other guys that were working security and they all had similar stories. She did this show to 'support the troops' and then was terrible to all the troops she actually met.

Another time, she shot her music video for 'Part of Me' at Camp Pendleton and my friend's sister who was stationed there was selected to be one of the female Marines featured in it. She had a very similar story to mine. She also said Katy would call for makeup every five minutes and apparently is obsessed with aliens because she wouldn't shut up about them."

Katy Perry
Jared Leto

"I was a sound technician at a show he was playing. I had some things I needed to ask him, but he was backstage tuning his guitar. I kept my distance and was waiting for him to be done when he looked up at me with the most hateful look I've ever received and said, 'Can I help you?'. I said I was a tech and needed some info. He told me to piss off. Great guy!"

Jared Leto
A "Baseball Player"

"My great grandmother was a nurse at a hospital and a baseball player had come in to visit some kids for some low key public relations thing. She wasn't a baseball fan so she had no clue who he was. He told he was there for whichever room he had to be in. I remember the conversation verbatim because of how often she told it.

G: What's the name?
M: You telling a joke or something?
G: No. I need your name for the register.
M: You don't know who I am?!
G: Do you know who I am?
M: No...
G: Well, how do you do, my name is Adeline, what's yours?
M: [scoffs] Mickey Mantle.
G: And how do you spell it?
M: Maybe you didn't hear me...Mick-ey Man-tle.
G: maybe you didn't hear me,

She went home that night and told her husband what had happened and she said that there was a famous guy there that she didn't know who he was and he was really mad about it. Grandpa Al asked who it was. She told him it was like some baseball guy and she didn't know, and he was a total jerk. His name is Mickey something. Grandpa Al's response: 'MICKEY MANTLE?!'

I love that story."

David Hasselhoff.

"I was working at a movie theater near the Betty Ford Center when he was there getting treatment for his binge drinking. They'd let him out on a day pass with two nurses as his minders and he came to the theater.

I was working concessions that day, and he was there for the matinee showing. Right after getting his ticket, he comes up to my register to order - completely blowing by the line of 20+ people who were waiting patiently.

I told him he needed to wait in line like everyone else. He tried to pull the, 'Don't you know who I am?' line on me. 'Yes, Mr. Hasselhoff, I know who you are. I'm a big fan, actually. But it's not fair to the people who were here first to allow you to cut the line. Please step back and wait your turn.'

He proceeded to throw a diva fit, yelling, hands thrown in the air. The nurses escorting him looked mortified. I just ignored it and helped the next person in line. After a bit, the manager came over and asked what was going on, then told him to either wait in line or leave. He left.

Looking back on it, he was going through a tough time, so I can kind of understand. But it's a bad first impression that's stuck with me."

David Hasselhoff.
Justin Bieber (Round 2)

"I lived in the same town as Justin Bieber (Stratford, Ontario). There are only 30, 000 people in the town and I'm only a year younger than him so we had a ton of mutual friends, played basketball together and I frequently saw him at social gatherings. He was possibly the most arrogant little guy I've ever met. He would brutally make fun of people, disrespect adults for no reason and one of my best friends told me that at a hockey game he pissed in some peoples cups for no reason.

The pissing in cups is probably the worst individual thing I've hear of him doing, it was mainly just that he was a constant jerk, he was always mean to people and extremely self centred. I saw him once make fun of a nice younger girl because her teeth were crooked. It was pretty hard to watch."

Justin Bieber (Round 2)

Points have been edited for clarity

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