The Cat Alerted Her To Trouble
The Cat Alerted Her To Trouble

"I was going to bed and my cat started hissing and growling at something outside the window. I figured it was just another cat walking down the alley between houses but nope. Dude in a ski mask right outside.

My SO was there and scared him off. SO slammed open the window and asked him just what he thought he was doing, and the dude says, 'Oh I'm just looking around man.' Classic. Cops were called. However, the dude ran before SO could get a hold of him and twist his balls off."

His Late Night Munchies Took An Almost Deadly Turn
His Late Night Munchies Took An Almost Deadly Turn

"I was walking to McDonald's to get some late dinner (like 2 am, I was really hungry for a burger). I was jumped from behind by two guys in a park near my apartment.

They stabbed me in my lower chest area and the blade hit my ribs and stopped, taking my belongings.

I felt like I was going to die but I also knew I'd have no chance to live if I didn't get up and move on, like I had no choice but to deal with it at that point. I felt that I was extremely lucky when the blade was still in me so I wasn't losing massive amounts of blood, but I still remember vividly like it was an hour ago what the pain was like. Every step I took it moved slightly, especially when I stumbled.

Luckily this park is next to a hospital so I walked into the emergency and got help.

What I believe happened was they mistook me for someone else that they had just done a deal or something as one bolted off after not finding what they expected too. The other was a gangsta and took my stuff.

I now conceal carry."

The Best Night's Sleep They Never Had
The Best Night's Sleep They Never Had

"Two of my friends were spending the night at my parent's house. We were all still in high school. My bedroom was a room away from the kitchen, connected by a pantry and hallway. I heard the backdoor handle jiggle, which meant a cat wanted to go outside. So I went to let it out and get a drink.

As I walked into the kitchen I noticed there was no cat there, and the door to the basement was wide open - which we always left closed and locked. So I closed and locked the basement door, a tad unnerved but it didn't matter. Next to the basement door was a staircase that went upstairs to the second floor (this is relevant later).

A couple hours later I hear the fridge door close. I noticed that because I didn't hear it open, but it was in a different room so that's not too weird. What made it weird was that I didn't hear anyone walk down the stairs, or by my bedroom from the front of the house. The back stairs to the second floor are really loud and creaky, so I would've heard something.

Unnerved, I took a knife and went into the kitchen. I see no one in there but immediately notice smoke coming up from under the basement door. I opened it up and it was filled with smoke.

Closed it, got my parents up. Call the fire dept, go get ready to sleep in my car for the night as it was about 4 AM at this point.

A firefighter comes and tells us it's okay to go back into the house now. For some reason, the furnace had caught fire inside and was filling the house with carbon monoxide.

Had my friends and I went to sleep we'd all be dead. Still, have no clue what jiggled the doorknob or closed the fridge, but it kept me alive."

"We Suddenly Heard A Blood Boiling Scream"

"It was just a few seconds, but the most terrifying seconds ever!

Our newborn was just put to bed by my wife. He went to sleep until we suddenly heard a blood boiling scream from him followed by immediate and total silence. We looked at each other, almost frozen in place, too scared to move and completely tensed up. Then I moved to our son's room as fast as I could. My wife stayed in the living room, too scared to watch...

As I got into our son's room I saw him lying there, but it was dark. All around him I saw this dark substance that seemed to originate from his mouth. All I could think was; 'God, please God, don't let this be blood!' as I turned on the lights.

And that is when our son started laughing as he saw me. And the dark substance? That was vomit, but a huge amount of it. The scream was probably because he scared himself by the severity of the vomiting. But after that, he actually thought it pretty funny from the looks of it.

We did take him to the ER because the amount of vomit was insane. But he was and is absolutely fine."

His Almost Fatal Altercation With A Psychopath
His Almost Fatal Altercation With A Psychopath

"I used to hang out with some people from the 'wrong crowd' when I was younger. Bad decisions lead you to things like that.

Anyway, I was at this lad's house and he just... Well, I don't want to really describe what he did, but he hurt his cat and I jumped up and told him to stop, in as many words.

He jumped on me, bit me and I managed to throw him off me. He ran out of the room and I knew there and then 'It's time to leave. Now.'

I had no shoes on, he made people take them off at his door. As I was about to run out, he comes back in the room with a crowbar (this happened in seconds) and starts swinging it at me... I managed to get out of his front door.

I didn't have a car and I was miles from home.

I started heading home.

Got about 200 meteres down the road when he appears running behind me with a knife.

I started sprinting to get away. I was not fit at the time. My heart and lungs were burning. I was running down a dark road. I tried to flag down a car but no one would stop.

I couldn't run anymore so I climbed over a wall.

I ended up running barefoot in wet mud next to a little brook.

All I could hear was my breathing, the trickle of water and his footsteps behind me.

At that point I thought to myself 'I am going to die here.'

I turned and ran back to the road and managed to get there. Ended up in a pub at the bottom of the street. Not a nice pub. An awful rough pub.

Everyone thought it was hilarious (they get into knife fights every other day I guess). Absolute cretins.

He came in after me and told the bar staff I had just smoked weed for first ever time and freaked out and that he was trying to calm me down.

I rang my parents from the landline in the bar and they came and got me.

This was 10 years ago now, but I remember vividly thinking 'I am going to die.'

I never found out what happened to his cat, but I think I know... I always regret not saving it. I should have. It's one of my big regrets.

The kid who attacked me also attacked 2 of my mates with a knife, for no reason.

He's one of those people that would just pour petrol through your letterbox and set fire to your house, or break in and murder your pets.

People say Karma comes for everyone, but it never came for him."

He Can See You
He Can See You

"When I was a kid, my dad used to sit with me and watch thunderstorms whenever they rolled around. Both he and I enjoy the rain and lightning so he would sit in his recliner and I would sit on his lap and we'd both just watch the thunderstorms for a while.

My backyard is on a canal and behind that canal is a giant pepper farm. Since there are no buildings in the way, you have a massive view of the open sky. Perfect for storm-watching.

I woke up one night and couldn't fall back asleep. There was a storm raging outside and I heard heavy thunderclaps so I knew there was most likely going to be some lightning. I excitedly ran to the living room, hopped into my dad's recliner and rotated it around to face out my patio window and at the farm.

I was in awe of the storm raging outside when two arms wrapped around the recliner and grabbed me. I started screaming and freaking out when I heard my dad say 'Stop moving. He can see you.'

He put his hand over my mouth and really pressed me far back into his chair to ensure I couldn't move an inch.

My dad told me from behind the chair that when he said 'go' to get up and run to my room and lock the door. He wasn't whispering but he wasn't talking loud either. His voice remained calm and neutral. I had no idea what was going on and was freaking out of course when I looked out the window again. There was a flash of lightning and when it flashed, I saw a man standing on the other side of the canal bank directly across from my backyard. My backyard is only like 4 feet wide before it hits the canal and the canal is only about 15 feet wide from bank to bank so this dude was standing under 20 feet from our backyard. There was only a 4-foot deep canal of sludge and murky water separating us.

I was flipping myself around and crying hysterically but trying to keep a straight face and not move too much. This guy was just staring at my house and even though I couldn't see his eyes or face, his body angle suggested he was looking directly at me. I could only see him in between flashes of lightning and when the 4th or 5th flash came, I saw him descending his side of the canal bank. That was when my dad told me to run as fast as I could and hide in my room.

He came into my room an hour later and told me it was safe and that I didn't have to be scared anymore. All he said was: 'I made the bad man go away.'

I was too young to really realize what was happening at the time but years later when I was older, I asked my dad about that night. He said that like me, he had woken up and decided to watch the storm. He was standing in the kitchen getting a drink when he saw the silhouette of what looked like a person. He said he focused on it trying to make out what it was when lightning flashed and he saw that it was, in fact, a person. My dad said he wasn't sure if this guy could see him in the kitchen or not and not sure of what this dude was capable of doing, he hid behind his recliner and kept his head poked around the side of it to keep an eye on him. That's when he heard my bedroom door open, my little feet pattering into the living room and why he wrapped his arms around me. That explained what my dad was doing hiding behind a chair at 12 AM.

Apparently, after the dude started climbing into the water and I had run, my dad grabbed a flashlight, burst out into the rain and started looking for the guy. The scariest part was that my dad couldn't find him. That canal was deep and sludgy; it's impossible to move more than 5 miles an hour in that water and the banks were muddy so he couldn't have just waltzed right up to the canal bank. My dad shined the flashlight in the forest that bordered the farm, in my backyard, the neighbor's backyards, up and down the bank. He even threw some rocks into the water to make sure the guy wasn't hiding beneath the surface and holding his breath. Nothing. The dude literally just disappeared. My dad told me he didn't sleep at all that night and stayed awake in the shadows of the living room just in case something happened. He bought a semi-automatic shortly after that but thankfully he's never had to use it and we haven't had an experience like this since."

The Date That Went Terribly Wrong


The Date That Went Terribly Wrong

"I met a guy online, we spoke for weeks. I went to his home (yes, a no-no.) I was just getting back in town that night and was late to his house. He did not say hello. He seemed to be fuming about me being late, or so I thought. Once inside, he ordered me to my knees to perform an act. Scared, I complied. He refused to give me anything to eat or drink, as he said I was too late. Then he shouted for me to get in the bedroom. Lucky for me he got a call. I told him my change of clothes was in my car. He said get them, then get back on my knees. I dressed, calmly went downstairs, got in my car and left. I don't recall EVER being more afraid."

"Come Join Us"

"I don't talk about this often.

A few years ago my girlfriend and I visited a ranch down by the border for a weekend getaway. It was owned by a family friend my uncle knew. The owner was out of town a few months for vacation and my uncle and his wife were house sitting and told us to come on down for a visit.

The rancher had this ugly yellow Wrangler he liked to take to the very remote backcountry. If you've been to the border area, you know it is very rugged and full of mountains, hills, canyons, ravines, caves, mines, valleys, etc. It's totally wild. He said we could use it. So our first day there we took it out along one of these old trails that wound through the desert landscape. Places that just don't see people often. It was off this trail I noticed something out of place - a backpack hanging from a tree. It was made of a hunting style camouflage fabric.

We stopped to check it out. Mostly clothes, some food, some money, water, a flip phone, and papers in Spanish. We sort of realized what we had on our hands and left it be, and headed back for the ranch. Once we got there, my uncle called the county sheriff who I guess alerted border patrol. We saw a few trucks head down the trail about a half an hour later and thought nothing more of it.

The next day we hung around the ranch - helped take care of the horses and chickens, lounged by the pool, grilled out, and so on. We decided to have a bonfire that evening and sat in the back waiting for the stars to come out. There was me, my girlfriend, my uncle, and his wife. I went inside to grab some drinks and came out to see four people by the fire. The newcomer was standing while the others were sitting.

'Come join us.' That's the first thing I heard. My uncle and the ladies looked terrified. I was confused. It became evident the stranger had a big weapon on his hip. He didn't need to take it out, we got the point. I sat. 'We have an understanding here. This is your warning. I do not see you here before. Now you know to leave things alone that are not your things. Now you know you do not call cops. Go inside. Stay where you belong.'

We did. We went inside as he watched us go inside. He poured our bucket of water on our fire. Then he walked off away towards the stables and that was the end of it. We never saw him get into a vehicle. We never saw a vehicle. We didn't call the sheriff either."

You Never Think It Will Happen To You
You Never Think It Will Happen To You

"I was home alone one day in Chicago. I heard a noise so I decided to check if it was my dad. It was around 10 am and he should've been at work, which is why I decided to check to make sure it was him. Never in my life would I think it would be a home invasion. I saw a man pouring gasoline on my carpet floor. It was terrifying. I ran to the front of the door to avoid him and it was missing the keys to unlock it. Weird thing about my door is you need a key to unlock it, otherwise, you're stuck in there. I couldn't find the keys and I was in panic mode. I ran to my basement. I hid in my boiler room and I heard heavy footsteps upstairs. I was certain he would find me, so I was going to offer him my body. I really thought he would kill me if he saw me, so I was gonna show myself to him and tell him he can have his way with me as long as he doesn't kill me. He never found me.

It was odd. The police thought he may have just spilled the gasoline, but I clearly saw him intentionally pouring it on my carpet. It sucked too because I hid and I realized I forgot my phone upstairs, so I had to wait till he left until I could call the cops. We never found out who it was.

I was 19 years old at the time. I cried that night and was paranoid being alone at my house. I just kept hearing his footsteps over and over again. I keep a weapon close by now."

When Things Go Wrong In Your Head
When Things Go Wrong In Your Head

"It was a period of about 3 or 4 days. I had a psychotic break and believed that there were cameras following me, broadcasting my every move to everyone. I hallucinated seeing camera crews everywhere. I could see them peeking in my windows and over fences. There were go pros attached to animals. I found hidden cameras in my room and my locker at school.

I was sitting in class one day and the TV in the corner of the room was playing a loop of my most humiliating life moments. Students were giggling and I could hear them talking about it. I heard everyone talking about the videos in the hallways and in my classes.

I know people noticed something was off about me, but no one intervened because I didn't talk about the stuff. This was also accompanied by the worst anxiety I've ever felt in my life. I literally thought I was dying. Every moment was a panic attack spent shaking like a leaf.

Eventually, I came back to my senses and over the following weeks it slowly sank in that none of it was real. But that experience (and the others from the other psychotic breaks) stuck with me. I actually developed PTSD as a result. My own brain literally traumatized me."

The Kindness Of Strangers
The Kindness Of Strangers

"I was followed by a man in a car one night and I'm 100% certain he would have tried to abduct me.

This was in Chicago after I helped chaperone a debate team trip. I was walking back to my car and the guy passed me then circled back and passed again.

I honestly thought he thought I was a streetwalker and remember thinking he'd be disappointed if he stopped.

Then he started driving next to me at walking speed but had to move when another car came. I crossed and crouched behind a parked car for a minute and when I stood up he was gone. Kept walking and when I got to the next intersection, he was hiding on a cross street.

I was almost back to my car and he was still following me when I ran into a group of teenage-ish girls. I blurted out 'I think that man is following me.' Meanwhile, the dude parks behind my car waiting for me to be alone again. Thankfully the girls walked me to my car and texted me his license plate.

I don't think I've ever felt so unsafe in my life."

The Overnight Shift
The Overnight Shift

"Back in 1984, the year I graduated high school, I took a job working the overnight shift at a convenience store in my hometown in rural Ohio. The town was/is a tiny place, less than 2,000 people, three stoplights. Most nights, I would only see a handful of customers. Other nights, less.

About two months in, I was sitting behind the counter around three in the morning, reading a newspaper when a giant Cadillac came tearing into the parking lot and screeched to a halt. The driver slammed the car into park and, to my horror, all four doors popped open and out of each of them emerged men in ski masks. In an instant, they had whipped open the door of the store and entered. Three of the four fanned out and began to sweep through the store, the fourth staying by the counter.

Get this, nobody spoke. They moved in silence. After just a couple of seconds, one of the men pointed to the dummy security camera hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the store (and, when I say 'dummy,' I mean DUMMY. It was fluorescent orange with six, count 'em, SIX lenses pointing in all directions. It could not have possibly looked faker), shook his head, and then all four of them shot back out the front door, dove back into the Cadillac, and tore out of the parking lot. How I didn't absolutely poop my pants, I will never know.

So, I stand behind the counter for a couple of minutes, shaking while feeling tears of terror and relief running down my cheeks and then walk outside. Standing in the fresh air, with the town back to being so quiet I could hear the stoplight up the street clicking through its cycle, I seriously began to wonder if I'd hallucinated the entire thing. The juxtaposition of the explosion of activity and terror, immediately followed by a return to an almost dead quiet, finally gave me the giggles and I was soon doubled over laughing at the incongruity of the moment.

Finally, I stood up straight, stretched my arms and said out loud 'Well, if you're up there, thank you, God' and turned to walk back into the store. At that very moment, the same car came tearing back past the store, shot through the stoplight, and disappeared into the night, never to be seen again.

Mind you, all of this was in the service of earning $3.35 an hour/."

Seriously? You Brought Scissors?
Seriously? You Brought Scissors?

"One night at 1 am while out playing Pokemon Go, I was stuck waiting for a train to pass when I saw a man come out from behind some nearby dumpsters at a business complex.

He came walking up to me at a real quick pace, as he got close to me he started to pull something out of his pocket and fumbled whatever it was; turns out it was a pair of scissors. He looked at me as if he was now unsure of what he needed to do next. He promptly asked me for some change, picked up his scissors and ran away.

I legit think I was saved from being mugged by clumsiness. Although it's funny to look back on this man's (what I assume was a messed up mugging attempt) it's still rather scary what could have happened."


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