What Would You Do For A Klondike Bar...Or A Snickers?
What Would You Do For A Klondike Bar...Or A Snickers?

"A girl got arrested for solicitation because she forgot her lunch money, so she did what anyone else would have done and fooled around with a guy in the bathroom for $2.50 and a Snickers."

A Controversial Promposal
A Controversial Promposal

"A guy from my high school couldn't find a prom date and got rejected multiple times so he sent out a mass email to over a hundred adult film stars and asked them to prom. Two of them said yes. The school district had to have a meeting and eventually a court case on whether or not it was alright to have an adult film star at a high school prom. They eventually told the guy no, and he responded by throwing his own prom. What's funny is that one adult premium site actually sponsored the event and paid for the star to fly to the area where he lived."

This Kid Agreed To A Terrible Dare...

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This Kid Agreed To A Terrible Dare...

"Freshman year someone dared a kid to chop off his fingers in shop class, so he did. It was just the middle three, and a bit of his pinky on one hand. Not sure if they were reattached or what happened."

Even Affluent Schools Have Their Dirty Laundry
Even Affluent Schools Have Their Dirty Laundry

"There was no 'the' incident with my school, there were many:

1) One girl showed up wasted in the morning with a water bottle of an adult beverage... In eighth grade.

2) A group of girls made a 'suicide pact' and in order to fulfill their pact, jumped off of one of the girls' 10-foot balcony. They were out for a week for counseling.

3) High school gym teacher was arrested for sending homoerotic material to an elementary school kid and inviting him to come over.

4) Two girls got pregnant freshman year.

5) Our high school had our own version of March Madness in which guys would try to sleep with as many girls as possible in March.

6) Oh, and one day, this girl came to school wearing a wife-beater with nothing underneath and you could totally see her everything underneath.

And this wasn't a small town or anything, I lived in an affluent town."

This 'Cutest Couple' Couldn't Survive This Scandal
This 'Cutest Couple' Couldn't Survive This Scandal

"I was a senior, and graduation was only a couple weeks away. One of my good friends had been dating this girl (the cheerleader), for like six years straight. They were the 'perfect' couple; he was a beast athlete, she was a gorgeous cheerleader, they were super cool and everyone liked them. They got voted 'Cutest Couple' and their picture is all over our yearbook. They both got accepted to the same college and were going to move away together, already knew they were gonna get married, typical high school sweetheart stuff, etc.

That was until another student walked in on her fooling around with the basketball coach in a laundry room two weeks before we all graduated. News spread like wildfire. She was already 18, so it was legal, but the coach resigned immediately. No idea what happened to him.

The girl dropped off the face of the earth it seemed like; she didn't come to the last two weeks of class, wasn't at graduation, deleted all her social media accounts, and never returned calls and texts from longtime friends. Even her best friends were disgusted with her because everyone loved her boyfriend and we were all extremely close, so they were furious about what she did, and they were even more mad that she wouldn't talk to anyone.

I found out a few years later that she basically just up and left, moved halfway across the country to live with some different family and go to college. This all happened in 2009, but it looks like she got married and has a couple of kids now. My friend, the guy, got a full ride to a Division I college for baseball and did decently well. Last I heard, he's playing for some minor league team. It was quite a scandal to end our high school career."

You Won't Believe What This Student Did When He Was Told


You Won't Believe What This Student Did When He Was Told "No"

"When I was a sophomore in high school, another student (we'll call him Randy) wanted to run for Class President. To do this, you needed to get approval from all of your teachers stating you're an 'upstanding student' or whatever. So Randy seeks these approvals, and gets to one teacher that tells him 'no.' A quick background of Randy - he's kind of your stereotypical white jerk. Expensive car, minidisk player just as they came out, etc. 'No' was clearly not something he heard often, so this teacher telling Randy 'no' set him off. Instead of brushing it off and figuring out a better solution, Randy decides to put dry erase spray cleaner into this teacher's coffee. The teacher drinks it and starts to gag, an ambulance is called, and Randy is of course expelled from school. It even hit the local news.

A year or two later, my dad and I are at Best Buy getting some widget or another. I have school outerwear on, and a person next to us engages us in conversation.

Him: 'Do you go to [high school]?'

Me: 'Yeah, I like it.'

Him: 'My son went there.'

Me: 'Oh, when did he graduate?'

Him: 'He was expelled, his name was Randy.'

Me: [Pinterian pause] (in my mind, 'Oh I know this guy').

Him: 'Yeah, they really shouldn't have expelled him, that was way too harsh.'

Me: [Pinterian pause] (in my mind, 'YOUR SON POISONED A TEACHER'.)

Me: 'Well, looks like I need to get to the cashier, have a great day!'"

It Took Two Years For Him To Be Arrested
It Took Two Years For Him To Be Arrested

"A teacher intimately harassed and assaulted a couple girls by lowering their grades if they didn't send pictures or fool around with him. They went to the counselor and told her what was happening, and she didn't do anything about it for TWO years. The counselor finally said something to the administration and the police were called. A couple hours later after school was finished for the year, he was arrested and the counselor was fired for not reporting it when it first happened. After he was arrested a couple other girls said that he did it to them too. The thing is, he was engaged and supposed to get married a couple weeks after he got arrested."

This Mom Erroneously Thought She Was Ordering A Man In A Gorilla Suit


This Mom Erroneously Thought She Was Ordering A Man In A Gorilla Suit

"It was just after I had joined - someone had their 16th birthday at the school (why?). His mum thought it would be funny to surprise him with a Gorillagram, thinking it was a man in a gorilla suit. It was not.

An exotic dancer comes in. She starts doing her bit, puts a lead on the boy and covers him and herself with whipped cream. This goes on for about five minutes before a present staff member (actually one of my teachers) puts a stop to this. It made the news, is one of only 3 articles on my school's wiki page (the other two are both about the school burning down - twice) and kinda set up what sort of school this was."


"He Did The Only Thing That Made Sense; He Ran"

"There was an AP English class for Juniors where the teacher allowed her kids to eat in class, and sit wherever they liked. In our school that was a big deal, and it attracted students with no business seeking college credits. I'm talking seriously bottom of the barrel here, fewer brain cells than a goldfish.

I had the great misfortune of being in this class my junior year of high school, and what transpired can only be described as traumatic, mostly for our teacher, who shall henceforth be known as Mrs. J.

A few kids in this class (we will call them A, B, and C) liked to bring in tons of food every day. It started normal enough, a turkey sandwich here, a cup of yogurt there, but it escalated...

One day B brought in broccoli, which makes you fart, and it does not smell good, but that wasn't even the problem. A and C somehow took this sickening butt trumpet to be a challenge, a battle call, and they took not upon themselves to bring in other fart-inducing food items. The goal, it seemed, was to produce the fouled flatulence before the bell.

It went on for a couple of weeks, and it became clear that C was the Flatulence King.

But B couldn't let that go, and A was willing to assist. A ditched a class that day to bring B as many burritos as he could afford from Taco Bell. It was a couple bags full, and B apparently had a bottomless stomach. He ate something like 9 burritos during the first hour of class.

Honestly, I was kind of impressed.

Until the first whiff of gas was released. It was a low rumble, deep in his bowels, and then the low humming sound of a diesel engine. The smell was horrid.

The burritos were confiscated of course, but it was too late.

Another rip of the ol' chainsaw and I was feeling nauseous, but I still saw the look of abject horror on the face of B.

They say third time's a charm, and they are right, but also so wrong. What came next forever changed the policy of eating in class.

The sound of a shart is distinct. When I heard it I knew, but I didn't say anything, and neither did B. He sat there, pale-faced and terrified, trying to focus on the lecture.

Eventually, Mrs. J smelled it. When questioned, B did the only thing that made sense: he ran.

And I realized that he hadn't sharted. He'd full on pooped himself. Watery, runny, grossness followed him from his seat to the door, leaving a river of disappointment on the floor.

Class was canceled, the hallway was quarantined, and most of the student body spent the day in the gym waiting for the halls to be cleansed of swamp water.

No food in class after that."

Their Curiosity Led To A Week Off School

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Their Curiosity Led To A Week Off School

"Freshman year of high school, 2005. A couple kids broke into the science teacher's cabinet and stole a little jar of mercury he'd brought to teach us about elements. They had it on desks and tables in multiple rooms and one of the kids even took it home with him. Once word got out the school was shut down for over a week so the school could be cleaned due to threat of metal poisoning. Heard from the kid's brother they had to do the same thing at their house, the floor was ripped out down to the foundation."

Horsin' Around
Horsin' Around

"There was a kid at our rival high school arrested for getting intimate with a horse. It was on the sidebar of the front page of the local paper. The paper didn't publish his name (obviously), but people figured it out pretty quickly."

"Small Town People Are So Freaking Weird"

"I have a few from different times...

An 18 or 19-year-old guy was dating a guy 17-year-old girl. He was from a notoriously bad family, the kind of people that will get spun out on crank and beat someone up for walking around. They got into a feud with another girl's dad, and one day, the guy and his GF chased him down, dragged him out of his car, and shot him. The nearest city's paper quoted 'the juvenile' saying, 'Yes, we shot him. I did it.' They got off completely, claiming 'self-defense' even though they chased him down.

Another: a girl who graduated a couple of years before me was working as a teacher there. She had an affair with a student, got caught, and quit. Because no charges were filed, she applied again a couple years later, and they actually hired her back. She had even continued her relationship with the student for a few years.

More recently: a guy I graduated with (I'm 30, for reference and this was two years ago) became a coach. He had an affair with a 14-year-old student and got caught with her. He then left his wife (and mother of his children) to be with a high school student. He resigned from the school, and they've left the area.

Small town people are so freaking weird."

When A Game Of Simon Says Goes Horribly Awry

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When A Game Of Simon Says Goes Horribly Awry

"One day in French class, we were playing this game that was kinda like Simon Says where the teacher would say something in French and you'd do it. So its this girl's turn, and the teacher says, 'touche la fenĂȘtre' (touch the window) so she sets off in a trot to touch the window. I'm not sure exactly what happened, or how, but she went from jogging to the window, to tripping on her feet, to getting a solid foot up into the air, and sailing straight through the window (first story, so eh). She was totally fine, but this poor girl next to her got some bad shards. Class was totally silent except this one kid who was laughing like a hyena. The girl stuck around for a few months, but people would shout 'toucher la fenĂȘtre' in this slow drawn out voice at her whenever they saw her, she withdrew later."

An Unconventional Bomb Scare
An Unconventional Bomb Scare

"A literal bomb was dropped in my school playground. We lived in Yuma, Arizona next to the air force base and there were constant training and testing exercises. Often they'd drop dummy bombs into the proving grounds to practice accuracy. Well, one day a rookie accidentally dropped a dummy into our school playground at five in the morning. Military went in to collect it and realized that some idiot had loaded a real bomb into the plane that morning and what was laying there could've caused quite a crater. School called everyone and said that school was canceled for the day. I'm not too sure what happened to the trainee or the person who loaded the bomb."

She Lied About Her Pregnancy, But That's Just The Beginning...

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She Lied About Her Pregnancy, But That's Just The Beginning...

"The girl who said her boyfriend got her pregnant and got the whole school (kinda small town) to support her for being a teen mom, only for my yearbook staff and I to expose her pregnancy as fake after she gave birth to her 'baby girl.' We were skeptical because she was rail thin most of the pregnancy (until she had to leave school and go on 'bed rest') and her ex-boyfriend swore he wasn't intimate with her. So, one day, we reverse Google image searched her baby picture and it belonged to a premature baby boy from 3 years ago that some mom posted on her blog.

This girl went even as far as to SOMEHOW stage pictures in a hospital, or a place that looked like a hospital, holding a fake pink bundle of nothing. Once word spread that her pregnancy was fake, she freaked out and created fake Facebook profiles of her parents and started using those accounts to harass everyone that was coming at her. She eventually pulled out of school and disappeared forever."

Carlos E. Santa Maria/Shutterstock

"We Were Not Allowed To Leave Until They Could Determine The Threat Level Of The Biochemical Weaponry"

"Someone thought it would be funny to unleash a can of bear spray in the hallway at lunch one day. The entire school was evacuated to the football field in the rain. No one of authority knew it was bear spray so we were not allowed to leave the football field until they could determine the threat level of the biochemical weaponry unleashed in our small town Canadian high school in the early 2000s. Anyone in the immediate vicinity of the bear spray was taken to the front parking lot, clothing removed and hosed down with a fire-hose in November. Their clothes were bagged up and taken to a lab for testing and the naked students (and some naked teachers) were given basically poly sheets and told to sit on a couple of city busses that were commandeered by the local police department and fire department during the investigation. A hazmat team went into the school and found the bear spray. We all got to go home after that."

Mean Girls IRL
Mean Girls IRL

"My girlfriend in high school had an actual burn book. Just about everyone in our class, friend and foe alike, had a chapter. She had a real mean-spirited sense of humor and could find the worst in anyone. So that book had some really horrible things about just about everyone within its pages. Needless to say, someone got a hold of it and passed it around. Everyone found their chapter and she became quite the pariah, as did I by association. Threats started flying, principal finds out, parents were called. We all grew, but I know quite a many folk probably carry a considerable grudge for her."

Stop The Presses
Stop The Presses

"A class in my high school took a field trip to the Miami Herald. While there, apparently one of the students pushed a button that halted all production of newspapers for the following day. In the history of the paper's existence, it had only been pushed twice. Once for the sinking of the Titanic and the other for 9/11. This kid made it the third time. They had to throw out all the papers that weren't finished and completely reset the machine, giving everyone another half days worth of work. They gave the class two weeks worth of detention since nobody confessed to the crime and to this day we have no clue who did it."

SFIO CRACHO/Shutterstock

"By The Time They Noticed, It Was Already Too Late"

"A group of guys went to another school's gym, climbed the roof and made a little fire while smoking and hanging out. Meanwhile, the tar roof started melting and the little fire actually burned through the roof they were on. So while they're looking at this small fire they've got going, the wooden frame under them starts catching fire. By the time they noticed, it was already too late and the whole gym burned to the ground. Two of the guys went to my school and got caught. Since they were underaged, their parents were held responsible for what I remember to be $2 million in damages."

They Did WHAT In The Bathroom?

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They Did WHAT In The Bathroom?

"At my school, there was a whole group of freshman getting intimate. It was apparently six people who were caught fooling around in one of the restrooms. What I want to know is if it was three guys and three girls or four guys and two girls with two of the guys just sitting in the corner taking turns eating popcorn."

They Had Chemistry

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They Had Chemistry

"A science teacher ran off with a girl in my class when she turned 18. She wasn't done with school, but they were 'in love' and got married, so I guess she just dropped out and he quit his job. I believe the teacher's daughter had just graduated a year ahead of my class, too, and I couldn't imagine how she must have felt about everything. It was ridiculous. This guy was old enough to have a daughter older than the girl he ran off with. He must've been mid-late 40s, if not knocking on 50's door, and was not attractive - short, balding, overweight. Funny guy and very intelligent, but by no means a looker. The girl was cute enough and ultra intelligent. Some of my classmates thought the two must have vibed at an intellectual level."

Chicken Soup For The Hazmat Soul


Chicken Soup For The Hazmat Soul

"Junior year. A sophomore boy put a sealed container of chicken noodle soup in an empty locker next to the Chemistry Room. It sat there for months, easily five or six, until somebody thought about it again. It was brought up in Chemistry class (11th grade) and our Chemistry teacher took a pair of tongs to the locker and planned to dispose of it once and for all. His hands were too shaky that day and as soon as he lifted it out of the locker it fell, spilling the entire cesspool that the chicken noodle soup became. He immediately ran back to his room, screaming 'Oh God! Shut the doors! Shut the doors!' and hilarity ensued. The smell was indescribable. Raw sewage, rotten chicken, fermented noodles all mixed into one. I have never and probably will never smell anything remotely close to it again. The smell permeated the entire floor and even seeped down a stairwell next to the spill to the classrooms immediately below. The day of the disaster everyone gagged as they traveled through the halls. Luckily it happened during 8th period, last period before we went home. A hazmat team was called to take care of the spill, just in case there were airborne diseases. For the rest of the school year, the teachers lit candles in the hallways and in their classrooms but the smell never left us. It stayed all summer and even into the next school year until it finally went away altogether."

He Is Still Remembered By His School 12 Years Later
He Is Still Remembered By His School 12 Years Later

"When I was in the third grade, I broke my arm on the playground. Not just your run-of-the-mill arm break, but the obliteration of the radius and ulna in my left arm- leaving it looking like Harry Potter after he got his arm-bones magic-ed away. I immediately went into shock and a teacher had to carry me off the playground. An ambulance was called but they went to the wrong school first while I was just laying there on the sidewalk. I went to the hospital, had an emergency operation done. Then I had more surgery done a week later. Left for summer vacation with a cast, came back the next fall with a cast. The teacher who carried me still remembers me; the school still remembers me. I am still used as an example for playground safety. It's been 12 years."

A Brush With Nature

Drew Rawcliffe/Shutterstock

A Brush With Nature

"We were having a perfectly normal day in 6th grade and then someone pointed out that they saw a deer on top of the hill on the other side of the street. Everyone was amazed and the teacher thought it was a pretty elegant moment, then it started going down the hill, at an alarming pace, and then across the street, and then closer, and closer. By this point everyone had their noses pressed to the glass, thinking it was going to just come really close and say hi or something, and then in the midst of its frenzied dash, it lept through the window, breaking glass everywhere, getting cut everywhere, and all the students panicked. We were all rushed out of the class and animal control was brought in, we were there for an extra two hours or something until the situation was handled. I think the most satisfying moment was when the popular/smart/good at everything kid was crying because he had left his retainer on his desk and he thought the deer was going to eat it and he was going to be in serious trouble with his parents."


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