In nearly any business setting, when dealing with regular bystanders on a daily basis, it is always important to follow the mantra, "The customer is always right." No matter how ridiculous a request may seem, whatever they say is the way it is and should be. However, 100% of all employees know that phrase is bologna. Reddit is full of first-hand accounts in which the customer was dead wrong and the worker reveled in their flawed logic. These are their stories.

What The Truck Was He Thinking?
What The Truck Was He Thinking?

ME: 'Which one?'

MAN: 'What?'

ME: 'A Silverado or an F-150?'

MAN:' I thought they were the same thing.'

ME: [overly polite and more than a little condescending at this point] 'No, sir. A Silverado is a Chevy and an F-150 is a Ford.'

Freaking idiot."

You Just Can't Argue With Someone In A Hurry
You Just Can't Argue With Someone In A Hurry

"I was working at a Volvo dealership. I came back from lunch a little early and a customer pointed to her car and asked if I knew when it would be ready.

ME: 'The tech is at lunch and will be back in about 20 minutes to continue working on your car.'

CUSTOMER: 'Well, I need to get going. Is it fixed yet?'

ME: 'No, it's not fixed yet.'

CUSTOMER: 'Do you know how long it will be? I need to go.'

ME: 'No, I don't know what's wrong as THE TECH who is working on it isn't here to ask.'

CUSTOMER: 'Well, I need to leave.'

ME: 'OK. Would you like me to bring it up for you?'

CUSTOMER: 'Is it fixed? I need to have my headlights working.'

ME: 'No, it's not fixed. You will have to wait for the tech to get back from lunch.'

CUSTOMER: 'I need to have my lights fixed.'

ME: 'Then, you will have to wait until he gets back from lunch to figure it out.'

CUSTOMER: 'But, I need to go.'

ME: 'You have three choices: leave the car and wait, take the car and come back, or get a rental car.'

CUSTOMER: 'I don't want to pay for a rental.'

ME: 'Then you have two choices: leave the car or take the car.'

CUSTOMER: 'But I can't take the car if the lights don't work.'

ME: 'Well, that narrows your options to waiting then.'

CUSTOMER: 'But I have to go.'

I walked her to the manager's office and said, 'Wait here. He will be back in a few minutes.' I left."

The Cash Register Was An Accomplice To A Lie?
The Cash Register Was An Accomplice To A Lie?

"A guy came up and paid with a $10 bill and was given his change. He then turned around and said, 'No, I paid with a 20,' and the cashier (a manager) said:

'No, sir, you paid with a 10.'

The customer, again, argued that he paid with a 20.

'Fine,' the manager said with a shrug. 'I'll count my drawer down and if the total is over, I'll return the change.'

The customer agreed and she counted her drawer. It was even. The dude got irate and started yelling about how he was POSITIVE he paid with a 20 and that the manager was lying. I, also a manager, was standing there watching the exchange and told him I would also count down the drawer. I counted it aloud, adding up everything in front of him and, once again, showed him the reconcile receipt and the total on the calculator matched.

'The drawer is even, sir,' I said. 'You paid with a 10.'

Then, he shook his head and said, 'Well, I disagree with that.'

'Sorry you disagree, but the drawer is even. Nothing else I can do.'

'You're wrong! I disagree!'

It got to the point where I had to tell him I wasn't giving him any money and was not going to count the drawer again, as other people were waiting, so he left.

How the heck do you 'disagree' with an undeniable fact?"

Instead Of Pumping Gas, He Should Pump Some Sense Into That Customer


Instead Of Pumping Gas, He Should Pump Some Sense Into That Customer

"I was working at a gas station that had updated pumps, except for one. The one old pump had the thing under the nozzle that you had to flip up to turn the pump on. This lady came in.

'My card is not working at the pump,' she said. I explained to her that you had to flip up the lever for it to work.

'Well, I already put my card in,' she replied.

'Ma'am, your transaction cancels after a short time to prevent inaccurate transactions.'

'But I already put it in.'

I explained to her that I could see active cards by looking at the register, but this just was not computing in her brain and I was freaking busy. I explained to her two or three more times and she was still not getting it. At that point, there was a line of 15 people behind her. I looked past her to the next customer and said, 'What can I get for you?'

She stormed out, got her gas, and came back in (looking peeved) to wait in the line she created. She got to the front and sneeringly says:




'What's your whole name?' and she told me her whole name. I told her that it didn't matter because I was the only Pat who worked there. She told me she would be making a complaint because I was very rude.

At that point, I put my line on pause for a second.

'Lady,' I said, 'you came in, I told you what to do, you went back out and did WHAT I TOLD YOU, and got your gas. If I wasn't busy, I would have come out and helped you.'

'I'm suuure you would have,' she said, and left.

I told my boss about it the next day. He said, 'If she calls me, I'll tell her you only have one leg.'"

Instead Of Taking A Plane, This Guy Needs To Take A Hike
Instead Of Taking A Plane, This Guy Needs To Take A Hike

"I worked for an airline. A customer called in wanting to go to a city that we did not fly to. No problem! I told him we could fly him to another city and then he could take another airline to his final destination.

'Are you new?' he started screaming. 'How can you be so stupid? I am on your website and you DO fly there!'

I explained that I had been employed a mere 25 years with that airline, but I was always learning! Then, I directed the customer to click on the connecting flight number, then read to me what it said. I promise I tried really hard to keep my best customer service face on, but the encounter only got worse!"

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