Sometimes you find yourself in a sticky situation where doing the right thing involves bending the rules a little bit or even breaking the law. It's a sign of ethical intelligence to know when to throw rules and laws by the wayside in hopes of actually helping someone or saving a life.

Hopefully, the powers that be recognize that laws can actually obstruct justice in some cases, but there's a fine line between compassionate people and bureaucratic sticklers. Whether it's rehoming a dog that's being horribly abused, or sliding freebies to those less fortunate, sometimes it's good to be a little bad. Here are some of Reddit users' craziest yet most justifiable stories about doing illegal things for the right reasons.

They Never Even Reported Anything


They Never Even Reported Anything

I grabbed the baby and ran; I knew exactly what to do. I drove to the ER, parked at a public park across the street, and dropped that baby at the hospital door. I ran away and never looked back.

I never contacted them about the rent because the gravity of what I'd done was sinking in. I knew the couple didn't have any family and that I'd done that child a huge, life-changing favor, but I could absolutely go to jail for it. They were gone a month later and never reported the baby missing."

A Government Employee Who Went A Bit Rogue


A Government Employee Who Went A Bit Rogue

"I broke the Official Secrets Act in the UK in order to get the guy who stole my car radio arrested. He smashed my car window and ripped it out while I was at work in a government office; the car was in the office car park. I chased him on foot, but couldn't keep up in my suit and slippery shoes, so I ran back to my car and started driving around the town looking for him.

Then I got a phone call from the police who said they were aware of what had happened and were watching me driving around on the CCTV cameras. They asked me to return to my office and wait for them to come and see me.

So I drove back to the office and met with them in the presence of my boss. I felt a little better at that point, as it turned out the thief was one of our 'clients' and we had a whole case file on him with all his details. But, when the police asked me if I knew who he was, my boss stepped in and said, 'Sorry, we can't tell you. You will have to file an official request in writing for us to give you his info.'

The cop replied, 'Ah, we can only file an official request in the event of a serious crime. Theft of a car radio doesn't count,' and that was that. The cops left empty-handed and I was left fuming.

That afternoon one of the old ladies in the office came over to me and quietly slipped me a piece of paper with the thief's name, age, address, etc. I left the office and went to the police station to see the cop that had visited me. I said, 'This didn't come from me,' and slid the piece of paper over to him. He looked at it, said, 'Thank you,' and then I left without saying another word. A few weeks later they arrested him. He went to court and was ordered to pay about £2 a week in compensation, but I never saw a penny of it."

This Woman's Son Is Going To Be Ecstatic Come Christmas
This Woman's Son Is Going To Be Ecstatic Come Christmas

"I used to work at a furniture store in the electronics department. We had a promotion going on where you could get free stuff (really rare) or 10-25% off. All you had to do was scratch the silver stuff off of the scratch tickets we gave out.

A few of us soon learned that you could see through the back of the tickets if you held them up to the light. We checked every ticket for prizes and I found a free $800 surround sound system. I brought the ticket home with the intent of keeping it and using it at another store. The guilt caught up with me that night, so I brought it back in and kept it in my pocket.

We had so many well-off people come in buying $2,000 TVs and $3,000 washer/dryer combos that I just couldn't give it to them. A week later a single mother who was down on her luck (she was a friend of one of my coworkers) came in to buy her 10-year-old son a small TV for Christmas, one of the cheap brands. I gave her the ticket even though it wasn't my sale, saying, 'I have a good feeling about this one.' Her son got one heck of a Christmas gift for his PlayStation set up."

She Has A Bad Feeling About This Young Woman's Fate
She Has A Bad Feeling About This Young Woman's Fate

"When I worked at the psychiatric hospital, there was a young woman who was a frequent flier, in and out of the hospital every couple of months due to chronic mental illness and substance abuse.

Her mother called me one day and asked if I could tell her whether her daughter was in the hospital on that particular day because she hadn't been seen for a couple of weeks and the family was worried about her. I knew her mom because I had worked with her before during this woman's previous hospitalizations.

It was a HIPAA violation to say anything at all to this woman, but I erred on the side of humanity. I broke the law and looked on the hospital-wide census. She wasn't there, and I told her mom as much. For the rest of my time working there, this particular young woman never came back.

About two years later a man was convicted of murdering two women who had the same general demographics as this lady and who lived in the same county. So while I would like to believe that this young woman got her act together and moved to Hollywood to become a star or some other positive thing, I have a sick feeling about what happened to her. I wish I could've given the mother better news, even though it was a violation of the law."

His Friend Almost Ended Up In A Very Sketchy Situation
His Friend Almost Ended Up In A Very Sketchy Situation

"When I was 18 and had just moved away to college, my best friend was 16 and still in high school, we'll call him Jake. He is a gay man and we're from a small town, so he was having a rough time back home with being accepted, plus he had just broken up with his boyfriend. Once Jake called me, very distressed, in the middle of the night and told me to come get him because he was running away from home after a fight with his parents. I told him, 'What the heck? It's 2 am, it's a 3-hour drive away, and I've got school tomorrow, so sorry buddy, no can do,' and hung up.

He called back an hour later and told me he'd met a guy on the Internet that will come pick him up and drive him to the city...five hours away from home. The guy was 31 and on his way. 'No, Jake, you wait right there.' I got up, got dressed, and started driving in about three minutes time.

I needed to help my friend, but I didn't expect there to be any consequences, or have charges pressed against me!

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