Anyone that hasn't worked in retail knows exactly how terrible the general public can be. You see all the lows of people loses their minds over trivial things, things that could be fixed if only they would relax and take a deep breath. Instead, they yell and scream and carry on like a favorite pet just died. They treat the employee like the lowest form of life and have no apologies, even if they are shown a mistake they made. It's sad and sickening.

These are stories of just how bad those awful people can be. These are people with no regard for their fellow human beings and probably think the world owes them something OR they are too good for it. Either way, you'll be astounded by how poorly people behave and how offensive they can be.

This Engineer Couldn't Figure Out The Basics
This Engineer Couldn't Figure Out The Basics

"I worked in a furniture store a few years ago.

One day, a furious customer came in the store with a wardrobe door he had bought earlier. He slammed the door on the counter and started yelling how it was blue when it was supposed to be white. He also made very clear that he was an engineer and didn't have time for nonsense like this. When my colleague calmly removed the blue protective film revealing the white door, the customer didn't say anything. He just picked the door and walked out of the store."

A Broken Modem Almost Leads To Violence
A Broken Modem Almost Leads To Violence

"I sold internet service in a mall kiosk.

During my first week, a hammered guy stumbles up to me and shoves a modem into my chest and starts telling me he wants to return it. He said it didn't work and he wanted his money back right now. He said he had talked to me and I personally had said he could get it returned if he didn't like it.

So, I open up the box to look at the modem and it was broken in half, literally broken in half. He said he never even opened the box and it couldn't have been him. Meanwhile, his equally wasted friend is pushing my shoulder telling me I'm an idiot. Then the guy picks up my phone from by my computer said he was calling my manager and just walks off.

I walk up to him and grab his shoulder, then his wasted friend swings at me, misses and falls over. The guy with my phone just drops my phone and starts to walk away, leaving his friend. Meanwhile a security guard saw the whole thing and came over, having already called the cops. Eventually they got arrested because they ended up having warrants.

Quite the experience for my first week on my first job."

She Didn't Need Shoelaces!
She Didn't Need Shoelaces!

"I work at a shoe store. I've worked there for three years. This was my first ever black Friday. It was 2009.

We were having this promotion, you get $25 off of every $100 you spent. It's a pretty good deal. In order to qualify for the first $25 off, the subtotal has to equal $100. Well, this black lady's (her race is important later) subtotal is $99.98. The register won't take off the money until it equals $100. We had some shoelaces on sale for $1. I tried to talk her into buying one so that she can get the $25 off. She flips her freaking lid.

She says, 'You WILL take the money off! I don't need no stupid shoelaces you moron.'

I told her the register wouldn't allow me to take the money off. After 10 minutes of her just screaming at me, she decides to just give in and get some shoelaces. I asked her, 'Do you want a black or white pair?'

She responds in the nastiest tone of voice, 'I want the black, because you're white and I don't like white.' I was just shocked at that. I finished ringing her up and then she left. After she left, everyone applauded. It was the craziest thing I've ever seen."

A Matter Of Inches
A Matter Of Inches

"I once worked in a sandwich shop. We got called in an hour early because we had this catering job and had to make a few platters, which are all basically sub sandwiches cut into smaller pieces for easy eating.

This lady shows up right before the lunch rush and looks at the platters for half a second and says, 'Those aren't two inch pieces.' Apparently, on our website we say that they're cut into two inch slices. And they're around that, but we don't use a ruler when slicing them, this isn't wood shop.

The guy who sliced them just happened to be the guy who helped her at the counter and he started to lose it. The manager sees this, comes over, and being the brand new 25-year-old manager says, 'We'll do them over for you.'


The guy who was helping her goes to another level of anger and the manager immediately brings him in the back. He starts screaming about what a crazy person this woman is and how it is ridiculous we are going to remake the order, etc. The manager tells him to find a ruler (we don't have one) and help remake the order.

At that point, the dude completely lost it and made this awkward Howard Dean-yell that can only come from massive rage. He started kicking over 5-gallon buckets of everything.


Then he walks back out front, and SPITS at the nasty entitled woman who couldn't deal with possibly 2 1/2 inch sandwiches, opens the register, takes out all the 20s, crams them in his apron and walks straight out the front door.

The rest of us had the worst lunch rush ever making this woman not just the original order, but extra platters to get her not to go nuclear over nearly being spit on."

She Was Fired From A Job That Wasn't Hers
She Was Fired From A Job That Wasn't Hers

"I once got 'fake fired' in a clothes store called Warehouse.

I was in there shopping, just looking through the racks, and this woman comes up to me holding a top and asks if they have any other sizes.

Now, I'm wearing my big winter coat, which is still wet from the rain outside, so it's pretty clear I don't work there, but I still smile and say, 'No, I don't work here, but-'

She immediately starts screaming about how rude I am and how I must go and check the back right now.

'No, I can't-'

More screaming. She demands my manager. I reply that I don't know the manager, because I don't work there. She starts swearing and throwing things at me, yelling that she is the customer and she is right and how I am the rudest shop assistant she has ever met.

The manager has, by now, heard what's happening and comes over.

Manager: 'OK, Ma'am, what seems to be your problem-'


The manager kind of looks me up and down and blinks.

Manager: 'I'm sorry, ma'am, but she doesn't work here. I've never seen her before in my life.'

The crazy woman screams some more about liars and cheats and rudeness and how awful this store is and how she's going to complain etc... and in the end the manager just leans over to me and says 'Look, do you mind if I fire you?'

I just shrugged and said, 'Go for it.'

Manager: 'Darn it young lady, that's enough, you have been rude to one of our valued customers for the last time! You're fired!'

Me: 'Fine! I never liked this job anyway! The customers are rude and unreasonable!'

We both somehow managed to keep a straight face, the crazy chick wanders off smirking that she has supposedly cost a poor college student her only source of income, and as soon as she's out of sight, the manager high-fives me and gives me a £10 voucher.

It was a pretty awesome day."

He Wanted To Pay With...What?
He Wanted To Pay With...What?

"I worked at an Office Depot for about three years, various departments, but ended up in the print center for the last year and a half or so since I knew Photoshop.

I had a customer place an order for some prints. I don't remember the specifics, but it was at least 1,500 sheets worth. Nothing special done to them, single-sided black and white copies from a flash drive. I told him it'd be about 30-45 minutes, and he could just stop by in an hour.

The job finishes and I pack it up, and customer shows up to retrieve it. Everything fine, that is, until he pulls out a photocopy of a credit card, asking if we took AMEX.

I actually chuckled a bit, assuming it was a joke with how ridiculous it was. Big mistake.

Customer: 'What's so funny?'

Me: 'You, it's a...that... you're serious?'

Customer: 'Serious about what?'

Me: 'Sir, that's a photocopy of a credit card. It has a business name on it as well.'

Customer: 'Yes. I'm here for work. I just paid using this at another store, just run it.'

Me: 'Even if I wanted to, you don't have the back side. I don't know the security code. I can't. Still, we don't ac-'

Customer: 'Listen, Kid, I JUST used this. It's FINE. Run it already. I need to be at the airport in twenty minutes.' The store was across the road, effectively, from the airport.

Me: 'Sir, I literally am unable to run this. Completely. Do you have another method of payment?'

Customer: 'Alright, that's it. Let me see your manager.'

Manager: 'What seems to be the problem?'

Customer: 'Your cashier won't accept this credit card.'

Manager looking at the paper in slight disbelief: 'Well, that's because that's not a credit card. Do you have a valid form of payment?'

Customer (now fuming): 'Alright, that's it. You guys can take those copies and shove them up your behind.' (starts to leave)

Manager: 'Thank you! Have a nice day sir.'

Me (to manager): 'Well, that guy was a big bag of dongs.'

Manager: 'Yeah. A real charmer.'"

Nothing Like Wild Hotel Guests!
Nothing Like Wild Hotel Guests!

"Having served my time in retail, nothing beats a good ol' fashioned armed robbery. By a customer. Who thought we were ripping HER off.

Basically, a bill complaint escalated into a heated debate, then she pulled a knife. I pulled the silent alarm and tried to defuse the situation telling her I would take care of her bill if she put down the blade. The feigned effort almost failed just as the cops pulled into the parking lot.

Still, hospitality is even better. Some of the winners from my hotel days:

-A dude trying to pass himself off as a lady, who would periodically call to the desk (from an outside line), ask for random room #s and try to initiate dirty phone calls with random guests. The thing is, we found out this had been going on for some time before someone complained. I guess a few of those guests didn't mind their wake up call.

-The little old anorexic lady who would steal all the sugar from the coffee station and spend an hour in the public bathroom. We could never figure that one out, but we knew she wasn't pooping.

-The guy who we thought was a NARC, who kept a loaded weapon in his room, and kept calling me at the front desk for coke. Turns out he was a paranoid schitzo with a penchant for coke.

-The guy who left kiddie smut mags under his mattress for the cleaning staff to find.

-The couple getting it on in the public hot tub.

Guest: 'Can I have a minute to finish?'

Me: 'One minute? I don't know if that's more insulting to me or to her. GET OUT!'"

People Really Like Checks!
People Really Like Checks!

"I had a guy at a gas station yell at me for 8 minutes when I said we didn't accept checks. He went on to tell me they are 'just as good as cash' and other nonsense. He then demanded that I tell him the location of the next nearest other gas station, which I gladly did. I also knew no other gas stations in town took checks anymore. About 5 minutes later, he shows back up still yelling and demanding I help him use his debit card.

Why the heck would you use a check when you have a debit card? It's the same account!

I also had a lady yell at me for the check thing also and when I suggested she used her debit card that she had sitting right on top of the check book, she said it wouldn't work because she doesn't get paid for another three days.

And people wonder why we don't take checks anymore..."

This Customer Is Pure Class
This Customer Is Pure Class

"When I was a teenager, I was a trainer at McDonalds and was training a new girl in the drive-thru.

A man came through in a big lifted truck with a quad in the back and his country music blaring. He proceed to order a plethora of burgers, fries, milkshakes etc... The new girl was taking the order and being brand new was really slow. He is talking to his other buddies in the truck about how this girl must be 'some kinda moron' and she was getting upset. I took over for her and told her to start bagging up their food. He gets to the window, I force a smile, and hand him his food. He slowly starts to pull away and I go over to take another order.

Suddenly, I look over to see this guy has backed his truck up to the window again and is honking his horn like he's witnessing murder. The trainee walks up to the window and opens it to see what he needs and the second that window opened a Big Mac sailed right through and hit her square in the face. He and his buddies all laugh and he peels out of the drive-thru narrowly missing hitting a parked car. Now this girl was maybe 14 and it was literally her first day. She starts bawling and takes off out of the store, never to be seen again.

When you work in a fast food place people seldom have respect for you. I found that people just assume you're incompetent because that is 'the only' job you can get. When I worked at McD's, I liked it. I wouldn't want to do it now per se, but I have a respect for fast food employees because I know what they have to put up with."

The Cheapest Table Ever!
The Cheapest Table Ever!

"I was a server in Chili's for more time than I care to recall. Had a lot of buttheads come through, but the worst was this:

A group of 17 people from Tennessee came in (I'm in Oklahoma) and were at the restaurant for about two hours. They were so needy, I had to literally give away my other tables to other servers so that I could meet the needs of these turds. It comes time to pay, and the matriarch pulls out $300 in Chili's gift cards (their total was like $260) that she had won in a contest. I think, ok, well, hopefully they'll leave me with something good, since I had worked so hard and made absolutely no money that day due to the huge table taking over. Standard gratuity there was about 17-18%, but with anything over about $60, people get cheap and only tip about 10%, so I was hoping for maybe $20-30.

They take their check, their to-go boxes, and their to-go iced teas and leave me with nothing. Absolutely nothing. It was a conglomerate of like three families, and when this happens, usually one of them will leave a small tip, but nothing. It wouldn't even have been money out of their pocket, they could have tipped me off the gift card and still had enough left to come back again!

Even if they thought I had given bad service, they could have left something. But no, that entire shift was lost to just my hourly wage; when they finally left, it was closing time. Being a college student, I only worked 2 or 3 shifts a week, and my total take from that 5 hour shift? 6 bucks.

Please people, no tipping is completely stealing."

The Smartest Guy In The Room
The Smartest Guy In The Room

"My first job was McDonalds.

This guy came in one morning and ordered a Egg McMuffin, so I looked at him with the nicest voice possible, because he was not a regular, and said, 'cheese comes on that sir, is that okay?'

He stops what he is doing and looks at me and says, 'I have been eating McDonald's for 20 freaking years! Don't you think I know cheese comes on it? How stupid do you think I am?'

I say, 'Sir, I apologize, but I have to ask every customer that buys one if cheese is okay on it, because not everybody knows and we have to throw a lot away because people will bring them back.'

Then for no reason at all, he yells, 'God, you people from the south are freaking stupid, with no respect for your elders!'

I cannot remember everything he said after that because I was extremely upset, but just imagine about three more minutes of being talked down to. Then my manager comes over. The rude customers says, 'What the heck were you thinking when you hired this girl? She is a freaking idiot!'

Then my manager says, 'I agree, and I'm sorry, sir, I promise this will never happen again, and she will be dealt with.' My manager looks over at me like I killed somebody; it was the worst look ever.

At this point, a few of my regulars came up and started yelling at the customer, yelling things like, 'How could you make this sweet girl cry, you yankee jerk!'

I left from behind the counter to go to the bathroom to clear the makeup off my face, but instead one of my regulars grabbed me and hugged me, while her husband continued to yell at the guy. Let me remind you that I NEVER rang this guy up for his food, because he was to busy yelling and I just kinda froze and sat there. After about a couple minutes of my regulars yelling at him, he left without his food.

The whole day just sucked and iI will never forget it, I think that one old man hurt me more than anyone else ever has.

After that, I quit."

A Hammered Woman And Her Sons
A Hammered Woman And Her Sons

"I worked at a Six Flags a few summers ago, it was the first summer job I ever had. Looking back, my best and worst memories of that summer came from that job and I really learned a lot about hard work.

Anyways, I worked at the Superman ride, the busiest one in the park. I also worked a little at the bumper cars as well, but for the most part I was at the other one. The ride regularly had 2+ hour lines and since I worked the night shift I was usually there from 4 pm until 1 am, making sure everybody rode, because if you were in line at 9:59, you still got to ride.

After one particularly hard day, the line was winding down and it was looking like I had about 45 minutes of work left, which is always a good feeling. All of a sudden, I hear someone screaming and yelling at the guy in the control booth. We've got people on the ride, but we can't send them off when non-employees are on the platform. So I walk over to see what the fuss is all about and I see a lady with two very large men standing next to her, looking intimidating as anything. She's yelling a bunch of nonsense to the control manager. From what I could make out, she was angry that we didn't let her take her stuffed animals on the ride with her, we had to store them before she could get on. But she had all her personal belongings with her now so I couldn't really understand why she was upset. I could smell the brews on her though, they served in the park, but you could only drink it on special patios. I figured her and her boys had one too many $8 Bud Lights.

So I walk up and ask what's going on (which was a stupid move, I should have let my manager handle it) and she just goes off on me. I tell her that I am going to have to call security to get her out, and that she's holding up the line and bothering the other riders. She looks me in the eye and says:


We finally got her out of the ride area but I was ticked off the rest of the night. When I got home I realized how funny the whole situation was, and now that's my go-to story when anybody asks how my summer jobs were."

Life At The Library Can Get Pretty Crazy
Life At The Library Can Get Pretty Crazy

"I once had a woman lose her drivers license in the library I work at and she was clearly mentally deranged. She insisted that since she had lost it in our building that it was our responsibility to replace it. After twenty minutes of calmly explaining why that wouldn't be happening, I finally lost it and told her to get out before I called the cops. And that was only because I couldn't handle being yelling at by the insane anymore. It was hard lesson learned of don't argue with crazy.

Another time, I had a homeless man walk up to me; we have lots of regulars, but I had never seen this guys before. He told me he was getting ready to kill himself. I was taken aback at first, not everyday some stranger just walked up and honestly admits they're about to do themselves in. I asked him if he wanted me to call someone for him to talk to, like the police. I said the cops would only be helpful in this situation. He agreed, so I told I told him to grab a seat. The cops arrived and there were like ten of them for some reason, they took him outside and talked with him. I was trying to pay attention to the situation, but I was also still helping patrons. I looked back after helping someone and they were all gone. I never saw the guy again. I hope he didn't kill himself.

One last tidbit. I told this Middle Eastern women she owed $2 in fines because her kids' books were late or something. She looks at her kids and screams something at them in their language, then literally threw the books at me and said she wouldn't pay and left. All she needed to do was talk to me about it a little and I probably would have just waived the fines. She didn't need to throw books at me. My boss said I could press assault charges or something but I didn't. Never saw them again. I feel bad for the kids."


"I was working at a large electronics retailer right when DLP projection TVs first came out. We had one model going for $3,999. Not cheap. This is before anyone figured out how often the bulbs burned out. The service plan which was basically just an extended warranty through the store was $250.

This dude comes in and says he wants one, with his whole family there. I say alright, and start talking about the service plan. He says, 'Don't even bother, I'm not buying nothing other than this TV, I don't do no warranties!'

I reply that since it's a new technology and hasn't been proven yet in the field, it would be foolish not to have some sort of recourse if the TV burned out in 91 days. He went crazy. Swearing, running up and down the aisles, saying that I called him an idiot. Then he reached back and was about to take a swing at me, when my manager finally stepped in and calmed him down. I went into the other room.

He bought the service plan and about $1,000 worth of marked up accessories.

Seriously, eff that guy."

That Escalated Quickly!
That Escalated Quickly!

"I once got called a Nazi because a man's card would not scan. I tried to tell him that I would type it in manually, but before I could finish speaking, he told me what I was doing is illegal and I can't reject his card. Then he started yelling for the whole store to hear that I was a Nazi and was going to tattoo numbers on his arm and start marching everyone off to a gas chamber.

My manager threw him out."

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