Sometimes you just reach a point where you've had enough. You're just fed up, tired and angry. You just have to leave. Pack your stuff and get up and go.

These 17 stories are from people who reached that breaking point and bailed on whatever it was they couldn't take anymore. From wild parties they knew were bad news to families that they just couldn't handle anymore, these people nope'd out HARD.

Caught In A Racist BBQ


Caught In A Racist BBQ

"I met up with a friend from high school at a BBQ he was hosting. It’s been about 10 years since I’ve last seen him, and I remember him being a really chill stoner-type guy with a silly sense of humor.

I got to his house which is WAY out in the country (first warning), and pulled in. His parked truck had a huge confederate flag posted in the rear window. (Second wanting). I got out and and met up with him and it was nice. He's still a chill dude, so far.

More people started arriving and every one of them were hicks. Loud, obnoxious people pouring out of dirty SUVs, lighting up smokes immediately after they sat down on his porch, and bad dental hygiene. (Third warning). They we’re friendly enough, so again, I thought it was different but ok.

Finally, the grill started going, we all sat outside at the table and started drinking and eating some pretty good BBQ chicken and ribs. As soon as the drinks touched my friend’s lips, he started ranting about 'N-words' and everyone chimed in their suppressed disgust for rap, 'urban' clothing, ebonics, Obama, and the like.

I tried to veer conversations into more light territory but always veered right back into racism. I ended up leaving the table to go play Xbox with his kid, just so I had an excuse to not be in their vicinity.

I left shortly after, haven’t talked to him since."

This Pilot Immediately Saw The Risks
This Pilot Immediately Saw The Risks

"I was doing a 'check ride' to get hired as a pilot for one of the companies that flies advertising banners up and down the beach, etc.

Because the banner is a huge drag on the plane, they fly at full power all day and, as a result, the planes were tired pieces of junk.

As we waited to take off, a plane came in to pick up a banner (by using, basically, a big hook to snag a rope strung between two upright poles). We watched as he hooked it, attempted to fly away, then crashed and burned while we watched. We taxied over, but there was nothing to do.

The check pilot went to handle things and I nope'd out and politely declined their offer to return for another check ride."

The Witch Wasn't Even Enough To Stay
The Witch Wasn't Even Enough To Stay

"I’m over at the apartment of a friend of a friend. This chick is under LOTS of influences and talking about astrology, witchcraft, and the like for like an hour. Then she’s like, 'wanna see my witchcraft stuff?' to which my friend and I are like, 'yeah this sounds interesting.'

She disappears into her room for like half an hour then comes out carrying a glass-top table full of glass jars of potions, powders, amulets, crystals and all that kind of stuff. My friend asks if she needs help carrying the table, she says no. Not five seconds after that, she trips over a coffee table and drops the glass top table on the floor, shattering the table and all of the glass containers that were on it.

While everyone in the apartment is trying to keep the dog from licking up all the weird stuff that fell on the floor, the self-proclaimed witch is cackling talking about how it’s karma and the universe getting her back for refusing my friend's help. My friend and I conveniently, 'left to go get paper towels,' which was a mutually-understood code for 'I’m out.'"

Waffles Really Aren't THAT Good
Waffles Really Aren't THAT Good

"My roommate in the college dorms and I had different groups of friends that we hung out with. There was very little crossover until one weekend my group was gone. My roomie invited me to watch TV and drink and smoke weed in another dorm room with his buddies. Cool beans!

The room was full of dudes, so I ended up sitting on the floor, sipping on a drink, watching whatever movie on TV. His friend was sitting in a chair next to me, and some commercial for waffles came on.

Guy in the chair moaned, 'Mmmm waffles.'

And I was like, 'Yup, waffles are good.'

He continued, 'Mmm yeah, mmmm'

At this point, I was like waffles aren't that good and looked over at this the guy in the chair. His erect junk was out (right at eye level for me) and he was just sitting there stroking it, looking down at me.

More moaning...

I said, 'Whelp, roomie, I think I ought to go!'

Roomie responded, '...yeah, maybe you should go...'

'OK BYE!' as I strolled out the door.

He spent the night there as he often would. Pieces of the puzzle started falling into place after that night."

She Waiting Way Too Long To Leave
She Waiting Way Too Long To Leave

"On a night out with a friend, she is getting wasted and finding someone to hook up with.

She picks some Greek dude and tells me to chat to his buddy and keep him busy. His buddy says nothing but, 'Oil, oil... yes? oil?' 

I'm like, 'What is with your obsession with oil?' 

He says, 'Why, don't you like money?' I have no idea what is going on at this point.

Eventually, my friend decides to go back to this dude's apartment and since I'm staying at her house, I have to go with her and his buddy. She instantly goes into the dude's bedroom and his buddy leaves after I tell him I'm not going to be sleeping with him and I'm not interested in giving him a quickie, even if he pays me.

I have been watching MTV for a few hours when her dude comes out, huge wang bouncing proudly in front of him, at full attention. He gets a drink then grabs my hand and tries to pull me into the bedroom with them.

My friend is there and she looks at me and starts freaking out. I tell her I'm done, forget this, I'm out. She asks me to chill out in the living room and she will be out in five minutes.

Two hours later, I go in to tell her I'm leaving, she is asleep, but wakes up, grabs her clothes, throws up on his bed, and we leave.


The Smelliest House In Holland
The Smelliest House In Holland

"Ok, my boyfriend and I were on a bike trip in Europe a couple of years ago. We went all the way from Brussels to Amsterdam by bike and we were planning to continue our trip to Germany.

Well, while we were in Amsterdam, we stayed in an apartment that we shared with the landlord. The smell! I don't even have words how to describe how vile and obnoxious it was. We had to breathe through our mouths to make it barely tolerable. Everything in the apartment seemed so nasty. For Christ's sake, the landlord was living there! It's not as if he didn't know! I honestly don't know how someone can live in this kind of environment. Anyway, the worse part was that we had planned to stay there for an entire week and it was also my birthday at the time.

So my boyfriend and I said forget it, let's get out of here. We didn't even ask for reimbursement, we just left the apartment saying to the guy that 'we had a change of plan.'

We didn't want to go to Germany right away, so we sold our road bikes (they were not pricey) and flew to London, which turned out to be the best part of our whole trip. I absolutely loved it and it's ever since my favorite city, hands down! So much great memories that all started with a 'forget it, I'm out'"

Stuck In The Middle
Stuck In The Middle

"Coachella in like 2006? I was watching Coheed and Cambria with my buddy. This giant shirtless dude starts yelling at this other guy, 'You're dead! You're freaking dead!'

I pieced it together that this other dude, some young idiot in a white t-shirt, had tried to feel up the giant shirtless dude's girlfriend. Me and some other people were a human wall since we were down close to the stage. I kept turning around and telling white t-shirt to get out of there. He didn't move, just stood there grinning like a freaking moron.

Well, giant shirtless dude found his way around our human wall and punched that dude in the face - instant black eye, probably broke his orbital. Shirtless dude made like he was going to punch again and white t-shirt flinched like defeated prey. That's when shirtless dude started punching his own head and yelling, 'I'm a cage fighter!'

I found another place to watch the rest of the show."

His Girlfriend's Mom Was Legitimately Nuts
His Girlfriend's Mom Was Legitimately Nuts

"When I was 18, I moved into my girlfriend's mom's house with my girlfriend because I was kicked out by my dad.

After two weeks, the mom told me I couldn't speak above a whisper because the walls were bugged by the mafia, who were listening to everything, and that they regularly called the mom and threatened to kill my girlfriend.

I packed up and left that night. Broke it off with the girlfriend, too. Clean break. Good times."

He Got Her To Leave Instead
He Got Her To Leave Instead

"I had a huge party with like 30 people at my apartment in 2008. I knew about 10 of them from college, but they all brought friends. I was 20.

This one girl really wanted me, I mean she would have been down for anything. I was really close to getting it on with her when another guy I didn’t even know came into my room and was like, 'Hey man, my name’s Will, you wanna come outside I’ve got a huge joint here!' I told her to stay there I’d be right back.

He took me outside onto the patio and said, 'Dude, her name's Lexus, she’s 16. I know her through a friend who I’ll introduce you to later. Get her out of here and definitely don’t do anything with her.'

So I did. I told her I had to leave and she should come with me. After she walked out the door first, I shut it and she was so messed up, she called a friend to come get her.

About the best ending to something that could have been very life changing for everyone involved."

What Happens In Vegas...
What Happens In Vegas...

"The two times I bailed on people in Vegas.

The first was my ex, when we were on our way to the airport after a horrible fight-filled weekend. She basically said she banged one of my best friends and it was so good, she’d do it again. I was driving her car, so I pulled off at the next exit and got out, told her to drive herself home. I got a cab to the airport and flew home.

The next time I was with my buddy, it was our last day, and we had to check out at 11 am. He said he was going to get his phone fixed early that morning. Well, 11 came around and he was still a no show, so I called, and got a late checkout. Then 1 pm came around and there was still no sign of him. So I was basically waiting in the lobby of the hotel for another hour when he finally showed up, wasted, still without his phone.

I told him he was on his own getting home. "

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