Usually when you see a someone have a full-blown temper tantrum, it's a small child. As terrible as the tantrums are, little kids can be excused because they haven't learned how to cope with problems yet. But what about when it's a full-grown adult having the full-blown meltdown?

It's shocking how awful the people in these stories treat those around them. It's terrible behavior by terrible people!

He Needs A Seat And His Pizza Does Too

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He Needs A Seat And His Pizza Does Too

"I was on the bus once and a guy was sitting in the front at the handicap seats with a pizza in the seat next to him. The bus wasn't crowded when he got on, so whatever, but it quickly filled up and he did not move his pizza nor himself.

Eventually the bus is packed and someone finally asks, 'hey, can you move that pizza so I can sit down?'

He doesn't even look up, just says 'EFF YOU. No.'

So they ask again, and being close to the front the driver says, 'you need to move to allow them a seat. That is handicap seating.'

'EFF you, too!'

The bus is pulled over, and the driver opens the doors. She asks him to move again, he says no again. Doors stay open, she's fussing with the buttons on top and asking for police.

He makes a stink and tells her to move along. She's got her hands folded neatly on the wheel just staring at the road, 'not until the police take you off my bus.'

He tantrums for a few more minutes, but finally does a 'eff this crap' and storms off. As soon as he's off the last step, doors close and bus is back on its way.

I always admired how she just waited. She knew she didn't need to put up with his garbage, and I'm glad I got to see her wait him out."

A Real Jerk Of A Boss
A Real Jerk Of A Boss

"I gave my boss my two weeks notice that I'd be moving out of town to live with my S.O. and had found a new job, but that I'd help find someone new and could work remotely if he needed me in the interim.

I did not give him longer notice as I knew he would react poorly and did not want to extend things longer than necessary. Mind you, there were others in the office who could handle things when I left as well. He demanded that I give him 5 weeks notice, that I call my new employer and tell them that I couldn't start for 5 weeks and when I declined he demanded their phone number so he could call them himself.

Yeah, no, not happening.

Then, when we hired my replacement, he again demanded that I come in over the weekend to train her (I was moving out of town that Friday).

No, sorry, still not going to happen.

Then he tried, unsuccessfully, to hold my cell phone number hostage. We all had joined a group phone plan to save money although my number had been one I'd had for at least ten years prior to joining. He failed at that too.

And for a final encore, he tried to dock my last paycheck saying I owed HIM vacation time back. I sent a very professional demand letter threatening triple damages and attorneys fees if he did not pay me in full immediately. Then he had the nerve to say my letter was rude, but paid me. He's an attorney, by the way, he should know better than trying to pull all of this. The other attorney in the office said he just reacted that way because of how important I was to the firm. Oh yeah? Is that why you didn't give me the raise I asked for because your wife didn't think I should make more money than she did at her completely unrelated job? Grade A jerkoff that one."

An Unhappy Man Is Late Because Of A Busy ER
An Unhappy Man Is Late Because Of A Busy ER

"I work in an ER, often as the triage nurse. I see all kinds of crazy - man-fits and hissy fits and tantrums galore, generally based on wait times. I wonder if any of them realize that having a tantrum doesn't put them any higher on the list to be seen or make their results come back any faster.

I'd say the weirdest tantrum I had was a man who came in with chest pain (for 3 days). It's safe to say that a 30 year old man with chest pain for 3 days probably isn't having an acute MI (heart attack). But hey... I did the workup (ecg, blood work, etc) just to be on the safe side. It was about an hour and a half into his visit that he started bugging registration about the wait time. Keep in mind that the waiting room is absolutely packed behind him, standing room only, so even an idiot could tell the wait time would be lengthy.

At this point his blood work had all come back. And surprise surprise , it was all normal. No heart attack. I'm no longer worried about this man who was so concerned about his chest pain that he came in 3 days after it started.

He decides that registration isn't giving him the answers that he wants so he comes up to me at triage, while I'm triaging another patient. I ask him to wait on the bench and I'll answer his questions in a minute. He gets all huffy and mumbles under his breath.

I finish triaging the previous patient and Mr. Chest Pain walks back into triage ranting about the wait time - which are posted on the large screen in the waiting room for full transparency. His main reason for being upset about waiting was that he had to get going to a dinner party. He was really concerned that he might be late for the party! He started asking whether or not he could get his results now and just leave, whether the doctor would see him quickly and just discharge him, questioning whether or not he should stay or leave or could he leave and come back in a few hours. I told him that no, if he left to go to the party, he needed to sign out and if he decided to come back, he would need to start the whole process all over again from the start. I tell him that he just has to wait and that if anything concerning showed up in his blood work, rest assured, I would have brought him in already.

Well, he didn't like that answer. He started questioning how could I possibly know what was good and bad in terms of the blood work; that I'm only a nurse, etc... He then goes on again about the dinner party, blah blah blah. I finally got fed up and told him I wasn't his mother and I couldn't make that decision for him but I would give him the paperwork if he wanted to sign himself out and he was always welcome to come back.

He started raising his voice at me, shouting profanity after profanity to the point that my colleagues started coming out from the back of the department to see if I was okay. He then advanced towards me in a threatening way.

It's at this point that two things happen:

The doctor taps the patient on the shoulder and asks him if he's 'so and so,' and tells him that he's been calling his name for a few minutes now..

The big baby then followed the doctor to the next room over while everyone in the waiting room watched. I swear if he had a tail, it would have been so far between his legs.

I wonder if he made it to his dinner party on time."

A Coach Loses It On The Sidelines


A Coach Loses It On The Sidelines

"I was a basketball scorekeeper in high school and my job was to write on the score sheet. During one game, one of the coaches was getting fed up because his team wasn't doing well and when they lost the lead in the game, he freaking lost it.

He stood up in a rage and started shouting orders to his team from the sidelines. He was pacing, throwing his hands all over the place, his face was getting red, and he got in trouble with the referees multiple times for stepping on the court during play. He also kept on blocking my view of the game but he looked so ticked! I was too scared to say anything. None of the screaming or shouting did anything, of course. They ended up losing.

When the game was over, it was my job to hand the teams their copy of the scoresheet and the winning team was fine and polite, but I was cautious going up to the losing team and rightfully so. I handed their copy to the coach and he looked at me, RIPPED the paper out of my hand, crumbled it up into a ball, threw it on the ground, and stomped away like a 3-year-old.

The assistant coach came over with a look on his face like he had been through this before, picked it up, uncrumpled it, and murmured a thank you to me.

I feel sorry for the players for having that coach, thank goodness I never saw him again."

He Thought They Were Nickel And Diming Him
He Thought They Were Nickel And Diming Him

"Back when I worked for a bank, we had a customer who would come in every day to buy fifty dollars' worth of dimes. Dimes minted before 1964 are 90% silver, so his thing was combing through dimes looking for silver ones that he could sell. Supposedly, he made decent money doing this.

At one point, he'd had a streak of failures, and had been getting more and more frustrated with us on a daily basis. Surely we were giving him new dimes on purpose, and saving the old ones for ourselves! Fifty dollars worth of dimes and not a single one minted before the '90s!

This all came to a head one day when I gave him his tray of dimes as usual, and he insisted on ripping open a roll right in front of me. Not a single silver dime to be found, so he screamed 'YOU'RE HOLDING OUT ON ME!' and threw the rest of the tray at my head. He didn't hit me, but the remaining rolls of dimes hit the wall behind me hard enough that most of them popped open. I would've been hurt pretty badly had I been hit.

He was banned from the bank."

The Meltdown Took A Shocking And Illegal Turn!
The Meltdown Took A Shocking And Illegal Turn!

"A woman I work with was absolutely awful at her job. She was bad with people, bad with the paperwork and just overall a really crappy person. So, she was fired.

The day of her firing, she stormed in on each person's individual shifts and screamed at them. Then no one heard from her again until it was time for her to collect her final paycheck.

Now, when she was fired, she had the option of working out the rest of the week. She chose not to come in, so her paycheck was significantly lower than she thought. She freaked out, dropped to the floor and started crying. She said that because she didn't show up for her last three days it means she quit, not that she was fired, therefore we owe her more money. She only left when I threatened to call the cops.

My manager was on maternity leave but still came in from time to time do payroll and stuff, so the woman who was fired decided to go and break into my managers house and try to kidnap her newborn baby until my manager made sure that crazy lady gets the money 'she deserves.'

She was arrested. Haven't seen her since."

She'd Rather Be Arrested Than Act Normal


She'd Rather Be Arrested Than Act Normal

"I work at a retail store and people get upset all the time. But this lady stands out.

She's maybe in her late thirties with a little girl who's about 4 or 5 years old. She is working with a different cashier at a register about 40 feet away from me, but I can hear her getting louder and louder and asking for a manager. The manager gets there and she wants to know why the register won't accept her credit card and that she wants him to fix it RIGHT now.

There is literally no way for him to get her card to work. So she freaks out and goes to leave, but the cashier tells her she has to pay for the $1 candy that the little girl was eating while walking around the store. She screams she has no cash on her and that we're going to have to arrest them for the candy.

The girl is crying and the mom is yelling for us to arrest her as she drags the girl out of the store.

I felt horrible for the kid."

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