When we come home at the end of a long, hard day, we expect our house to be warm, welcoming, and calm. But that's not always the case. Instead of opening the door to find your family and personal belongings, sometimes we find chaos.

A Reddit thread recently asked people to share the worst thing they have ever come home to, and the responses will definitely make you appreciate coming home to a quiet and relatively normal house. It's amazing these people didn't move after seeing some of these things. Take a look at some of the most traumatizing, disturbing, and flat out strange experiences these people had when coming home. All posts have been edited for clarity.

They'll Never Trust This
They'll Never Trust This "Friend" Again

"I came home from visiting my wife's family over Christmas break. She had asked a friend to come by and feed our cats, and the friend agreed. When we got back home, there was no food or water in any of the cat bowls, and one of our cats was sitting in the corner foaming at the mouth. This cat was a terror and never just 'sat in the corner,' so we knew something was wrong. We took him to the emergency vet where the vet said he was severely dehydrated. Unfortunately, he had some sort of brain damage and we had to put him down.

When we confronted the friend, she said she went by every day, but we have determined that to be a lie.

My wife and I had actually set out four different water bowls, big ones like you put fruit it, they were all bone dry. We ended up just cutting off all contact with the girl that did this. My wife was pretty upset about it and I'm not as nice as my wife is, so we just thought it was best to not talk to her anymore. She knows what she did, and hopefully down the road she'll be laying in bed and remember what a terrible person she is.

Ever since then when we go out of town, we leave a sink running and the small toilet open. Yeah, we have a tiny toilet in one of our bathrooms for some reason. I actually have a coworker that I trust more than just about anyone else, he comes by and takes pictures of our cats for us. He lives less than two minutes from us and I pay him in BBQ, it's fantastic. As extra insurance, my mom pops in every other day just to make sure everything is alright."

There Was Blood All Over The Lawn And His Parents Were Nowhere To Be Found
There Was Blood All Over The Lawn And His Parents Were Nowhere To Be Found

"When I was 13, I came home and found my front door wide open, my parents missing, my neighbors on my front lawn, and blood all over our grass and the nearby wall.

It turned out my father, who knows how to do professional landscaping, was trimming the tree in our front yard when a branch broke and he lost his balance. He fell backward and ended up landing on our neighbor's fence, which was topped by steel spikes. One of the spikes went into his leg, though he apparently didn't even notice or feel it so he pulled himself off the fence without a problem, but when he tried to stand, he collapsed onto the lawn.

He lost a lot of blood and had to have emergency surgery, but survived. His wound was so bad that when he made it to the hospital, a police officer and doctor confronted him because they figured he had to have been shot and tried to get him to admit it so that they could find the culprit.

It was an incredibly scary moment, but that was 17 years ago and he is fine today, though he did end up eventually getting his revenge by chopping that tree down."

Their Grandparents Almost Went Away For This One
Their Grandparents Almost Went Away For This One

"I was raised by my grandparents. They were wonderful people who adopted a bunch of terrible kids over the years, and they once let my aunt and her boyfriend move their RV onto the property because they got kicked out of wherever they were staying.

The worthless leaches were trying to cook smack in it and it caught on fire, so they ran off and left it there burning. The neighbors called 911 and the fire department put the fire out before it got to the house. It was nice coming home from school to that. It was a huge mess. My grandparents were almost arrested and they almost lost their house and land.

My aunt and her boyfriend were arrested a day or so later. They were charged with a bunch of felonies and my aunt only got out of prison a few years ago. The boyfriend is still in prison. He was out on parole when they were arrested. They'd told my grandparents he was on probation for some crime, but he was actually out of prison on parole.

Pretty much the only thing that saved them was that the lab was in a vehicle registered to the boyfriend. Even though we didn't get into any legal trouble, it was still a pain because the whole house had to be tested and they had to hire someone to clean up the mess and have the property test clean before we could move back in.

My childhood home is now listed as a former smack lab on the National Clandestine Laboratory Register.

My grandparents never recovered financially."

One Day, They Were Gone
One Day, They Were Gone

"Probably 12 years ago now, my sister got her four kids taken away. CPS gave them to my parents, and as a 13-year-old, they basically became my siblings. I helped raise them, taught them basically everything from reading/eating/playing games etc. I was basically an older sibling.

Two years went by, and one day, I got home from school and it was dead quiet. I still remember the sound. My dad was home, so I asked where they were, and he told me some lady from CPS came and got their coats/some clothes and took them away. And that's the last we've heard of them. That was it. No goodbyes or nothing. They probably don't even remember me at all.

We haven't heard anything about it at all, my sister doesn't have custody of them, and I've tried Facebook, but that's all I can think to do. We still have no idea what happened to them at all."

With His Brother In Handcuffs, He Had To Find Out What Happened
With His Brother In Handcuffs, He Had To Find Out What Happened

"I was living with my mom and her family whilst attending college. I came home one night and found that my younger teenage brother had been arrested for waving my stepdad's weapon around outside after an argument with the neighbors. He hadn't intended to use it, just present it for self-defense because our neighbors' little red-headed moronic son threatened to kill our dog. They called the cops, and they pressed charges to the fullest extent; he went to prison. My grandfather said he wasn't in the wrong because he was on our property, technically, but it didn't matter.

It very nearly tore our family apart completely; my mom and stepdad almost separated over it because they were such an emotional wreck; things were never quite the same. As for my brother, he wasn't in prison very long, but he did serve a sentence and it was a major event in his life. I still haven't decided if it was good for him or not. While it was a wake-up call, and he did some serious growing up, he was also traumatized by it and I fear it may have actually emboldened his growing criminal tendencies. It was not his first time in prison.

I also feel like our neighbors had it out for us to begin with. Their kids were bullies and never liked us, and neither did their parents; I was also told after the fact that they shot my sisters with red rider, something we never took action on which ticked me off. I flip them the bird every time I pass their house, even though my family doesn't live next door anymore.

I am not excusing his actions. I am, however, to say the least, aware of his point-of-view for his actions, and I'm unhappy at the long-term outcome in hindsight. A child beheld access to a legally owned weapon in response to a threat on private property and was punished for it like a hardened criminal, and the effect it had on our family was disastrous.

Yeah, I'm a little bitter about it."

That's Not How He Expected To Spend His Friday Night
That's Not How He Expected To Spend His Friday Night

"April of this year, I met my dad for dinner at my favorite restaurant. I’d been slammed at work and it was really nice to see him.

I came home to my wife sleeping on the couch in the tv room. I went into my soap lab (I have a small side business making soap products) and cut some bars from a batch of soap I’d made the night before. I then went back to the tv room and sat next to her on the couch and played a game on my iPad. It was getting sort of late, so I poked her and suggested we go to bed. She wouldn’t wake up. I gently and jokingly licked her ear, but then started to get worried when she wouldn’t respond.

I found myself shaking her trying to wake her. I then looked closer and realized she had overdosed. Things hazed out in my memory here but I ended up sobbing and begging her to wake up. My great Friday evening had turned into the worst night of my life. My wife has been diagnosed with depression since she was in high school. She had been having an awful time at work and wasn’t in a good place.

I called 911 and they were at my house within two minutes. They had three cops come with them. Two young cops and a veteran. The two younger ones started grilling me before the vet pulled them away. I was dazed, scared, and approaching the mindset of a wounded and cornered animal. It was good for all of us that the veteran officer was there. My wife ended up hospitalized for two weeks. Turns out on top of depression, she also had pneumonia.

At the end of all of it, she quit the job with her abusive manager and had a new job within a couple weeks after leaving the hospital. This was only about five months ago. My wife is doing a lot better, but depression is life long.

I came close to losing my best friend that night. It was hands down the scariest place I’ve ever been. It wasn’t just the fear of losing her. It was also the culmination of a year of professional bullying that my wife has been subjected to. I was filled with a blind rage I didn’t know I was capable of. I know I came within a hair’s breadth of vengeful wrath against the person I hold as partially responsible for pushing my wife to considering ending her life."

She Could No Longer Trust Her Husband After This
She Could No Longer Trust Her Husband After This

"I came home from working at a call center, I started at 5 am, so I could be home for lunch and still have some day left to do things and spend time with my kids. I walked in the door and my husband, who was stay-at-home dad for our 2-and-3-year-old children, was fast asleep and snoring on the couch. In the kitchen, the freezer door was wide open and most likely had been for hours. This was a drawer style one on the bottom of the fridge, so golden lining was that neither kid had fallen and had it closed on them. Those tubes of yogurt we kept in the freezer were all over the house, partially eaten having been bitten open with the rest melting into the carpet. Kids were in the youngest's room, the entire toy box empty and them sitting in it- still in pajamas and over-flowing soiled diapers. Oh, and we had one bedroom wall entirely covered in scribbles.

Two screaming, needy toddlers couldn't wake him up all morning but I yelled, 'What the...' and he bolted awake. First thing he did? Make coffee and go smoke while I changed the kids and clean up. We had a yelling match outside and I took the kids to my parents. There had been a lot of bad stuff before, and came after until we divorced, but I still look back at that as one of the real straw breaking the camel's back moments. I quit my job shortly after making him be the breadwinner because obviously he couldn't be trusted to care for them."

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