Most parents love their kids unconditionally and will do anything to support them. However, that doesn't mean the things they do sometimes aren't embarrassing! We know they mean well, but man, do they really have to embarrass us in front of the entire world?! 

These Redditors share the most cringe-worthy stories about the times their parents embarrassed them hardcore. Content has been edited for clarity.

The Friend Request
The Friend Request

"My freshman year of college, I was initially having a tough time transitioning to college. I was so unhappy that I was actively planning on transferring after the first couple of months, and I was having almost daily calls with my family to vent and plan my transfer.

Then, things changed. I started to become close with this beautiful girl down the hall who I had psychology class with. We’ll call her Carrie. Carrie and I started to develop feelings for each other, hooked up a couple of times, and went on a couple of dates. On one of these dates, Carrie asked me if we could take things slow because she had dated one guy for all of high school, and felt like she didn’t have any friends of her own because of this. She did not want to repeat this in college, and she asked if we could keep doing what we were doing, but not officially date so she could feel like she could take time to make her own girl friends for a bit. I was completely supportive of this, and we continued along happily for a short while together.

Around this same time, my parents noticed a sudden change in my attitude toward school. All of a sudden, I was way happier. They put things together and asked if a girl was involved, and I mentioned that I was starting to see Carrie. They were happy for me and that was pretty much all we spoke about her at that time.

Well, my mom decided to look up Carrie on Facebook. When she went to view her profile, she accidentally clicked 'Add Friend.' Carrie got the notification, called me, and freaked out. She was super upset that I was already involving my parents in our relationship and weirded out by the whole thing. She broke it off with me on the spot. Psychology class (and living down the hall from her) for the rest of the year was tough.

It’s been seven years and this story still comes up every time I go back to my parents’ house for holidays. To this day, I don’t tell my parents anything about my dating life at all until things are serious. Lesson learned."

His Parents Only Made The Bullying Worse
His Parents Only Made The Bullying Worse

"I was getting bullied by some kids in middle school who claimed to be in some sect of the bloods. A teacher broke up a potential butt kicking I was about to get by a bunch of them. The principal called my parents. They were mad and met with the principal demanding the kids be suspended. I didn’t care if they were or not honestly I wish I just got to fight them and get it over with. But they were never suspended.

Instead, just as everything was blowing over at school, a woman from the local news showed up at my house because my parents wanted to go to the news about how nothing was done about bullying at my school. She wanted to interview me, but I said no way and don’t use my name. So she interviewed my parents and said in the story I wished to be left anonymous.

But since my town was so small everyone heard about my parents being on the news. Of course, I got a ton of crap from everyone. Especially the kids who wanted to fight. It was humiliating. I felt like everyone thought I couldn’t handle my own problems and that I needed my parents to fight my battles. I get my parents were trying to help, but at the time it felt like they didn’t care what the backlash I would have gotten at school as long as they got their time in the spotlight."

"I Love Daniel"

"The summer before third grade, my Gram and Pap visited and gave me a diary. It was one of those crappy ones with the minuscule 'key' and tiny button you slide to the side. My mother immediately took the key and put it in her dresser drawer and then demanded it be placed on my desk in full view at all times. She demanded this at full volume in the middle of my brother's third birthday.

One day I came home, wrote 'I LOVE DANIEL SAPAIGAN' on like 10 pages, in pen. Then panicked and hid the diary in the bottom of my closet buried under tons of little elementary school girl treasures.

A few days later, I came home from school and my parents are standing in the foyer, smiling like they had a surprise for me. In a creepy way. I asked what’s going on and before I could even get the full sentence out, they both began taunting me. They were making kissy faces and fake swooning, waving the diary in the air and saying 'I love Daniel, he’s so dreamy!' in a fake little girl voice. I pieced together what happened and I was GUTTED. I had ONE SINGLE PRIVATE THING and it was now being not only displayed around my house but my parents are literally making fun of me for a crush on a kid who, to be honest, was such a total jerk to me and the rest of the class that having a crush on him should’ve better prepared me for Tinder.

Then they started chasing me as I was running away crying. They chased me to my bedroom door. I closed it and then sat against it because I didn't have a lock because 'privacy is for people who pay mortgages.' They then began to make fun of my for crying, calling me a cry baby and whatnot complete with fake baby crying and asking if I need a pacifier. At this point, I was sobbing so hard I was gagging and throw up in my desk trash can. That ended things because my mother has a serious aversion to puke and 'body sounds' so she literally sprinted away from the door. My father, usually just a cowardly secondary participant in her bull, lost interest and wandered off as well.

The next day she made an unannounced trip to my school, NO LIE, to see if I snuck a hair clip in my backpack she said I couldn’t wear and put it on when I arrived. As she was taking it out of my hair in front of my whole class, she asked me who Daniel was and then loudly commented to my teacher that I was 'in love with him.'"

Mom Loves To Embarrass Her
Mom Loves To Embarrass Her

"My freshman year of high school, we all had to do a job shadowing workshop. My mother decided she was going to drive me there and forced me to change clothes. There was no need for me to change out of my school clothes. Nobody else was dressing professionally or dressing down.

My mother brought a pale pink, black polka dotted, shoulder pad, worn out, 80s dress from her youth. The year was 1999. I looked freaking ridiculous. I begged her not to make me wear it. She insisted, or else I was getting a butt whooping.

I walked into the building, with the dress on, bright red from embarrassment and from crying in the van. The ladies took one look at me and I could tell there were stifling their laughter. They made me sit at a desk, alone, for about an hour, practicing my typing. When the hour was up, they came back, told I would have to do better than that, and sent me on my way.

I went out to my mom's van, defeated, and teary eyed. Luckily, I was allowed to change back into my school clothes for the rest of the day.

My mom loves to hurt me (embarrass me) in such unimaginable ways."

Cookies For Breakfast Everyday Has It's Consequences
Cookies For Breakfast Everyday Has It's Consequences

"Ever since I was 4 or 5, I refused to eat anything other than Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies and a big glass of milk. If I didn’t have that, I wouldn’t eat breakfast. My mom would get so mad and try to make me eat something else, but I didn’t want to. When she tried taking them away I went on a 'hunger strike' (I just wouldn’t eat breakfast). My dad gave into my pleads and bought them against her wishes.

Six years later: I was like 11 and I had been eating 4-5 chocolate chip cookies and milk every morning for years. Now I didn’t understand the concept of constipation. I thought everyone had a hard time pooping and pooped really tiny balls. I never told anyone until one day I forgot to flush and my mom flipped her lid.

A few months after that, she tried taking my cookies away, but I would find them (she felt bad for throwing away so many since we bought the large multi packs). Then I began feeling sick every day. Whenever I would eat or drink anything, I would vomit it up immediately. It got to the point where I just wasn’t pooping, but again, I didn’t tell anyone. I hadn’t been able to stomach a meal for months now and I refused to go to the hospital because I watched a 'Criminal Minds' episode with my sister, and for some reason, I thought the cops were doctors and that they killed people.

One day, my mom finally took me to the ER because I had been missing a lot of school because of my vomiting. So I went in there and got my X-Rays and the doctor said to my family and me, 'You have severe constipation.'

My dad was holding in a little laughter and my mom was glaring at me and saying in Spanish, 'It’s all those cookies.'

The doctor said, 'I’ll send in a nurse to register an enema.'

I didn’t know what an enema was, so I thought it was just some medicine and then I could go home. Then I saw what it was and ask if it was a nasal spray. The nurse told me it went up my butt and I started bawling because I thought it was like a shot. She coerced me into putting it in.

I held it for like 4-5 minutes and my mom and I ran to the bathroom and my mom accidentally pushed a girl who was going to go change her pad in the bathroom. So I was crapping my intestines out and my mom was making me get up every two seconds to check out if my poop was fine and yelled out in Spanglish 'Es un big caca dios mío!' and two nurses happened to be passing by the bathroom and I heard one laugh.

After everything was done, I had to get back to school. I had to explain to my teachers that I have to use the bathroom whenever I needed to because my sphincter muscle had to be retrained to poop on command. If I farted, I was probably going to crap myself without realizing it because my butthole could no longer distinguish farts and poop. My mom came along to explain with me. My mom is also very, VERY loud. Everyone was so confused as to where I was and I had already planned in my head what I was gonna say. I got to class with my mom and I explained to my teacher very softly, 'I have severe constipation and I need to go to the bathroom whenever my body tells me.'

She looked confused and asked me to repeat myself and my mom said, tremendously loud, 'SHE HAS CONSTIPATION. LIKE THE POOP. SHE NEED TO POOP WHENEVER.' And my entire class heard. My life was ruined.

After this, my mom called up all of my family members to explain that I had severe diarrhea and that they should learn from my mistake. I heard her talking everyday to someone new and I would cry and plead with her to stop talking about it and she would just shoo me away. She also told all of my friends' moms and then when I saw the moms one time they all asked me, 'Oh how is your poop now? Are your poops ok?' It was so awkward and terrifying. I guess this was her revenge for me not stopping myself and continuing to eat cookies.

False Positive
False Positive

"My mom went through my room when I was 16 and found a rubber still in its package. I hadn’t even lost my v-card at that point and a friend put it in my backpack as a joke. I did have a boyfriend but I hadn’t done anything beyond kissing.

She wasn’t convinced and took me to the gynecologist and forced me to get on birth control. Before they could give it to me of course I had to have a pregnancy test.

They came back and told me that my test was positive. Of course, I knew it couldn’t be. My mom handled it horribly and berated me in front of the nurse and said some really nasty things about me. I called her a hypocrite because she got pregnant at 17 and I told her I wasn’t going to make the same mistakes she did, I was smarter than that. The nurse left for a while and then came back and said my test got mixed up with another’s because our last names were pretty close, started with the same four letters.

She still made me get Depo Provera shots. I hated them. I hated her. She basically called me easy in front of some strangers, loud enough I’m sure the whole office could hear her."

The Comics Weren't Kid-Friendly
The Comics Weren't Kid-Friendly

"When I was 12, my mom would take me to Borders on the weekends so I could go read Star Wars comics and she would grab some coffee.

We get there and unfortunately nobody has restocked the new comics. No biggie, I think, I’ll just look for something new to read instead of heading back to my mom and wasting the trip.

I spin the rack around and my eyes land on a Ghost in the Shell comic. I really liked the anime, so I pick up the comic and begin reading through it. About half way through I find something every 12-year-old expects to find while channel surfing some fuzzy channels at night while their parents are sleeping — x-rated photos. There were no adult situation or nudity warnings on the front, no age restriction prefaces, the front cover wasn’t even suggestive, nothing but censored manga smut smack in the middle of the comic.

Needless to say my hormone hopped up 12-year-old brain really wanted this comic now, so I grab another Star Wars comic I’d already read as ‘cover’ and head to my mom for checkout.

She asks me if I’ve found anything, barely covering the excitement on my voice I say a simple 'Y-yeah, ready to go...?'

As if she had been there hovering over my shoulder as I read the comic she immediately begins flipping through the GITS comic. I explain to her that it’s a anime while I watch her, hoping she’ll stop reading, but she continues, inching closer to my demise. Panicking I try to grab the comic to put it back, but she pulls away and finds what I had been trying to hide.

Shocked, she yelled out in the middle of a full cafe 'NUDITY?!?' All conversation in the cafe stops, everyone looks over and I am desperately wishing that I had never been born. Embarrassed and I’m sure with my face as red as a cherry I immediately do an about face, duck my head in shame and walk as quickly as I can out of the store.

For what seemed like hours but was probably 10 minutes my mom put on her best 'let me speak to your manager' impression and furiously told off the employee working at the front counter how angry she was that they had adult content in the comic racks meant for children. The employees just shrugged, gave her their best ‘we didn’t know’ apology and gave my mom some 50% off coupons that she ditched in the trash outside.

We didn’t go back to a book store for about 6 years after that."

You Could See Everything
You Could See Everything

"During high school, I played water polo extremely competitively. When I was a freshmen just getting into the sport, my coaches were tough veterans of the sport who (correctly) insisted we wear suits a size too small to prevent grabbing during games. I was and still am not super social, so I had some self confidence issues when my coach demanded I wear a more than skintight swimsuit to practice and games, in full view of any person who walked by the pool. I convinced him to let me work my way into it with a jammer my first few weeks to work into the sport before switching to a proper speedo. I didn't think much of it and adjusted quickly, making some great friends in the process. 

I had a short vacation after my first season as a freshman and went on a lake trip with my family, where not wanting to strut around in a speedo all day I elected to wear my jammer instead. Lots of pictures were taken, but I didn't mind because it was just my immediate family.

By the end of my senior year, I had bloomed out as a stellar young man. I had gotten offers from multiple schools to play water polo on a scholarship and had filled out muscle wise to fit my body, so I didn't look as disproportionate as I had my freshman year. At the end of the year after graduation, our school hosted a 'sleepover' where all students had to attend to prevent wasted driving and other mistakes like that. Part of this sleepover was a section where each graduating student's parents put together a large poster board of pictures ranging from infancy to current day that would be hung on the walls of the gymnasium during the sleepover as a sort of conversation piece for people to talk over. My mom had worked on mine for weeks and was very proud of it, but I had not been allowed to see it beforehand since she wanted it to be a surprise.

The day came, and I was wandering around the gym admiring the other students boards when a few people came up to me and said something along the lines of 'nice board dude' in a clearly sarcastic tone while struggling not to laugh. Confused, I walked over to where they said my board was. My face could not have been more red as I saw the horror of my own board my mom had made. While most of the pictures were innocent or even flattering, the one giant centerpiece picture larger than all the rest was not. It was a giant picture of me during that family lake trip in my jammer, with my junk outlined against my leg with enough detail visible to see my veins. I could have died on the spot. 

I ripped that picture off the poster on the spot and feigned ignorance when people asked me what picture used to be there. I got into a heated debate with my mom afterwards asking her how she thought that picture was appropriate for that even as a small side picture, let alone the centerpiece. She broke down in tears and called me ungrateful for all the work she had done. 

It was a mess."

You Could Hear The Embarrassment
You Could Hear The Embarrassment

"I was in the radio industry for a short period of time about five years ago. I got a technical degree in broadcasting and brand development and ended up getting a job at a local top market radio station. On the night before my first day, the DJ of the station calls me and tells me that I should gather one item that has significant personal value and bring it with on my first day. He explained further this was to essentially give the listeners an idea of who I was since I was new to the station as he wanted me to introduce myself, live.

I was so excited since this was my first chance to actually get on the air. So with out hesitation I gather a golf club my late grandfather gave me to share and went to bed to get some rest for the big day. The next day I arrive at the station and find out that one other guy got hired as well and he had the same task as myself, to bring an item with significant personal value.

Once we get settled and acquainted, the DJ tells us he’s going to bring us on now. Upon going live, he tells us he just wants us to say our name, where were from and what our item of value is and why.

So we introduce ourselves, everything goes very well and we kick it back to the DJ. The DJ then proceeds to ask the listeners who they thought had the best sentimental item and to call in to give their opinion.

Shortly there after, the phone rings and the man at the other end goes on a five minute rant on how fantastic my item was, elaborating with childhood details featuring my grandfather. The DJ quickly looks at me and looks back to the mic to ask, is this [my] dad? He choked a bit and hung up the phone. I was red as a tomato and I think every listener could see that through their radio.

We never talked about it....still to this day."

Mom To The Rescue!
Mom To The Rescue!

"I played football in high school, and my parents weren’t all that well off (nothing horrible, just didn’t have a lot of disposable income). This meant I had one jock strap that I used for practice and games, which had to be washed often.

Well, the evening before a game, I put all my dirty practice gear in the laundry. We had different practice gear vs game day gear, think a tattered jersey, stained plain pants vs the game jersey and pants in the home/away school colors.

So, the morning of game day, practice stuff didn’t get washed because it didn’t need to be, so I just packed up my game day gear and went to school. I found out when gearing up for the game that I didn’t have my jock strap with me. Not a huge deal, 16-year-old me decided that I could take the risk and manage with undies. And what was I going to do? Tell the coach that I couldn’t play because I forgot my jock strap? Borrow a jock strap of unknown cleanliness providence? Of course not! This was pre-cellphone days and my mom had left home by that time, so it was too late for that.

My mom, however, while doing laundry that day, noticed that my one and only jock strap wasn’t with me and it was game day. She shows up while we’re warming up for the game with this small brown paper bag, and comes on out onto the field and (bless her heart) tries to discretely tell me what was in it. Of course, I had a good idea, but all my teammates were curious and I couldn’t think of anything less embarrassing to tell them, then I had to tell the coach why I had to run back into the locker room and he game me the biggest eye roll I’ve ever seen a human being make, and I trotted back in and changed in embarrassing shame wondering how I was going to live this down."

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