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Being faithful in a relationship shouldn't be all that difficult, but for some couples, it's darn near impossible. These poor men only expected fidelity and love from their partner, but instead they were treated to the worst kind of betrayal possible. Even when they were caught in the act, these dishonest women couldn't just cop to what they'd done and some of them continued to lie, even thought the evidence was right there, out in the open.

We searched through Reddit and found the most heart-wrenching tales of heartbroken men discovering their partner's infidelity. Content has been edited for clarity.

She Turned It All Around On Him
She Turned It All Around On Him

"She was in training, was gone during the week for like 2 months, able to come home on the weekends. Eventually, those weekends got shorter and shorter - 'I should get back to beat the traffic/weather/etc,' or 'I'm going to stay Saturday, some of the people from work are going out seeing the sights in this city'... etc.

I found screenshots of their text message conversations on MY computer (that she was using). It was her talking to him about how she loved him, about them getting it on, cuddling, just about everything you can think of...

On top of it, the thing that probably hurt more than anything else was reading the things she said to him and seeing that they were the same things she had said to me when we had first started dating...

When I confronted her, she never even denied it, the first thing she said was, 'How did you find out?' She was more worried with how I caught her than she was remorseful or upset about it actually happening.

She also blamed me for it... She even went so far as to say that I had planned the whole thing to mess her up because we had, a few months earlier, co-signed on her car together."

When Showing Up Unannounced Backfires


When Showing Up Unannounced Backfires

"I showed up at her apartment unannounced, let myself in since I had a key. I walk right in to find her bent over the countertop in the kitchen with a dude right behind her with his junk right up in her, both of them frozen like ice looking at me. I guess they heard the door open.

I looked right at her and said I didn't know we were in an open relationship and that it would have been nice if she'd told me that before we started dating.

Mind you, while this dude is literally still inside her, she asked me if it's over. I asked the guy what he thought in a sarcastic manner. All he could muster up was, 'Uhhh...' How profound.

I put the key on her table, grabbed the last brownie in the tray on top of the oven, and walked out. I drove home and told my roommates what happened. They didn't have much of a reaction when I told them. We decided to go get pizza and see if anybody else was available to hang out. Everybody was too tired to go out. So the three of us went and got pizza and drinks and talked about usual guy stuff. Went home, went to bed.

A year later, roughly, she messaged me on Facebook saying she misses me, she's sorry, and she likes my junk and wants it. I reply that I like my junk, too.

We haven't spoken a word since."

Her Body Wasn't The Only Thing She Worked Out At The Gym
Her Body Wasn't The Only Thing She Worked Out At The Gym

"My uncle was married to his wife for around 15 years, two children, they seemed happily married. At the time, they were both in their late 30's. His wife went to the gym often while he worked long hours at his business. She got involved with a guy that went to the gym who was around 23, she ended up sleeping with the dude and my uncle eventually found out because she was randomly gone for no reason. From what I heard from my mom, his wife was lying about where she was going so my uncle looked at her text messages online (I believe you're able to do that now, not sure how he did it) and saw that she was sending a bunch of dirty texts to this guy from the gym. The texts also mentioned that they had been sleeping together.

He was pretty torn up and didn't know if he should try to fix it (mainly for his two daughters not having to deal with divorced parents). He ended up leaving her after she didn't feel guilty after what she had done and seemed to think it was his fault that she did what she did. They're now divorced. About 3 years after that all went down, my uncle is now engaged to a pretty great lady, he's very happy and his daughters love his fiancé. I believe his ex-wife is still with the younger guy from the gym, but he lost his job and is now leeching off of her. I'd say she got some Karma for that one."

Don't Ask For Computer Help If You're Hiding Something


Don't Ask For Computer Help If You're Hiding Something

"One day, my fiancee asked me to fix something on her Macbook. I did that but accidentally clicked the iMessage button. It opened up and showed messages from this guy I wasn't supposed to be worried about. It was very explicit. I only needed to see two messages to know what was up.

I didn't read all of it because I simply couldn't. I closed the laptop, calmly walked up to her and asked to go on a walk with me. She knew something was up. We then walked outside and I immediately told her I knew everything. I calmly told her I was going to call off the wedding and we were breaking up. I approached her very formally and stated what would happen.

That was the first 30 minutes...

After that, she broke down completely and cried and felt horribly guilty. However, to this day I still believe she only felt guilty over getting caught, not because she cheated on me and ended something amazing and hurt me to the core of my soul. We did give it another small try after that to mend things, but it didn't work.

Then the actual pain came. The consistent fear. Pain in your soul, the kind that is worse than any physical pain. It took me quite a while to get over her.

The worst part is, I hate her, but I also still and always will love her.

That was all after five years of being together and three months before we were supposed to get married."

"I Saw His Car And Just Knew What I Was About To Walk Into"

"I was with a girl from the age of 15 until we were both 22, engaged and both about to finish university. We had an apartment together and life could not have seemed better.

In my final year of university, I managed to pick up an internship with Sky Sports to go along with my final year of school (studying Broadcast Technology), whilst she worked in the same supermarket she had worked at since we'd both started out there as teens.

One cold Sunday, I was due to drive from Manchester, where I lived, to London to cover a football game for Sky. It was quite early due to the length of the drive and just as I was about to leave, I got a call from my boss. They didn't need me in London now but had a more urgent need for me in Leeds instead. This was great for me because it was only an hour drive to Leeds rather than 4+ to London.

Now, usually, I would have texted my girl to let her know I was going to be home earlier than expected, but as the crew was already behind setting up for the FA Cup game at Elland Road, I got to the stadium and just jumped straight into working.

My working day finished, I was exhausted and started the drive home. Usually, I called her but on this occasion, my friend called me and we had a good 45-minute conversation about everything and anything like friends do. I then pulled into my apartment parking and saw, in my spot, a guy's car (let's call him James). James worked with me and my fiancee at the supermarket. I had known him for years, been on several nights out with him and many times he had crashed in our spare room after a night out. He was not someone I would classify as a friend, more of a work colleague who I got along with.

I saw his car and I just knew what I was about to walk into. I had been told since I left the supermarket that the flirting had become worse between them at work, but I had 100% trust in this girl. We were together for seven years, so I just ignored it. I put it down to them just being friendly with each other and I am the least jealous person I know. Having three sisters, I know that girls can be seen as flirting a lot when in essence they are just being nice.

I parked my car in a visitors spot and began what felt like the longest three-story climb up the stairs until I got to my front door. I slowly opened my front door and saw the main bedroom door had its door shut, but with the lamp on. As I got closer to the door, I heard them. The sort of noises that you can imagine due to the nature of this story. I could have turned around then, I could have just left and that would have been that, but for some reason, I opened the door. I stood in the doorway for what felt like an eternity as I watched my fiancee, the love of my life, literally riding another man in my bed. I still remember the image clear as day nearly six years on, it felt like I was standing there for an hour watching when it was only a few seconds in reality. That was when I knew I had a choice to make:

Option 1: Go into the room and absolutely kill the guy who I was at the time putting all the blame on, and trust me, I would have killed him. He was a scrawny 19-year-old guy who still lived with his parents, it would not have been much of a fight and I would have done some serious jail time.

Option 2: Walk away.

I chose option 2.

I left, got in my car, and drove to my older sister's house who lived maybe 20 minutes away. I sat on her couch and told her what happened. She went back to my flat to kick her out, but by the time she got there, they had both left. She was told via text she had 24 hours to get her stuff and never come back.

I was still angry for a long time, she told people after the break up she wasn't happy for a while as a form of justification and was happy in her new relationship (yes, they got together immediately). I wasn't sleeping, I wasn't eating. I was angry, I had rage. I was living back with my mum, stopped going to Uni. All I could think about was, 'Why?' I gave this girl everything I could, now she was playing happy families with this new guy. I felt like I was the only one who was hurting in this entire situation.

Foolishly, I found out through a friend of a friend where James lived. A solid two weeks after this incident, I decided I had to do something to him. He was the cause for all my pain, so I smartly took a friend with me under the premise that he wouldn't let me kill him or do too much damage; I would have been satisfied with one punch.

I knocked on the door and stepped to the side a little, he had a big glass door so he would of seen me if I stood in front of it. He opened the door and I remember grabbing him by his jumper and pulling him out of the doorway. This was it, he was going to get what he had coming. He opened his mouth and the following words came out of his mouth.

'Please don't hurt me, the girl promised you were not going to hurt me.'

I stopped and looked at this guy cowering, loosened my grip on him and laughed into his face. Him saying that was enough for me, I felt quite sorry for him.

7 years later, I have never been happier. The girl is still with James last I heard and still working at the same Supermarket because she never finished Uni.

I have seen her once in 7 years. She tried coming onto me when she was very very wasted when we ended up at the same bar once. I drank my drink and left without even acknowledging her.

I passed university and have been working as a Broadcast Engineer since. I have a new lady in my life...well, two if you count the little one we have."

Tense Living Arrangement
Tense Living Arrangement

"I was living with my girlfriend of sorts. We had split up but after a while, she told me she wanted to work things out. She seemed genuine about making a life together but I had doubts. At this point we were sleeping in separate rooms. One day as we're driving home, she tells me she wants to start working out with me. I got really excited and told her how much she was going to enjoy working out and how her body was going to change. Muscle growth, being able to run, and weight loss. Apparently, she thought I was calling her fat...

She raged at me all night and became passive aggressive. I apologized to her and bought her flowers. Everything seemed fine, but even though she accepted my apology, it was still eating at her. So two nights later she ditched me and went drinking with her friend. She brought him back to our place and told me I'm not welcome to drink with them. I went to bed. I heard them start to get it on. I couldn't take it. I went to her room and interrupted them. She screamed at me that we're not in a relationship and she could do whoever she wanted. I went back to bed. After crying for a while, I just stared at the ceiling all night."

She Cheated, But Karmic Justice Was Served

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She Cheated, But Karmic Justice Was Served

"My girlfriend at the time and I lived two hours from each other, but I worked a busy schedule so I could only travel to see her three days out of the week and she'd come for a week at a time here and there.

She always made herself available when I'd come back into town, except for this night. She was in my car and said she had a family 'thing.' Her family sucked and her only real family was her sister who was in jail and her father and her son, who were on a trip out of town. We pulled into a convenience store and she ran in to get something to drink. While she was inside, her phone, the phone I bought her, lit up. It was an alert for an email from her ex asking what time he should pick her up. I played it cool and decided to let her lie more. I pried about her plans and she went on that it was her aunt from out of state. Every attempt of mine to try and invite myself was met with an excuse.

The following Monday, while I was at work, I got a text from her asking if I paid for her stuff. I had to pay for her classes and pay her car payment. I told her I did and life went on as normal. That Friday, I was in town. We dropped off our pup at the groomer and we headed to her college and I dropped her off. She called me ten minutes later saying that they canceled her classes due to lack of payment. That's when I told her I knew she cheated. I also told her that her car wasn't paid either. Then I went to the groomer, got the dog, and we haven't seen her since. I had her mail me the phone and it turns out there were a few guys she was cheating on me with. Yay!

It has been about three years now. Last I heard from a mutual friend, she hasn't been back to school and her car was repossessed."

He Didn't Remember Breaking The Door, But That's What Happened


He Didn't Remember Breaking The Door, But That's What Happened

"I walked in and she was acting very nervous. She also wouldn't let me walk to the bedroom. It clicked and I got literal tunnel vision. It was such a strange sensation. I don't remember too much, but the outer edges of my vision were black and I could only hear my own breathing. I guess I pushed her aside like she was a broom (thankfully didn't hurt her). Then I went into the room and realized he was in the bathroom. What I remember is that I opened the door like a regular person, but by her account, I hulk smashed the door open with my fist.

I grabbed him and calmly escorted him out of the house without saying a word. He was bawling like a 12-year-old girl. I closed the front door, turned around, and told her she had an hour to get all of her stuff and leave.

I watched Sports Center until she was gone.

A while later, she came over unannounced. I was ignoring her pleas to give her a second chance. The new girl I started seeing was there and had just finished working out. My ex had gotten really fat while we were together. She was short, which made her look frumpy. The new girl had just finished working out, so she was wearing yoga pants and a sports bra. She's 6'1" and has an amazing body, with curves in all the right places.

The new girl said my ex's jaw hit the floor when she answered the door. Needless to say, I got a lot of angry texts from the ex.

I just ghosted her after that."

He Went To Surprise Her, But Ended Up Getting The Real Surprise

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He Went To Surprise Her, But Ended Up Getting The Real Surprise

"We had been dating for just under a year. Both of our families knew each other on a first name basis and I had a no-knock relationship to their house. She lived with her stepdad and mom on a farmhouse way out in the middle of nowhere.

One Saturday morning, her birthday the day before, I drove up extra early to the house with two dozen roses, where stepdad and mom were already up and drinking sitting around a campfire at like 9 am, but that's normal for them.

I was advised that my ex-girlfriend was still asleep, so I went up to go scare/wake her up, give her the flowers, and hopefully get some good morning action.

I walked into her room, and there she was, mouth full of her ex-boyfriend's junk. The guy was also her baby daddy.

They didn't see me enter because of the position of the bedroom and where/how they were laying, so I quickly snapped a picture of them and walked out.

I walked downstairs and out to where the parentals were, threw the flowers into the fire, and showed stepdad the photo. He went instantly fumed and stormed upstairs. I thought someone was about to get murdered. Baby Daddy was a 120-pound skinny little weasel, and stepdad was a carpenter with arms the size of Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's.

Since neither my ex nor baby daddy drove, no one knew he was there. Her parents hated baby daddy because after knocking up my ex, running away on her, coming back after the baby was born, he slept with her sister, knocked her up, and then ran away again, only to return after the second baby was born. He didn't provide child support or anything.

I grabbed what little things I had there, leaving behind my old cell phone and a laptop I gave her and drove off. I changed my number and blocked her on all sorts of social media."

He's Not Ready To Give Love A Second Chance
He's Not Ready To Give Love A Second Chance

"Both times (yes, both of my wives cheated on me), I found out because I'm a Systems Administrator and they both thought that using my network would be a secure way of communicating with their boyfriends. Let me preface this by saying I did not snoop on their private conversations until I had adequate evidence that they were cheating.

After I had enough evidence, I did some logging on the machines and found out what they were doing.

Both times, when I found out, I was alone in the house so I was able to be upset in peace. The first time, she took the kids and left. That ended with CPS being called on her and the kids being awarded to me.

The second time I had to live in the house with my wife for 6 months until we sold it. Hearing all of her conversations with him, leaving her phone unlocked and awake showing half naked pictures of him, she made sure I knew how much better he was than me.

Needless to say I haven't had another relationship last longer than 30 days since my separation over a year ago. I don't think I ever will."

When She Was Confronted, She Gaslit Her Way Out Of It

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When She Was Confronted, She Gaslit Her Way Out Of It

"I dated a woman for three years and lived with her the majority of that time. She was really bad about leaving her laptop open on the island in our kitchen. I was cooking one evening and kept hearing, 'Ping, ping, ping' from Facebook. I got annoyed after about five minutes of it happening and went to close the computer. I saw that she was talking to her ex-friend with benefits (who didn't even live in the same state as us). Cheating is cheating.

I confronted her and she gaslit her way out of it, demanded that I leave 'her house' immediately 'because her dad is the landlord and he'll freaking kick you out.' She insisted that she was in the right and I was just a jerk for reading her private messages.

She was 21-22 years old at the time and started dating a 16-year-old shortly after we broke up. It cost her her job, which involved her working with teenagers. I dunno who could've reported her for that.

The kid eventually messaged me and asked what my experience in breaking up with her was because he wanted to end their relationship. I was frank with him, she somehow found out what I told him, and started sending me death threats and being creepy in general."

He Played It Cool To Have One Last Night With Her


He Played It Cool To Have One Last Night With Her

"I didn't catch them in the act, fortunately, but I just recently got confirmation that my girlfriend was cheating.

My now ex-girlfriend was in the process of being put on probation due to an at-fault accident while on a suspended license/uninsured. She didn't follow the necessary steps leading up to her probation beginning and was put in jail for a month.

While in jail, her phone was called by her ex 160+ times in the first two days and I knew that wasn't right. Her phone was locked so I couldn't just access her texts, but I remembered that she was logged into Snapchat and Pinterest on my iPad, so I took a look. There were months of conversations, pictures and all kinds of other 'romantic' musings to be found. It turned my stomach and made me feel about two feet tall knowing the girl I had loved and supported through a number of trying times including addiction, depression, crippling anxiety, multiple job losses, and more for over four years could just hurt me like that. I ignored her calls for a few days to regain my composure. I decided that I'd just play it cool and then break up with her after having one more wild night after she'd been gone for a month.

Fast forward to her release, we had a great night and fell asleep with her cuddled up to my chest. I woke up, feeling like I lost a tremendous amount of my resolve...then she decided to call the other guy while she thought I was in the shower and I was instantly infuriated again. I broke up with her and threw her out on the spot.

Even after all the hard evidence I presented or the fact that I walked in while she was planning to meet him, she still didn't have the balls to just admit it. Instead, she said she just talked to him because I was emotionally unavailable and that they always make dates like that but never meet, etc. It's all bullcrap.

Some days, I wake up hating her guts and every time I see her text or call me, I want to lash out. Other days, I miss the crap out of her and want her back. I find myself annoyed by her contacting me at this point, but also annoyed when she doesn't contact me. I'd really like to just block her number, but all of her stuff is still at my house. I'm certain I didn't handle things properly by having my one final night with her when I had every intention of ending things with her."

What Really Happened When She Was Out Of Town For Business

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What Really Happened When She Was Out Of Town For Business

"My wife of six years got a new job in medical device sales and was out of town for three weeks straight for training. The first two weeks went okay, but she had never traveled before so it was difficult for both of us.

I have several friends who work in the industry and they all pretty much paint the same picture: lots of drinking, lots of hooking up.

It's okay, not MY wife. She would never. But the next time we spoke, I could tell something was wrong. She had been talking about this guy quite a bit in our conversations so I asked about him. 'Oh, he's nobody. Just another rep from another state in training with me.'

Regardless, that afternoon I got a text from HIM, explaining that my wife had told him that I was asking about him and he decided to text me to reassure me that he was married, had three kids, nothing was going on. I bought it.

And then, the night before she came home, it happened. At 4 am, I got a phone call from her, but in my slumber, I sent it to voicemail. She was absolutely wasted and had dialed my phone instead of his and left a voicemail. The voicemail consisted of explicit details of their intimate encounters that week and since they will be traveling together in the future, the continuation of more intimate encounters were promised, including details on how she loved it when he did X to her Y and Z.

I got out of bed, walked down the hallway to our daughters' rooms, who were 2 and 4 at the time, grabbed both of them and brought them to bed with me. I held them tight while they slept on each side of me. I cried the remainder of the night, not for me, but for them because their world was going to get turned upside down less than 12 hours from now.

I then got out of bed, logged onto her computer and, after a little investigative sleuthing, I forwarded every iMessage, every picture as well as the voicemail she sent me to his wife.

My wife got home the next day, (at this point she didn't know I knew yet), and she was obviously stressed about something...

Hmm, I wonder what that could be?

To me, there was a LOT at stake. We had just built a new house, had two daughters, a dog, everything. We closed on our house (I had to get power of attorney to sign for her) while she was gone for training and I moved us into the new house. She left with one address and came home to a totally different one.

I went about my business like nothing had happened. I just waited to see how many lies I could catch her in. Also, my divorce attorney said that the worst thing I could do was leave, as that could be considered abandonment. I needed to make the absolute best case I could for my daughters.

After about a week, I had caught her and documented DOZENS of lies. I also found a new reason to believe that he wasn't the first and only now. All of a sudden, out of the blue, SHE GOT A CALL FROM HIS WIFE! I had never seen someone go that white that quick. She was freaking frozen with fear when she answered.

I told her that she messed up the best thing to ever happen to her. She had it all: an adoring husband, two wonderful kids, a beautiful home and a successful career. And she threw it all away to sleep with some jerk from New York because she got caught up in the money and the atmosphere.

She cried, I cried, and when I told her I was leaving her, she locked herself in her car and cried for about an hour. Her rebuttal was that she loved me and we could work it out. The best part was that since her job was all about character and perception and how her physicians saw her, getting a divorce because she cheated on me with a coworker in the first few weeks of her new job would tarnish her character. She was so worried about 'perception' and how she would be looked at in her new role, she completely glossed over the damage she did to me, herself, and most importantly our daughters. That did it for me. I was out.

He was fired from the company for 'misconduct.' She should have been too, in all honesty. Last I heard, is that his wife left him, took the house, the kids, everything. I fought and fought and fought for my kids. My wife was suffering from depression, was a borderline addict, and traveled overnight an average 150 nights a year. Everything that those girls didn't need to be around.

But being the father, I already had that going against me and the courts still sided with her. The girls live with her in the same house I moved her into. I make great money but I couldn't afford that place on my own anyway and figured it would be best to try to keep things as normal as possible for them. I get to see them every day when I pick them up from school and when she is traveling. She makes double what I do, yet I still pay her child support. It's a wonderful world."

At Least One Good Thing Came Of This Debacle


At Least One Good Thing Came Of This Debacle

"I caught her lover leaving as I went over to her place one morning to drop something off. She was in her skimpy nightwear, kissing him goodbye.

First thing that actually flashed across my mind was, 'I gotta get out of here or it's gonna go down.' I was suddenly aware how I have anger issues, and that I had a concealed carry license, and that I was carrying a loaded weapon at that very moment.

I looked at his smug face. I looked at her panicked face. I looked at his smug face again.

I turned and left, climbed on my bike and sped off. I have never rode as fast, recklessly, or as furiously as I did then. I actually think I was trying to kill myself.

I did crash the bike. I was in such a murderous rage that I kept thinking, 'Faster,' for some reason. I entered a curve way too fast and slipped while leaning and trying to make it.

I got up, realized I was messed up, then kept walking into the middle of nowhere. I sat in a clearing and remained there until a policeman found me. I told him what had happened and handed him my weapon, telling him it was best he had it because I felt the thing was demanding to be used (it was just my anger, at the time).

The police officer was sympathetic, drove me to the hospital, and called a tow for the bike. On the ride to the ER, I got to chatting with him and his partner. 10 minutes went by and we were all laughing our butts off, lost in random conversation. Those guys are a couple of my good friends to this day and in many shenanigans, we have been involved since.

Regarding my ex, I never bothered to check."

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