“Mockbusters” are low budget, knock-off movies that smaller studios frequently make to capitalize on the success of blockbusters released by major movie studios. When there's massive hype and interest in a certain movie, mockbusters are made to try to bring in some easy cash. Get ready to shake your head at these mockbuster movies that blatantly rip off other films.

"What's Up?: Balloon to the Rescue"
Brazilian animation studio Vídeo Brinquedo is known for frequently ripping off Disney and Pixar movies, but even this copycat work seems lazy by their standards. A rip-off of "Up," "What's Up?" follows an old man who uses one giant balloon to raise his house instead of thousands. That's pretty much the only difference.
"Bikini Spring Break"
"Spring Breakers" was actually a pretty good movie, getting positive reviews from critics and becoming a sort of modern cult classic. The release of the movie was delayed a year, though, which gave time for the Asylum studio to piece together the cheap knock-off called "Bikini Spring Break." The premises are literally the exact same.
"Paranormal Entity"
"Paranormal Activity" was a sleeper hit in 2007, drawing in huge box office receipts on a dirt-cheap budget. So naturally, The Asylum studio quickly brought out "Paranormal Entity," a shot-for-shot copycat that virtually no one has heard of. And for good reason!
"Frozen Land"
"Frozen" is one of the biggest animated hits of all time, so it's no shocker that other studios wanted to get on board the winter-setting animation trend. After Disney released "Frozen," Phase Four Films released "Frozen Land," which was originally called "The Legend of Sarila." The blatant plagiarism is almost comical when you put the two posters side by side. Disney ended up going to court to sue Phase Four Films.
"Chop Kick Panda"
Gee, these films look TOTALLY different. Originally titled "Tae Kwon Do Panda," this direct-to-video ripoff of "Kung Fu Panda" made by Gaiam Studios received a lot of complaints from Netflix users who thought they were watching the Jack Black movie. Honestly, we can't blame them.
"Sunday School Musical"
We never thought we'd be the ones defending the integrity of the "High School Musical" franchise, but it's hard not to when you see rip-offs like "Sunday School Musical." Released by Faith Films and produced by Asylum Studios, this mockbuster obviously failed to duplicate the success of the Zac Efron movie.
"Kiara The Brave"
Released originally as "Super K," Phase 4 Films retitled this movie "Kiara the Brave" after the success of the Disney Pixar counterpart.
"The Apocalypse"
Released in 2007, The Asylum's direct-to-DVD "The Apocalypse" didn't even try to come up with a clever title. They catered the movie to a Christian audience by creating Faith Films, the faith-focused branch of the studio company (hence the Bible verse on the poster where a critic's blurb would usually go). Still, no one can duplicate the magic of the Bruce Willis original!
"Snakes on a Train"
"Snakes on a Train" is an early Asylum title and put the studio in the forefront of copying big budget movies. That's pretty much the only thing this disaster of a movie is remembered for.
"Aliens VS. Avatars"
The claim to fame for "Aliens VS. Avatars" is that it somehow managed to totally copy two major blockbusters ("Alien" and "Avatar") in a single trainwreck of a movie. That's at least somewhat of an accomplishment, right?
"Pirates Of Treasure Island"
Released a mere week before the 2006 film "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest," the low-budget "Pirates of Treasure Island" billed itself as a retelling of the famous novel "Treasure Island." They're not fooling anyone though— it's impossible not to notice the blatant similarities between it and the blockbuster Disney movie.
"Allan Quatermain and the Temple of Skulls"
Interestingly enough, "Allan Quatermain" is an adaptation of the 1885 novel "King Solomon's Mines," which was used as an inspiration for George Lucas when he first created the character of Indiana Jones with Steven Spielberg. What's ironic is that even the official Indiana Jones reboot would end up being somewhat of a major flop with critics.
"Street Racer"
The sign of a TRUE film buff is the ability to tell these virtually identical movies apart. It's harder than it looks!!
"Apocalypse Z"
The original title of this Italian knockoff was "Zombie Massacre," but it was retitled to coincide with the release of the blockbuster zombie flick starring Brad Pitt.
"Android Cop"
"Android Cop" was released a week before Sony's "RoboCop" hit theaters in 2014. The blockbuster starred Gary Oldman and Samuel L. Jackson among others, so it's safe to say that "Android Cop" didn't even come close to being a worthy knockoff.

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