The night is a generally creepy time. Everything is the same as it was in the daylight, but the dark seems to make it all seem more sinister. The night also seems to offer the perfect time for weird and creepy things to come out of the woodwork. No one has better stories of the creepiness that comes out at night than night-shift workers. The ones in the following stories have experienced the weirdest and most hair-raising experiences that the night has to offer.

(Content has been edited for clarity.)

The Grinch Who Stole The Ski Lift
The Grinch Who Stole The Ski Lift

"I was working late at a ski resort. it was about 11 p.m., and my shift ended at midnight. I was working at the top. The wind had been strong that day and made some of the lights go out.

Anyways, I was sitting up there in this dark shed, freezing my butt off. I hadn't gone to the washroom for the entire seven hours I'd been on the job. I'd only had the same six people come up the lifts in the past hour. Then the lifts stopped. I tried to dial down, but it wasn't working. I tried to restart the lift automatically. It wasn't working.

Then the wind started to pick up and was rattling the windows. That's when I saw a form walking up the hill in one of the floodlights.

I tried my hand radio to see if it was someone coming up to relieve me or something, but oddly it wasn't working. I freaked out, got paranoid and started gathering evidence to prove that weird stuff was going on. I took a picture of the volume, power and channel nobs of the radio. I took video of me restarting shot and snapped pictures of the figure walking up. Then the shadow got to the end of the floodlights path, the three ones after it was out. I lost sight of it for seven minutes. During which I got only a single message. 'Hey McGee, do you see that person walking up the hill?'

'I did, but I can't see them anymore. What's wrong with the lift?'

No answer after that.

Then the shadow hit the third light from the top shack. This one is small and only about 70 feet from the shack. I could barely see the person, but they certainly didn't work here and weren't wearing any ski gear. Then, like God commanded it himself, the snow instantly stopped. The wind, the snow, everything.

The figure is just out of the light's path for less than 30 seconds when the power starts up. When the rest of the lights come on there's no one in sight, and there's a path that goes into the woods heading up towards the shack. Then the wind and snow started again.

I was freaking out. I grabbed my utility knife and clutched it tight. Then I saw another figure, but this time on the lift. it was my manager. FINALLY!!! I was out of there.

On the way back down I saw the path diverge back down the hill right after it hit the woods. When we were just past the halfway mark on the lift, I saw him again. My manager looked at me, and I guess that my fear was insanely obvious. He asked what was wrong.

I looked back down at where I had just seen the person and he was just staring up at us. His torso was sort of like almost bouncing as if he was laughing. Either that or he was crying or coughing.

My manager just looked at me. I could barely make out his white face in the squall.

The next day when I showed up for work, there were cop cars, and there were chairs in the snow.

The jerk apparently sabotaged the lift and assaulted the night manager that caught him on his way down the hill.

I still see him, in the insane detail my brain gave him, just laughing. laughing at me with this twisted smile. this filthy Grinch smile."

The Girl In The Dark
The Girl In The Dark

"I worked in the third largest building on the planet. It's about 3 a.m. on a Sunday, and I'm walking down an aisle in the middle of my department. At this time, the place was nearly vacant as it was a holiday weekend and we had only myself and a skeleton crew of maintenance workers under my direction working in another department, all of whom were males.

As I'm walking by my office on the plant floor, the power goes out and the plant drops into the absolute worst darkness I have ever experienced. The power is gone, I hear the various machines spinning down to rest, and the silence becomes overwhelming relative to the background noise I'd gotten used to. The faint sounds of running water became evident in the moments after the blackout while I'd begun searching my pockets for my phone and the flashlight it offered.

As my hand found the phone, a scream erupted from somewhere nearby. Muffled and distant, it was the kind of scream you hear from a 5-year-old girl in her first haunted house as the clown steps around the corner and fires up the chainsaw. It startled me so bad, I immediately dropped my phone into an alternate dimension. The scream continued, a constantly fading note that seemed to be moving away from my position.

Panicked and terrified, I fumbled around the dirty floor for my phone and found it seconds before the emergency lights lit the plant with the eerie glow of yellow light. Sweat beaded on my forehead as I looked about me, muscles tense and ready to defend against whatever this was. I tried my radio a couple times before I realized that with the power outage, the digital frequencies were useless without the receiver up in the main offices.

I started to move through the various production lines toward where I assumed the scream had originated, my mind working furiously. I had no women in my crew tonight and we were the only people allowed in the plant, so where had the scream come from. Details began to press into my mind that I hadn't noticed before. The apparent youth of the voice behind the scream made no sense, and it was a scream of pain, the kind you cannot even attempt to control. It had faded away from my position gradually and then trailed off as if she had run out of breath.

As I stepped between two products on one of the final assembly lines before a wide open space in the next department, the emergency lights dimmed, that audible electricity buzz filling the space around me. Struggling to understand what was happening, my senses were again knocked askew when the normal plant lights blazed to life above me, leaving spots across my vision for a moment and forcing me to raise a hand to shield my eyes.

As the shadow crossed my vision, I saw it. Or rather, I saw her. Only for that moment, she stood there, hand outstretched toward me, a vague outline, partially hidden behind one of our products. Dark features were the only distinguishable characteristic I can remember as my reflex in the moment had been to blink against the bright lights and she was gone after that.

To this day, I've no idea if what I saw was real or if I had imagined it. No tales are told of the mysterious young woman in the repair hole, not by anyone but myself. No one knows of any deaths matching her description in the area, or ghosts known to haunt the plant. Not a soul had heard a scream in the darkness, not before, during, or after those black predawn minutes. Believe me, I tried to find someone, anyone with information that might explain what I saw, all to no avail.

I'm left wondering with a memory, crisper than any photo I've seen, of that young woman standing in the distance, her arm outstretched toward me. Needless to say, I did not revisit the location of said event."

The Path Not Taken
The Path Not Taken

"I was working a 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. overnight shift as an inventory management specialist. The stockers come in at about 2 a.m. to unload the grocery truck, so we have to move out of their way. One dude came up to me and started a conversation. I'm going along with it, as one does. Until I noticed that his eyes were red and glazed over, and he wouldn't move his eyes away from my chest. Of course, that made me feel awkward, so I crossed my arms over myself. He noticed that and remembered that he had a job to do. So he went to unload the truck. During our seemingly friendly conversation, he asked me, 'What time do you go to lunch?'

My reply, 'Same time as you do. We work the same shift.'

He asks, 'What are you doing?'

So I answer him with, 'Going home and eating.' Duh.

Anyway, so an hour flew by, and my significant other picked me up for lunch, and we drove home. Coming into our driveway, I saw the dude from work, standing expectantly on his porch. I was hesitant to get out of the car. So I got out, grabbed my significant other's hand, and we made our way to our door. Before we got inside, the dude started THROWING A FIT, flailing his arms and legs around, stomping like a child, and all that. He kicked the door open, kicked a bunch of stuff that was by his door, (boxes or something) and went inside. Where we heard him screaming at his wife and kids about something. I called the cops and they dragged him out. Turns out he was inebriated. No clue what his plans were, but he did know that I usually walked home alone. The same path he takes."

You May Die... Goodnight!
You May Die... Goodnight!

"I used to work in one of the booths at a parking ramp for one of the biggest hospitals in the area. The ramp had two lanes, and the bathroom was in the secondary booth. I worked until 3 a.m. Every time I had to go to the bathroom, I had to go over to the other booth. Also, I drink a lot of coffee and have a small bladder. This is important.

One night, a doctor was leaving, and everything seemed normal. She paid, I hit the 'cash' button and the gate opened. She started to drive away and then this happened. She said, 'Oh, I was wondering. Do your booths lock? The windows and the doors?'

I said, 'Yes.'

'Oh, okay. Because the building right next to the ramp is the psych ward. Sometimes the patients escape, and I wanted to make sure you were safe.'"

Graveyard Visitor
Graveyard Visitor

"My dad used to work nights for the city, spraying weeds and what not. He was doing a graveyard one night and he said for some reason he just felt terrified suddenly and looked behind him. About 50 feet away, there was this old guy sitting on a headstone, just giving my dad the 1,000-yard stare. My dad tried to ask him what he was doing out there and told him to leave. The guy just sat there, staring my dad in the eye. He took the rest of the night off and came home visibly shaken up, and he wasn't the type to let that stuff show."

Room 206
Room 206

"I was the night auditor at a semi-swanky hotel next to the airport. One night I get a call from a lady in 204. She says there was arguing, loud banging and crying coming out of 206. I check the computer, but no one is checked into that room due to maintenance issues. What? I called my supervisor to see what to do. She tells me to call on-site security and follow them up with a key.

I am the bigger man and go up. As we get off the elevator, we can hear the crying. My heart starts racing as we near the door, so I hand the key to the security guard. The next five minutes seemed to happen in slow motion. He opens the door and immediately flicks on the light.

As we enter the room, the shower is on, and steam is coming from under the door. There is only one lamp on in the room. It's cold and there is a lady in a red lacy bra and black panties, with red hair curled up crying in the bed. She was facing away from us. As Frank approached her, he asked if everything was okay, she sort of stopped crying and rolled over. When she did a wave of horror came over me. She was pale, covered in blood, and was just staring behind us. That's when we realized the shower had stopped and the door was open. There was a man standing in the doorway. As we turned around, the cops tased him and arrested him.

Turns out, he was a criminal who hides in hotel rooms, kidnaps women who stay there, and cuts them open. To this day, I will never go to a hotel again."

The Uninvited Guest
The Uninvited Guest

"Working night shift at a care home, there are only two people work at night. We get everyone to bed and tidy up, then sit down to watch TV and answer if any of the residents ring the bell.

The doorbell rings at 2 a.m. This is weird as the home is in the countryside, about 10 miles from the nearest village. We go to investigate and find a man at the front door. He asks if he can use the phone as his car's broken down. He isn't allowed in but we offer to phone a tow truck for him, he agrees. We go get the phone and when we come back to the door he's gone.

It's weird, but we think maybe he's just gone back to his car or something. We go back to sit down but can see down the corridor that the man is now inside, standing in the TV room. He doesn't see us, so we run and hide, we still have the phone to call the cops but they take a while to get to us.

About 15 minutes later, the cops show up, we let them in and they search the place and calm us down. The man isn't found anywhere, and we call management to send some more staff out to stay with us during the night. The manager arrives, police leave. We're back watching TV and chatting, a bit calmer now when we hear the front door open then close. We go to investigate and start calling the cops again. I look out the window to see the man running away down the driveway. He'd been in the home the entire time the cops were there.

No idea what he wanted, but I'm glad I don't work there anymore. Night shifts are creepy enough in a care home even without intruders."

Kid Games
Kid Games

"Right out of college, I got a job as a nanny for two elementary-aged girls. For their anniversary, the parents went on a week-long cruise, and I stayed home with the kids. The first few nights, the 8-year-old would come into my room multiple times a night and wake me up. It was obvious she hadn't pre-planned what she was going to give me as a reason for waking me, so she would stumble through an excuse on the spot like 'I just wanted to make sure we are still going to the park tomorrow,' or, 'I think I forgot to brush my teeth and wondered if I should do it now or wait until the morning.'

I figured she was just missing her parents and feeling out-of-sorts, so I let it slide at first. But by the fourth or fifth time, knowing I needed sleep to keep up with two active kids, I told her that she wasn't to wake me up unless there it was an emergency.

I get a couple more hours of undisturbed sleep but wake up with a weird feeling around 5 a.m. I turn over and nearly pee myself - the girl had brought over a chair right next to the bed and is staring down at me. It didn't help that she had long, dark hair, and this happened a few months after 'The Ring' came out.

Her explanation? 'I just thought it would be fun to watch you sleep. I didn't wake you!' Touche, kiddo."

A Real Jurassic Park Moment
A Real Jurassic Park Moment

"I used to work in a lab where I would do behavioral testing on rats, that would sometimes go late into the night.

There was a creek behind the building on this college campus, and there were lots of bushes/grass everywhere. During the testing, I spent a lot of time in my car in the parking lot, waiting for the testing to be completed. One night, I was in my car, and I noticed a coyote walking nonchalantly across the parking lot. He crossed the view in front of my car, from the left to the right, coming about 10 feet from the front of my car. I decided to open my door and stand up to look at him. I wasn't too worried about him attacking me, I just thought he looked cool. So I'm standing there, and we're looking at each other, eye to eye. A grey, healthy looking coyote, with no fear in his eyes. As he passes in front of my car, he slows and then stops, and stands there looking at me. His posture isn't threatening, he's just looking at me the way I am looking at him. I am thinking to myself how neat it is that I'm safe, and we can just look at each other for a moment. Then I start to double-check whether or not I am actually safe. I had figured, if he bolted for me, I could just get in the car and close the door. Even if he got to me, I was sure I could handle him with the knife clutched in my hand.

I'm thinking this when it hits me: coyotes probably don't hunt alone. I had one of those 'he's right behind me, isn't he?' moments and I turned around to find another coyote, about 10 feet behind me, staring at me just as nonchalantly as the one in front of me. I basically had a 'clever girl' scene on my hands, and I remember what happened to the poor Australian guy trying to outsmart the raptors. Luckily, their behavior didn't freak me out, so I was calm enough to just stare at this guy too, for what felt like an eternity but was probably only 10 seconds. After that, they just turned their heads and carried on their way into the center of the building complex/parking lot, where I got to watch them hang out looking for rabbits for the next few nights."

Everything Is Fine
Everything Is Fine

"I work the night shift as an EMT in a large city. One night, around 2 a.m., we get a call for a psychiatric problem in one of our more slummy neighborhoods. Dispatch tells us to stage and wait for police to make contact first. So we're sitting maybe two blocks down the street in the ambulance, and I'm looking down texting, and my partner goes, 'Ummm' So I look up and there's this lady walking down the street straight at us. I check the notes on the call, and the girl matches the description.

I just say, 'Well, screw that.' I put the truck in drive and go around the corner another block or so.

So about a minute later, this chick turns the corner, and she is walking FAST. I check the call notes again, 'patient possibly armed' so another screw this moment and drive onto a street that SHOULD have an outlet. Nope, unmarked construction. Well then. I turn the truck around and this girl is just standing about 20 feet away. I get out and ask her if she's Okay. She stares at me and goes, 'Are you here for that crazy lady three streets over?'

I say, 'Maybe. If we are talking about the same person.'

'Oh, she's fine!' She gets deadly serious, 'I'd stay away if I were you.'

So she walks back the way she came, we try to keep her in sight for as long as possible, long enough that we could reasonably assume she's the patient. A few minutes later, the police arrive and clear us in. We go to the house and there are security cameras everywhere around the house. No one answers the door. I'm checking in windows to see if I see anyone. The house is just off. I can't explain it, but it was just not quite right. Never did make contact with someone we could confirm was the patient. Gave me the chills."

The Cops Aren't Even Right Here
The Cops Aren't Even Right Here

"I bartend at a local dive that is open until 5 a.m., so naturally, most of the customers are inebriated by the time they even get there. It was a slow night, so I spent much of the time chatting with a couple different groups of guys. Everything seemed very normal. Suddenly, I heard angry shouting coming from the men's room about 15 feet away from me. I turned around to see a male customer holding a weapon to another male customer's head. The two were struggling with one another when a third man ran up to them with a weapon as well. The three of them make their way out the front door as the one without a weapon stops fighting. The bouncer is calling 911 while myself and the rest of the customers are in shock. We actually come to find out that the men with weapons are off-duty police officers and were inebriated. Apparently, the civilian man had offered the first cop illegal substances in the washroom, setting off this chain of events. I'm not sure what charges, if any, the man with the substances faced, but detectives did come in about a week later to question me about the actions of both officers. The last I heard, they were both suspended, and rightfully so."

Nightclub Creeps
Nightclub Creeps

"I worked overnight at a 24-hour coffee shop in the US. Only our drive-thru was open, so we didn't have to worry about the cafe. Our store was right beside a brand new extremely hyped up nightclub, so when we were slow, our favorite pastime was looking out the drive-thru window at the show outside.

One night, two girls left the club and got to their car in our lot. One of the girls was incredibly inebriated and upset about seeing her ex in the club and was struggling against her friend to go back to the club to talk to him. She throws a hissy fit and lays down in the middle of our parking lot. Her friend cannot get her to stand up and get out of the drive-thru lane.

So I go outside to pick her up so she isn't run over. Now, she was at the club, so she is wearing next to nothing, just the flimsiest, tiniest, tightest fitting dress I have ever seen. She was maybe all of 90 pounds, so picking her up was easy, but trying not to touch her inappropriately was more difficult. I tried to put her in the car, but she began squirming and pushing back from the car which made it impossible to get her in. At the same time, her squirming was making her dress ride way up her body and made it unfeasible for me to continue to hold her without accidental touching.

So I carried her to the patio and set her down with some water, while her friend tries to talk her into getting in the car to go home. After some time people begin leaving the club, and a group of guys notices two pretty young girls on the patio. They proceed to chat up the girls and try to convince them that they will give the extremely sloshed girl a ride home.

They were trying to pull the girl up from the seat, but her friend had sat down with her which helped keep the group from picking her up and carrying her away. I went outside and these guys were being creepy in not only what they were saying, but how they were saying it. They tried getting me to agree with them that their plan was the right one, and were annoyed when I eventually convinced the girl to go with her friend. The guys skulked around the patio for about twenty minutes before finally shuffling off to god knows what."

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