Late Night Rendezvous
Late Night Rendezvous

"I was a bartender for a few years, and one night around 1:30 AM I had this car pull up on the side street in front of the bar. I was talking to a guy at the bar and noticed the car pull up with its lights off and just sit there.

I had probably a dozen or so people in my bar, so it wasn't empty. I got a bad feeling about it, so I went over and locked the front door. I didn't even get back behind the bar before a car tears into the parking lot, 2 guys jump out the passenger side and start trying to force the door open.

When they couldn't, they jumped back into the car and peeled out of the parking lot with the car that was sitting on the street peeling out after them. I will admit that it was dark, but I swear I saw at least one of them carrying a weapon.

The worst part was that the owner didn't even believe me when I told him what happened the next day. He had to hear it from 2 other people who were in the bar."

An Eerie Encounter
An Eerie Encounter

"I used to work in bars starting at age 16 (I'm from the UK). I would walk home from the city to where my parents lived out in the country. It was a 1.5 hour walk from work (taking a taxi would use up all the money I made actually working and there were no buses at 3 in the morning).

One day, I was outside the city limits on the country roads. Nothing but fields and patches of woodland around me. I ran into a woman on the street, walking really funny and limping, and muttering to herself. She was dressed in a nice dress, and had clearly removed or lost her shoes.

I tried not to make eye contact, as I thought she was just tipsy and trying to head home. It didn't occur to me that she could be lost or in trouble, but in retrospect, she was probably lost at the very least.

She passed, and I kept walking a few feet. Then I turned around and she was standing in the middle of the road only ten feet away, staring at me. Suddenly she ran straight towards me, grabbed me by my work shirt, and pushed me to the ground. She was screaming obscenities at me the whole time.

I pushed her off, then ran full pelt home. No idea if she followed me after. My brother thought she must have been on something. But it was honestly terrifying, and I never saw her again."

Who Are You?
Who Are You?

"I work at a library and before closing, I will go up to the top floor by myself to make sure it's empty, and then turn out the lights. One night I turned the lights out and saw another light coming from the long hallway lined with study rooms.

I went over there and turned off the light that was left on in one of the rooms. While I was turning to go back to the elevator bank, I saw a man standing at the end of the hallway in the darkness.

I was very scared, because I'd just checked the whole floor and saw nobody, so I kind of locked up for a second and just stared at him and he just stared back. He seemed just as apprehensive to do anything. I started walking towards him and saying something about the library being closed, and that's when I realized it was my reflection in a mirror."

The Ghostmobile
The Ghostmobile

"I do a lot of driving at night (mostly between 10 pm and 4 am) for my job. I drive a truck, not a big rig or anything, but the biggest truck you can get without needing a CDL. The truck has a rearview camera for backing, but I like to leave it on all the time so I have a rear view in addition to my side mirrors.

I was on a long stretch of boring highway, and there were no other vehicles in sight. Eventually, I saw a pair of headlights in my mirror, and I notice it's getting close pretty fast. I'm in the slow lane and I assume that this car is going to move over to the left and pass me, no problem.

Instead, the car kept coming up behind me in the right lane and was close enough behind me that I couldn't see the car in my mirrors, all I could see was that there were headlights behind me and headlights in my rearview camera.

I kept my pace but was starting to get annoyed that this car wasn't passing. There were no exits anywhere for the next few miles. After a few minutes of this car following me it just... disappears. The lights go off, I check both my mirrors and the rearview camera, but there's no car, no lights, nothing.

I was a bit freaked out at this point, and started wondering if maybe this guy turned off his lights and he's just chilling in my blind spot? So I slow down a bit...and there was still no car. I have no idea where it went."

Fun! Fun! Fun!
Fun! Fun! Fun!

"I work at a 24 hour store and the usual night person quit, so I stepped up and decided to take three of their shifts one week.

Usually you get people bugging out for whatever reason at three or four in the morning, looking for snacks or just wandering around, probably on something. But on the second night, some really freaky stuff happened.

Some giant guy, like 6"4' and 360 lbs walks in at 2 am. I do the usual greeting and ask him if he needs help finding anything. That's when he says in a PeeWee Herman type voice, 'Vaseline, it's a special night and I can't seem to find it anywhere. The biggest ones you've got.'

So I show him where it is, and he goes and gets a cart, only to take all the Vaseline we have on the shelves. Must've been at least 20 tubes of the stuff. That's when he approaches me again and asks in that weird voice if we have marshmallows. I tell him, yes, and again, he clears the shelf.

Now I've seen some weird customers at this time of night, as has my manager on duty, so she asks me to keep an eye on him. I find him in the hosiery section buying all sorts of pantyhose, and now I'm curious as heck.

I ask him if he needs another cart, (his was filled to the brim with the three items) and he looks at me and says in that high pitched voice, 'Thank you honey, you're so sweet. I would love another one.'

That's when I notice his pupils are ultra-dilated, like I could see my reflection in those things. So I get him another cart and he thanks me, then proceeds to check out, which was weird since he didn't use that second cart at all.

I ring everything up and it comes to about $170, and that's when it gets really weird. He takes out a knife from his pocket and says, 'Oh, do I still have to pay you?' I'm freaking out but I keep my cool and say, 'Yeah, that would be nice.'

He puts the knife back, staring at me dead in the eyes the entire time, and hands me his card. I swipe it and give it back to him, all the while he's still staring at me. The receipt prints and he says, 'I don't want it, you can burn it. Thanks, and have a very special night darling.'

He then proceeds to put the empty cart back, and rides the other one kiddie style out into the parking lot, shouting, 'Fun! Fun! Fun!'

I was paranoid the whole night and vowed never to work overnight again. That guy still haunts me, and I constantly wonder what the heck someone's going to do with $170 worth of Vaseline, marshmallows, and pantyhose."

A Woman Alone
A Woman Alone

"I was working the graveyard shift at the gas station Sunday through Thursday night. My customers were typical wasted people, vacationers fueling up, and morning zombies coming for their coffees.

My scariest experience was when a guy started to hit on me and ask for my number. He would not take no for an answer and was always there when I came in for my shift. Mind you, I am a woman alone. I was not allowed to have anything to defend myself, because it was against company policy (though I had easy access to phone the police).

Well, this one particular night he wanted to touch me. I wasn't having it. My throat started getting hot, and before I was about to verbally assault this creep, a regular walked in the door with her hand on her weapon. She is my hero, a security officer who stops by to grab lollipops before heading to the field. He left hurriedly and I have never seen him since."

Window Watcher
Window Watcher

"I work the night shift as a security guard in a building with big windows and low foot traffic. I've always had a paranoia of some scary grim reaper type tapping on the glass at the window.

One night, I was minding my own business getting some paperwork done, and I hear a thud-thud-thudthudthud-thud-thud on the glass, and look over to see what looked like a homeless guy staring into my soul.

My heart jumped, but I knew I needed to see what the guy needed. As I got out of my chair my brain decided that now would be an appropriate moment for an involuntary scream. What came out of my mouth was almost the exact wimpy scream that Dule Hill makes as Gus on the show Psych -- kind of a 'wuuuuhhhhuhuhuaaaaaah,' if I had to spell it out.

By the time the involuntary scream was finished, the logical part of my brain had gotten me over to the window, and I managed to open it. I was trying to play it cool as if I hadn't just freaked out, and it turned out it was a lost truck driver asking for directions, so I felt like an idiot. But it's a funny story, mostly because I can reenact that involuntary scream."

One Word Haunted Her The Most
One Word Haunted Her The Most

"I worked at a psychiatric hospital for a few years. On the adolescent unit of the floor I worked on, we had a kid who was schizophrenic. He was severely paranoid and refused to sleep.

He dragged a chair into the doorway of his room and would sit in the chair, staring at me most of the night (he'd fall asleep eventually, but for most of the night it was staring). One night, in particular, he kept talking to himself and would randomly hiss, 'Satan.' I could ignore the random mumbling, but the 'Satans' cut through the silence like a knife. It was weird.

The hospital was old, and lots of people claimed it was haunted. I didn't pay much mind to that claim until the toilets starting flushing by themselves every so often (the bathrooms were separate from the rooms, and locked. People had to ask us to unlock the door to get in), and I'd hear noises like people shuffling around in empty units.

Now I work as a nurse aide at a convent and have handled several deaths, as these women are all between 70-100. Every so often I see a nun out of the corner of my eye, in the traditional habit (though only a few really wear the full outfit anymore), or a light will be on in a room that hasn't been occupied for weeks/months since the lady who lived there died. Weird stuff."


"When I was in my early twenties, I worked at a small pet store that had two shops in different cities, and I would commute between them every day.

Sometimes customers would special order products that were out of stock at one location but happened to be in stock at the other, so I would swing by one of the stores at night on my way home (anywhere from 10 pm to 3 am) and grab what the customers needed before returning to work the next morning.

Anyway, I had a particularly short list of items to grab one night, so I didn't bother locking the back door behind me when I entered. 'I'll just be in and out,' I thought. 'No one's gonna sneak in behind me.' Big. Mistake.

As I'm turning on the lights and starting to grab the items I need, I suddenly hear a strange man's voice coming from somewhere in the store. 'Hello?' he says. I freeze, and my blood turns ice cold.

I'm a girl, completely alone and unarmed in a closed store with a strange man who snuck in. 'Uh...h-hello?' I respond. 'Hello?' he asks again. Terrified, I slowly make my way towards the opposite side of the store, peeking around the aisles trying to see where he is.

I round the corner of an aisle. 'Uh, sir...' I say as I round the corner of another aisle. 'I'm sorry but the store is clo...'

And there, staring me in the face... was a blue and gold macaw in a cage. Someone had donated their parrot that day. 'Hello?' it said. I just about died."

They Learned A Little Something About Dead Bodies That Night


They Learned A Little Something About Dead Bodies That Night

"My father was a paramedic and got called out one night to pick up a guy who was found dead in his truck. The dude had apparently been there a while because rigor mortis set in. To make things creepier, it was apparently during a large thunderstorm. My dad and his partner got the dude out of the car and managed to straighten all the limbs out well enough to put the dead guy on the stretcher. It was like 3 am and the mortician wouldn't get into the morgue until 4. They opted to drive around waiting instead of posting up at the station. About 15 minutes into the drive, the dead dude apparently sat straight up and let out a large moan. The dude was still dead but it scared the crap out of everyone. Later my dad figured out that when you straighten out a rigored body, gasses shift and cause weird things."

A Disturbing Phone Call
A Disturbing Phone Call

"I used to work at a gas station during the graveyard shift. One night, a customer I had never seen before came in and asked to use the phone. I was already behind, and let him do it despite being told not to.

He told me he was calling a cab because his ride wasn't coming for him anymore and he didn't want to walk the 30 miles home. So I gave him the phone, and he called the cops. He told them that he was schizophrenic and was hearing voices.

He stated that the voices were telling him to kill people and that he was a danger to himself and others. He handed me back the phone and sat outside. I locked the door on him, and within five minutes, three cop cars, two fire trucks, and one ambulance took him away."

The Faceless Man
The Faceless Man

"One night I saw what looked like a faceless man walking on the side of the road on my drive into work, and mentioned it to my boss when I clocked in. Maybe two hours later, I was walking out of the bathroom and my boss comes up, doing that scared half-run thing.

She says she just saw him in the parking lot circling my car. We freaked out for a couple minutes, then ran out with the biggest shelf stocker, only to find footprints in the snow leading up to my car, handprints in the frost on my windows, and then a trail of footprints walking out the other side of the parking lot.

Security footage showed NOTHING, but the cameras weren't good enough to show the handprints appearing on my windows. It didn't show anyone approaching my car either.

I keep telling myself it was a dumb prank she did with the stocker guy, but there weren't prints leading from the gas station to the little area out behind the dumpsters where the employees parked."

Screaming For Help
Screaming For Help

"When I was younger, I would transport mail from local offices to distribution centres. One night around 2 am, I pull up outside the city at the county depot, and I'm loading crates of mail onto my 5-ton truck.

I had the feeling that someone was watching me. I'll add that in my spare time I had been watching a lot of creepy lurker type horror movies on Netflix. The area is dead silent, and I had stopped for a brief second.

All of a sudden, something grabbed my leg. I screamed and screamed. I screamed as if I were the cliché young woman running through the woods in her bra and underwear.

I screamed loud enough for the neighbouring houses to turn their bedroom lights on. In my panicked state, I saw a cat running from my area. It was a stupid cat that had brushed up on the leg I thought I was being grabbed by.

As I'm finishing up my collection, police show up regarding a disturbance. They were laughing at me after they searched the area and my truck looking for a female in distress. Not my proudest moment."

Last Call For Loons
Last Call For Loons

"I'm a bartender, so I usually head home around 2-4am. One slow Monday night, we were about to close the restaurant when a seemingly homeless woman walked into the bar. Working in a city, we're used to vagrants making their way into the bar so kicking her out would be easy.

My manager yelled to her, 'Hey sorry! We're closing up. We won't be able to serve you. You'll have to leave.' She kept walking slowly and silently toward the bar, staring straight ahead with a blank face.

As she walked closer, we realized she looked unusual for a homeless woman. Her skin was grey. I've never seen a skin color like hers in my life. It wasn't dirty or old or tanned. It was a very light grey that was tight, with almost no wrinkles. She also had a tattoo of four lines on her face, and they all started at one point in the center of her chin, then continued down her neck in a ray-like pattern. Plus she had no shoes on.

Once she reached the bar, she went to pull out a chair when my manager yelled again, 'Hey! We're closing up. Also, you can't be in here without shoes on. You're need to leave now.' She continued to sit down, then turned her head slowly to me. Locking eyes with me, she said, 'I like you.'

At this point, my finger was on the bar panic button (most bars have them so they can get immediate police response). Our bouncer finally made his way over, and put his hand on her shoulder to ask her to leave.

The minute he touched her, she broke out into this extremely loud, high pitched, manic scream. It was like a scream out of a horror movie. What made it creepier, the whole time she was screaming she was looking at me dead in the eye without blinking.

She wasn't moving, so my bouncer went to forcibly remove her from the bar. I pushed the panic button, and watched my bouncer pull this woman away as she was screaming uncontrollably, all while staring straight at me. The police came fairly quickly and took her away. To this day, that is still the creepiest night I've ever had at work."

He Heard A Child Screaming Their Lungs Out
He Heard A Child Screaming Their Lungs Out

"About 10 years ago I was an apprentice for a plumber that was contracted with a popular fitness chain. One night I was doing pool maintenance alone, and was literally the only one in the entire building. Generally I would shock the water with liquid bromine and throw a pool floater with a chlorine tablet in it.

Well, this particular night I was out of liquid bromine, so I grabbed a solid bromine tablet and a pool floater, and carved away at the tablet with a knife so it would fit (they are purposely shaped to not fit for reasons I'll explain later). I then had the idea to jam a chlorine tablet on top of it to save me the time of prepping another floater and fishing it out later.

I chuck the thing into the pool and head off to change a membrane in a leaky bathroom sink. As I'm unscrewing the faucet, I hear a high pitched scream, and it sounds like a child is screaming their lungs out.

It's coming from the pool room, I'm frantic, and start running towards it thinking I'm going to save a child. As I'm about to round the corner, the scream turns into a very low pitched hum, almost demonic in nature, so I stop. 'What the heck!,' is all I'm thinking. I peak around the corner and BANG the pool floater explodes.

Turns out you can't mix bromine and chlorine in their dry forms. The scream was the pressure buildup escaping out of one of the pool floater's holes, and I assume the change in pitch was from it melting. I ended up needing a respirator in order to go fish out the pool floater and open all of the doors. My 1 hour job turned into an 8 hour nightmare, and I got scared half to death."


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