Sitcom Neighbors Are Not Even This Outrageous
Sitcom Neighbors Are Not Even This Outrageous

"My current neighbors are terrible.

It is a couple who fights constantly. I have had to go over to their house and ask them to stop because they are loud enough that I can hear them in my house. When they are not fighting, they are loudly making love in their backyard. I get it: it's their yard and they can do what they want. But loudly screaming 'Harder! Harder!' is not OK to do outside when other people can hear you. I have kids and now I have to keep a window open because of their behavior.

The woman saw my daughter at the neighborhood mailboxes and told her my wife 'sleeps around' and other nasty things.

I complained to my homeowner association, who I am sure advised them to knock it off. About two weeks after I complained, the police came to my house and said they had received information that I was dealing illicit substances.

To top it off, a large section of the fence between our properties is falling over due to a tree on their side of the fence with a branch growing into the fence. They refuse to cut the branch and also refuse to help pay to repair the fence. It has gone on like this for almost a year.

I am moving in six weeks."

This Guy Really Left His Mark On The Neighborhood
This Guy Really Left His Mark On The Neighborhood

"My parents' neighbor owns a landscaping company and has a dump truck. His house is set further back from the road than theirs' so his driveway, which is right on the property line, extends past their house and next to their backyard.

One day, my dad noticed the neighbor turning the dump truck around in my parents' backyard when the ground was very soft from some recent rain. He went to the back and sure enough, there were giant ruts in my parents' yard.

When my dad confronted the neighbor about using their backyard to turn around, the neighbor responded by saying, 'I'm sorry, but if I turned it around in my yard, it would have left ruts in my lawn.'

He knew it would leave ruts, didn't want them in his yard, and left them in my parents' yard instead."

Usually The Bad Neighbor Gets The Cops Called ON THEM


Usually The Bad Neighbor Gets The Cops Called ON THEM

"This lady from New York moved in across the street from me when I was about 15. She spent the next six years dragging her poor dog out whenever there was activity she wanted to spy on and called the police on the most mundane things.

My pregnant sister got caught in the rain while in the car with her baby daddy? Call the cops! She's a 'lady of the night'!

The garbage men accidentally switched our trash cans? Call the cops! We are stealing her trash!

The next time the garbage men switched our trash cans, we switched out trash cans and traded them back on trash day? Call the police. We are stealing her trash again.

She called the cops once because we, apparently, switched which pegs her ferns were hanging from on her porch. Her picture evidence failed to show that they were switched.

After the hurricane, we went around giving out ice and water because we had power. According to our neighbor, we were selling illicit substances, or poisoning people, or got power back in a sneaky way. We had to have been running a generator to have power at night. Only, we did not own a generator and we had simply gotten our power back.

Quick fun fact: she once waved down my mom to let her know a black man gave me a ride home from school.

She actually was being fined for wasting 911's time! She was so annoying!"

A Merciful Infestation
A Merciful Infestation

"I didn't really interact with my upstairs neighbors when I was in my first apartment, but their religion prohibited them from killing anything... including roaches.

Their apartment became a breeding ground and the roaches would spill into the rest of the building, including mine below. It was a horrible experience and I felt so hopeless because it didn't matter how clean we were or how diligent. The buggers were always everywhere."

Any Chance Of Friendship Shattered
Any Chance Of Friendship Shattered

"My neighbor accidentally discharged a loaded weapon and the bullet went through our sliding glass door and ended up in the pantry. We were alerted when 80% of the glass fell on the floor. I'm 5'7" and could walk through the sliding glass door without opening it.

The round was found in a box of pancake mix about 6 inches over my head so the odds of it hitting me, had I been in the kitchen or walking around my house at the time, were very high."

A Call For Help From Next Door


A Call For Help From Next Door

"When I was a child, I didn't realize my neighbor was an abusive addict.

One time, while my family was about to start eating dinner, a woman opened my front door and came into the house, screaming, 'Please! I need to use your phone to call the police!'

She was frantic and crying and had make-up running down her face.

It turns out that she was a 'lady of the night' my neighbor had hired. At one point during their interaction, he pulled out a loaded weapon and threatened her in some way. Eventually, he went to get another drink and she seized that opportunity to run to my house.

There were other times when I saw him doing pretty horrible things, but this one stands out as it was the first time I saw someone in fear for their life and first time I saw a 'lady of the night.'"

This Woman Must Have Been Gunning For A 'Worst Neighbor' Award


This Woman Must Have Been Gunning For A 'Worst Neighbor' Award

"I shared a driveway with my neighbor. I once saw her outside at 4 am with a laser pointer trying to find property lines. She wanted to put a gate up blocking the driveway so we would have to knock on her door to be allowed to come and go.

Additionally, she once had a party on her roof, tried to sleep with my husband, and shot BBs at our dog. There are tons more that I'm choosing to forget."

Children Beware Of The Grandmonster

Aaron Amat/Shutterstock

Children Beware Of The Grandmonster

"When I was very young, we lived next door to an elderly couple and their adult daughter. The adult daughter had kids and grandkids of her own, but she had some issues and couldn't live on her own or with her children.

I don't remember how it started, but she started venturing further into our property until, one day, she walked right into our house while we were in the living room. My mother was pregnant at the time and babysitting other children. My mom was so startled, she jumped up and chased her out of the house.

On another occasion, she came storming over to our house with a mop in her hand determined to attack my mother. My mom had to call my uncle to come over and I remember him putting his entire body weight on the door to keep her out. The police ended up getting called and she was taken away for psychiatric evaluation.

Later, the police had to come back to talk to my parents because, while being evaluated, she claimed that my mother had kidnapped her son, chained him in the basement, and then cut him up and cooked him. Obviously, none of that was true.

After that, if we were playing outside and she came out, we immediately ran inside and locked the doors. I don't know what her diagnosis was or why she fixated on my mother.

We eventually moved when I was around 12."

WARNING: May Ruin Your Day If You Are A Cat Person

Real Moment/Shutterstock

WARNING: May Ruin Your Day If You Are A Cat Person

"My neighbor hated cats, so he put out cat traps around his house (the type which crushes a leg), which my cat got caught in. He dragged himself home. It crushed his leg and pelvis so he had to be put down.

My neighbor was given a warning for animal abuse and was later charged due to his treatment of his own pets.

I hated that guy."

Hoarding For Sport
Hoarding For Sport

"I was living in a crappy part of town at the time. I had a couple of older neighbors who could have starred in a Hoarders marathon.

The garage door was bowing out and splitting in areas due to the amount of junk forced into it. To top that, they had hundreds of feral cats with horrible defects. They kept the front door open 24/7 so the cats could come in and out of the house, at least the ones that lived long enough to.

I would have to crawl under my house to remove the dead ones so my house didn't reek every few days."

After A Death In The Family, The Neighbors Threw Salt In The Wound
After A Death In The Family, The Neighbors Threw Salt In The Wound

"My sister passed away and we had everyone in our entire family meeting and staying at our house. We lived in a townhouse and had two carports, plus there was a number of visitor parking spaces.

The day before the funeral, we woke to find that all of our cars had the tires deflated.

Our neighbor was crazy and had a son who was just as crazy and vile as she. We couldn't prove it, but they were the culprits. We called the cops and they did nothing. When we first moved in, she gifted us with a decoration for our backyard. We displayed it and it mysteriously disappeared one month later. We later saw it hanging in her backyard.

She kept picking on us and we did absolutely nothing to her."

A Curse Follows Her Wherever She Goes


A Curse Follows Her Wherever She Goes

"I moved a lot growing up, so I've had a few bad neighbors.

One neighbor in Florida was a known kleptomaniac. He would steal the most random items around the neighborhood. When someone moved out of a house, he would dig up the plants from the yard and sell them online. We would just wake up one morning and all of the plants would be gone with a trail of dirt leading to his house.

When his house foreclosed, he stole all of the doors off their hinges before moving out. He stole another neighbor's bicycle when they left their garage door open. The owner knew it was the klepto, so he just walked over to his house and took it back without calling the cops. We also later found out that he was going through a nasty divorce from his wife...who was once his therapist.

My neighbors in Pennsylvania would catcall me frequently when I walked home from school in my Catholic uniform. I was 10 at the time. Luckily, they stopped when my mom glared at them.

Several neighbors in Texas were horrible. I was pretty young at the time but if I remember correctly, a couple of them were discovered and later convicted as child predators. Another neighbor was Darlie Routier, a woman convicted of murdering her two children. It's freaky, especially considering my brother would hang out at her house sometimes with the two sons since they shared the same friend circle.

So, yeah, I've had a few bad neighbors."

Never Heard of Privacy?

Oleg Golovnev/Shutterstock

Never Heard of Privacy?

"I wouldn't say this was the worst neighbor I have ever had, but I would say the creepiest."

While living in Los Angeles, I was staying in a nice area called Miracle Mile and most of the residents there are fairly young. I stayed in an apartment complex that had two floors. My apartment was on the second floor and I had a neighbor under me.

My girlfriend at the time lived in Oregon. She came to visit for the first time and stayed for a week. One day while walking out of my apartment, we heard someone downstairs leaving as well. We made our way to the staircase and once we got down to the bottom floor, my neighbor who lived directly under me said, 'Hello.' Mind you, this is my first encounter with her after having lived there for seven months. Then she said, 'Hey, I'm also from Oregon.'

My girlfriend and I looked at each other puzzled as to how she knew that. She then asked, 'How was your dinner date last night at Jones?'

At this point, we were thinking, What the heck? Was she hiding in the apartment?

We had a small chat and we left. After that day, she would randomly come up to my apartment and ask random questions about my girlfriend and I. Toward the end of my lease, I would hear her screaming and acting a little off. I would see her out in the neighborhood with messy wild hair and smeared lipstick on her face and teeth.

The weirdest neighbor I've ever had."

Make The Noises Stop!


Make The Noises Stop!

"The old lady who lived in the apartment across from my significant other and I decided to become an opera singer. She 'sang' to her plants almost daily, from 7 am to around noon, and from about 6 pm until about 3 am. I'm talking full blown, 'OoooooOOOOOOoooooooaaaaaaaaooooOOOOO,' practically all day every day. It made things like sleeping difficult and caused my significant other enough stress to trigger her depression.

She got the cops called on her twice. The first time, she sang to the officers' faces and closed the door. They had to break in and take her away, but she returned the next day. The second time, a senior officer cursed at her while the younger guy tried to hold his laughter.

I bonded with one of my neighbors over our shared hatred towards this loud woman. I think he lived above her.


In addition, the middle aged guy who lived below us was worse. He would yell and curse about practically any sound we made in the apartment. Even when a T-shirt fell from the bed to the floor. This was an old house, so we had really creak-happy floors.

This wasn't all: he would also have episodes where he would bark randomly, even in the middle of the night. This was a weekly occurrence.

We lived there for four years."

The Neighbor Had A Constant Black Sabbath Concert
The Neighbor Had A Constant Black Sabbath Concert

"My upstairs neighbor liked to blast Black Sabbath all night long on the weekend. The funny thing is I like Black Sabbath. But I didn't like it at 3 am when I had just gotten home an hour earlier after working a 12-hour shift.

I'd be there laying in bed, hearing the tune from 'Symptom of the Universe,' and my brain would be filling in the lyrics.

With as many times as I had banged on his door to get him to turn the music down, you'd think he would have learned to have the volume at a decent level by 1 am."

Terror From Above

Olena Zaskochenko/Shutterstock

Terror From Above

"I lived in a high rise a few years ago and the guy directly above me was pretty cool and enjoyable. Here are some highlights:

One Sunday night, I was relaxing on my couch at about 10 pm, reading a book when, suddenly, it sounded as if someone had opened fire through my ceiling. I went upstairs and knocked on my upstairs neighbor's door and asked him to turn the volume down. He told me that the city's noise ordinance doesn't go into effect until 11 pm and, basically, to go blow myself. I told him it was causing an issue and that he needed to turn it down. He walked back into his kitchen and came back out with a sawed-off broomstick with a 'grip' he'd fashioned out of duct tape. He threatened to beat me with it for asking him to keep it down. He ended up begrudgingly turning it down.

I once called the police on him because I could hear him beating up his girlfriend through my ceiling. They never got there in time and she never told them that he hit her, so they never did anything.

I'm about 90% sure that he tried to break into my apartment one day while I was out. He had stuck his head in my door when there was a plumbing issue with his tub drain leaking and damaging my bathroom ceiling. His eyes lit up when he saw that my place was nice. Shortly thereafter, someone tried to break into my place by going through the lock cylinder. I only noticed because it broke my lock and I couldn't get into my apartment when I got home at 3 am. I got a new deadbolt immediately.

One morning, I was in the shower getting ready for work when water started POURING into my bathroom. I mean there was water blasting out of my sconce, shower tiles turning brown from being waterlogged, etc. I threw on shorts and ran down to the office. No one was there. I went to the maintenance office. Empty. I called every number for the company I was renting from. No one answered. I went to the apartment above me where this was coming from. No one answered. By the time I got back to my place, the entire bathroom ceiling had collapsed and I had water damage visible in two other rooms and a whole hallway.

I later found out that my upstairs neighbor's junkie girlfriend had nodded off while filling the bathtub to do laundry, even though there was a giant laundry room in the basement, and the water was running full blast for a while as it overflowed. She destroyed my apartment and damaged a couple thousand dollars' worth of my stuff. She admitted to exactly what had happened. He came home and tried to talk his way out of it. The maintenance guy shut him down and told him he knew what had actually happened and that he was basically boned. He then made a throat-slashing gesture at me while in view of the head of maintenance.

He got evicted as a result of the damage she did and the fact that he threatened to murder me by cutting my throat. He blamed me for his eviction and started vandalizing my car. He kicked off the side window. He slashed a tire two different times. He threatened to kill me one time when I saw him in a bodega in the neighborhood because he moved DIRECTLY across the street when he got thrown out.

I honestly hope that he's dead in a ditch somewhere."

Remember That Movie

Asier Romero/Shutterstock

Remember That Movie "The Burbs?" Imagine Living That...

"I bought my first house last November. The neighborhood was a mix of nice young families and some questionable people. Some yards were very nice, others looked like they hadn't taken care of the property or mowed the lawn in years. The neighborhood sat on the edge of a very nice suburb of the city.

The backyard was beautiful. There was a large shed, privacy trees on both sides, and a 7' privacy fence in the back. In the beginning of the summer, my girlfriend and I had put up backyard lights that went from the tall trees across the backyard which connected to the shed. I had also installed speakers in the back of the deck to enjoy with friends and family.

We had met zero neighbors at this point.

As I got home on Monday evening, one row of the hanging lights were cut. We noticed also someone had put wood beams on top of my fence posts so we couldn't tie our light strings on the top of the fence. I was in the house while my girlfriend was in the shed and after we found this, she came running in.

The neighbor was screaming over the fence. He didn't know who he was screaming at. He was just screaming, saying things such as, 'You think I'm afraid of you?' and 'I will put you 10 feet in the sky,' and just cursing. Mind you, we had NEVER seen this person. We could not see over the fence, nor could he see us. We had never even been in contact with him. He was just threatening us.

I came out of the house and I started screaming, 'HEY, IS THERE A PROBLEM?' over and over with a VERY stern voice. No response. I decided to go over there to be nice and say, 'Hey, if I am doing something wrong, then please tell me.'

Behind the door I heard him say, 'If I have to open this door, I will kill you.'

Fifteen minutes later, he was back at it again. I heard him this time and he sounded under the influence of something. He was now threatening that he 'will kill you over there. I am not scared.'

By this time, it had been going on for two hours. I did not respond to him this time because I didn't know who this guy was, what he looked like, or what he was capable of, but he was not quitting. I had never called the cops in my life, but I was not about to buy my first house and have problems with neighbors. I didn't know what triggered this man. Was he just bored and messed up? Did he have a problem with the previous owners? I called the cops and they said they would send someone.

Later that evening at about 11 pm, he was still yelling and the cops were not there. He then got very personal and said, 'You [as in me], your wife, your dog and daughter - I am going to kill you all."

Now this was real. I called the cops back and said, 'Someone needs to get here ASAP.' They came and they couldn't really do anything, so I told them the story. They went over there and I could see them from the second story surrounding the house. I heard them knock on the door like they were not messing around. You could hear it echo throughout the neighborhood. They went in and were there for about 15 minutes. Then, we saw the cops leave and one came back to my house.

I am repeating [almost] word for word what this cop said to me. He said, 'They will not be bothering you again. These people are inbred pieces of crap.'

I stood there for a minute thinking about this comment and I said, 'Really?'

He said, 'I am not kidding one bit.'

He then proceeded to tell us that they had been to this house HUNDREDS of times over the past decades. They are KNOWN substance addicts and their sons were known for robbing the neighborhood. There had been numerous overdoses and a death two years earlier. They had a 50 year-old daughter with down syndrome whom they left to roam around the neighborhood. The cop also said that they had no wall on the back of their house. It was just a tarp. Additionally, the house had weeds and grass growing inside of it and the roof was caving in. It was uninhabitable.

I questioned how they could live there and afford it and not be kicked out? I guess this house had been owned by this family for generations. Ever since then, we have not had any problems, but it was disappointing that I now had to watch myself in my own backyard because of this unpredictable psycho."


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