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"My Faith In Humanity Was Lost That Day"

Now, I'd been working there for three years, I know that a manager has to take inventory of the lost product and in the case of a packaging error, get a refund from the supplier, no loss to the store. My shift was now over, so I went to tell my manager what happened before I left. I got the reply, 'Before you clock out, just go pick them (the donuts) up, brush them off, and send them to the bakery anyway.'

Keep in mind that there was now dirt and who knows what else frozen onto them. Thankfully, the other manager was around for me to get a second opinion from and the donuts were tossed and I got to keep my job, but I can't ever get a donut from there again."

What's More Important - The Truth Or Your Ego?

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What's More Important - The Truth Or Your Ego?

"I work in documentary production and part of my job is to do annotated scripts for big international networks. This is where you'll have to give references for every single line in your script, to prove to the network what you've written is 100% factual.

There was a line written by the scriptwriter/director that was not quite factual due to the way it was worded. I suggested the line be reworded but he was adamant to have it that way, so of course, the network came back to us and said either change the line or find a more concrete source. I searched and searched and couldn't find a source backing it up because of course, the line was not factual!

The director asked me to make nice with one of the experts on the topic and have him sign off on the line as a fact. I refused to do it, but the director went ahead and did it himself, and the line made it into the final film. I get frustrated every time I see the film on TV and hear the line."

Life In The Rental Car Business Is As Immoral As It Can Get

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Life In The Rental Car Business Is As Immoral As It Can Get

"I work for a rental car company. When we get low on vehicles, sometimes we end up giving free upgrades to fill the reservation. But our managers still want us to 'sell' upgrades. So during those times, we'll offer a vehicle you'll already get upgraded to for free at a price we basically make up based on how likely you are to say yes. That's right, I tell you it's $10 more per day, and if you say no, you still get it for free.

The company likes money, so they intentionally allow too many reservations to come through. Sometimes, everybody shows up. So if you're on the last flight, your two months in advance reservation might not mean anything. That's when I'm asked to change the definition of reservation.

Walking up without a reservation, I make the price based on what I believe current supply and demand to be. Ask for a specific car that I happen to have? That'll cost more.

I feel like a terrible person every day, but it is one of the best paying jobs in my area for those without a degree. I already have a second job I work on the weekends, so every day is me trying not to scream back at customers that this is not who I want to be.

I drink and smoke more and more every day, which doesn't help the finances either. But it's the only way I can cope with who I am during the day. I just get a lot of flak when people find out what I do for a living so I feel the need to tell people how I hate being a rental agent more than anybody in the world hates rental agents.

You already knew the industry is messed up. This is just the tip of the iceberg."

They Should Have Left It To The Experts

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They Should Have Left It To The Experts

"I work in London, so we have a pretty bad rodent problem in the area. One day, a rat ran into our store and hid underneath the sweet aisle. We tried looking for it, but Mr. Rat was nowhere to be found. An exterminator was called out and humane traps were put down. However, for a good fortnight, we kept finding chewed up chocolate bars, holes in bread and biscuit packs, and poop everywhere, so again we called pest control, who escalated it up to sticky traps.

A customer with clearly nothing better to do with their time noticed pest control in our store and they decided to complain to the Environmental Health Organisation with a very fabricated story of how we have rats (plural, even though pest control confirmed it was only one from the evidence they found) and that it was disgusting that we were not doing anything about it. EHO came into our store unannounced one day to take a look. We were basically told that we need to get rid of the rat or we'd fail our check. So out came the exterminator again, and we told them that they needed to clear the rat out by any means possible.

My manager called me over and asked if I was ok with rats. I said yes, so he replied with, 'Right, I want you to stand here and if any rat runs at you, I want you to cave its skull in.'

I was absolutely horrified by this, so I refused and walked away to the other side of the store where the tills were. I knew what was going to happen and to this day I can still hear the squeals from that animal as its skull was caved in by someone else. Yes, we were still open and serving customers as this was happening, because my manager still wanted his money.

There was also the time when a different manager (but the same company) told me to put undercooked food in the hot food counter because it was taking too long to cook in his opinion. Again, I refused."

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