Stealing Justice
Stealing Justice

Well, there was the store manager receiving a bj from a cashier. They spotted me and quickly went back inside to leave me alone. I then went ahead and spooled out the wire as planned. Not one, but the entire inventory, to the point at which my car started to get lower under the weight.

I went in and bought something and went to the cashier I saw with the store manager. I asked her how long she had been there.

'For a couple of weeks now,' she replied. 'It's just part-time until I go back to high school for my junior year.'

I then went back to the manager and identified myself and what I saw in private. The cashier was the daughter of a friend of his and was only 16. He was 37. I gave him two weeks to find another job or I would be back to blow it all up. He not only left in one week, but left the state entirely. In hindsight, I should have called the police but I didn't. This was about twenty years ago."

Live Wire


Live Wire

"I was running a wire. We were looking to arrest a guy who beat a 2 year old so bad she had broken femurs. We wired up the mother (well, technically wireless, and very small, fits in a pocket) and had her go to the boyfriend's (the culprit) house and try and get him to confess.

She started out great. She led the boyfriend along and... started to blow him. Then they hooked up. The man who beat her daughter so bad she was LifeFlighted, she SLEPT WITH on wire. I was punching my dashboard and wishing I could arrest her as well. It was awful. Luckily we had enough evidence, but since the victim was too young to testify, a confession would have made things much easier. She told us later that she 'wanted one more' before he went away."

Under The Covers
Under The Covers

"I used to work for furniture showroom stores that sold out of catalogs. I ran two stores and helped others. One of my jobs was to go to other stores and pretend to be a customer. Most of the scenarios involved various selling points, product knowledge, and up-sells. I had to get a written estimate as proof. I also checked store security, the condition of the store, and so on.

The worst thing I encountered was when I entered a store and there was no one in there. It was during open hours, but the entire showroom was vacant. I wandered into the back room and I changed a few things around. I went into the till and put in a note on the back of my business card that I had been in their till. After half an hour, I just left. I would have locked the store up if I had the key.

I called the manager to let her know, and she got in her car and immediately drove to the store. There were employees in there by the time she got there, but she checked under the till and saw my business card. She spoke to the employees, who said that they were there the whole time, but were at a loss to explain the business card and the stuff in the back room I had messed up. I think she fired her staff on the spot.

Another time I was part of an FBI sting. There was a group of people that were using stolen credit cards to buy large ticket items and have them delivered to the store for 'Parking Lot Pickup,' which was an option for a lot of people who lived in rural areas where delivery was not available. Of course, you would not have to verify your address either. All we cared about was that you showed up and picked up the merchandise you ordered.

The group of people that were using stolen credit cards were actually made up of a few former employees of the company who knew how to game the system. But, the FBI was wise to a lot of their thefts. They set up a sting operation at my store with the drivers. All they had to do was sign for the furniture to complete the deal that they picked up the stolen merchandise they had paid for with stolen credit cards.

Once they did that, several armored, armed men jumped out of the back of the truck and surrounded them. They ordered them to the ground, where they were handcuffed and carried away. They did not even resist, so, despite that one moment at which I knew that a bunch of agents were going to jump out of a delivery truck, it was actually kind of boring."

An Uncomfortable Position To Be Undercover


An Uncomfortable Position To Be Undercover

"I am a private investigator, contracted by the government to check massage shops to see if they are soliciting. I usually get sent to shops which have had multiple complaints, investigations into shops are in their final stages, and they need evidence to support their case.

I went to this one shop. Everything seemed normal, except for how I was asked to strip bare for an oil massage. Eventually, I was asked to flip over. The therapist without asking just starts rubbing some 'gel' on my 'parts.' At this point, I was obligated to refuse and end the session. I asked her to stop, but halfway through the sentence, I was hit with the most intense pain.

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