Sounds Like A Personal Opinion
Sounds Like A Personal Opinion

She said, 'Do you not like chocolate cake?' I said I did indeed like chocolate cake, and she asked what the problem was.

I argued with the teacher over this for weeks. I never got my points back. Hrmph. I'm 37 years old now and I still get irritated remembering that. Overall I really liked that teacher, but oh my God, what a strange, cake-related blind spot."

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree
The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree

"When I was young, I once had an argument with my cousins about whether or not mercury is a metal. They said it couldn't be a metal because it was a liquid. I kept trying to explain that metal and liquid were not mutually exclusive properties.

They finally went to their mom and asked the question, and she replied, 'No, it can't be a metal because it's a liquid.'

That was the day I learned without a doubt that my aunt is an idiot."

These People Do Exist
These People Do Exist

"I got into a flat earth argument with someone. I didn't believe these people actually existed and I wasn't prepared. My go to was 'if we started digging right now, how deep would we have to go before we fall through the hole and into the abyss.' He said my shovel would melt. I said 'so the earth's core is still there? Is that flat?' And he said no. It was baffling. I never thought it was a real thing. The stupidity was amazing."

Baby Quitter
Baby Quitter

"I actually made a babysitter quit when I was three because I kept arguing with her. The phone call went something like this.

Mom gets a call at work: 'Hello?'

Babysitter: 'Hi. I think tonight will be my last night babysitting your son.'

Mom: 'Oh no! What has he done?'

Babysitter: 'He won't stop arguing with me. I just can't deal with him anymore.'

Mom: 'You're the authority figure, my son has no reason to argue. Just tell him what to do.'

Babysitter: 'I do, but he just keeps arguing with me!'

Mom: ''re arguing with my three-year-old? I mean... you're literally arguing with a three-year-old?'

Babysitter: ...

Mom: ...

Babysitter: I'm sorry, tonight will be my last night babysitting your son.'

Mom: 'Okay. I'm going back to work now.' click

My mom was flabbergasted."

So Ridiculous She Quit Her Job
So Ridiculous She Quit Her Job

"I taught French and found out that a girl had taken an article from an English site and then pasted it into BabelFish (one of the worst translators!) and then handed that in.

She didn't even read it through once because every once in a while there was a formatting error, I think from line breaks in the webpage not pasting properly, so a word would have a period in the middle and didn't translate. So it would be, 'French French French English.English French French French...'

So, I found the site she copied, pasted it into BabelFish, screenshot everything, give her 0 for not doing the work and tell her she can redo it if she wants a better mark.

Her mom takes me to the principal, and her argument is, 'Did you tell them they couldn't copy/paste?'

Welp, no, I guess I didn't specifically say that. I just told them to write something and to credit sources like we learned. How silly of me.

The principal stayed on the mother's side. I left teaching shortly afterward. What a freaking joke schools are becoming."

Kids These Days...
Kids These Days...

"I'm a high-school teacher, and I once taught a very unwilling group of grade 9 students who displayed an alarming level of entitlement and apathy to most things going on in the world around them. I frequently had to have many conversations I thought I would never have.

My favorite was on the day of a unit test. One of the slackers wasn't prepared at all because he hadn't done any of the class work leading up to the test (it was open book). He spent the entire test period sitting there, staring at his page.

At the end of the period, he handed me a blank test. I asked him if he realized what handing me a blank test meant (I just wanted to establish that he knew he'd get a 0 so he didn't flip out later).

He says, 'Yeah, I'm just gonna finish this tomorrow in class.' I chuckle, because I thought he was joking. 'You can't finish it tomorrow.' 'Why not?' Surprised I have to say this, I continue, 'Today was the test. The time to write the test was today. Tomorrow we are moving on to something else, so you can't write the test tomorrow. You've already seen the test today, so if you write it tomorrow, it's no longer a test of your abilities, but a test of your ability to memorize and prepare answers.' Extremely mad and disbelieving, he says, 'Well, I want to write it tomorrow, I didn't want to write it today!' What?!"

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