It should be no surprise that people are more susceptible to lose their cool when they're hungry. While this happens to just about everyone, some people are more likely than others to throw major temper tantrums when they haven't had a meal in a few hours. Anger and hunger are two things that should never be combined, but the duo makes an appearance more times than not. As is the case in the following stories.

A Reddit thread recently asked people to share the most ridiculous temper tantrums they have seen at a restaurant. No matter if its the waiter, the bartender, or even a customer, the following stories are full of irrational people finding themselves in tense situations just because someone was hungry and angry. All posts have been edited for clarity.

The Tantrum Was Bad Enough Before They Took It To The Next Level
The Tantrum Was Bad Enough Before They Took It To The Next Level

She started whining and her husband started recording the situation and verbally abusing him, calling him a worthless pig for working at a restaurant while stroking his own ego.

My buddy's co-worker overheard all this and was just observing from the kitchen as this went down. My buddy didn't say a word and just accepted that this was happening. The lady's husband later posted it on the restaurant's Facebook page.

This all happened because of a cup of cheese. She was trying to ultimately get him fired.

It didn't work."

She Thought She Was Above Everyone Else
She Thought She Was Above Everyone Else

"I earn extra money working at concession stands at big rated horse shows. They are usually full of rich entitled people who think that a lowly worker is there to be abused. This one woman asked for the chicken salad. Ok, we had the traditional with mayonnaise that would go on sandwiches OR a green salad with sliced chicken. I asked her, point blank, 'The chicken salad that goes on bread?' She said yes and to hurry up.

I gave her the scoop on bread. She went off on me about trying to get her fat. Blah blah. I was shocked but then she started calling me a fat piece of white trash. I had to take a walk before I said things I regretted. The next customer gave me a $20 tip and told me she was always that way."

It Sounds Like This Guy's Tantrums Were Well Known Around Town
It Sounds Like This Guy's Tantrums Were Well Known Around Town

"Back in the 80s, I was working at a Burger King located in a mall. It had the seating area as you walked in, and the ordering area in the back. To try to sell more drinks, they made a drink station in the front by the restaurant opening to serve people as they were passing by.

I was working the front drink station one day. It was a pretty good job, just stand there and check out all of the hot women passing by and serve drinks.

Next door to the BK was a sporting goods store. One time, this 14-year-old girl came over and got an iced tea. She left and went into the sporting goods store. About a half hour later, she came back and asked for a refill (we gave out free refills on carbonated beverages but not tea). I told her this and she got a look of 'oh crap' resignation on her face, thanked me, and went back into the store.

About a minute later, I heard a man yell something and ski poles, skis, boots, and various other winter items started flying out of the store. Everyone around stopped and looked into the store to figure out what was going on. This guy came stomping out with his daughter in tow and asked (yelled) why he couldn't have a free refill. I explained the company policy and he grabbed the countertop and started shaking it like he wants to rip it off the counter. I told him I could get the manager if he would like and he said, 'Get them out here right now.'

By now, everyone was gathering around to watch the spectacle this guy was creating and the daughter was standing there embarrassed and shaken. I ran to the back to get the manager and she explained the same policy. He was redfaced and foaming at the mouth yelling at the manager, grabbing the counter and shaking it again, when a security guy showed up. The guy took one look at him and walked away, back into the store. About a minute after that, two big guys that worked at the store walked him out and told him not to come back. He stormed away yelling obscenities."

This Was By Far The Worst Thing They Had Experienced On The Job
This Was By Far The Worst Thing They Had Experienced On The Job

"I managed a movie theatre in a local mall and it wasn't that unusual for shoppers to swing in to grab a soda or bag of popcorn to snack on while they shopped.

So one day, this woman came in and asked for a small popcorn which I happily provide to her. She took her popcorn and exited the lobby. About 20 minutes later, she came back in with the bag almost empty and asked if I could pour the rest of the popcorn into a brown paper bag. I apologized and let her know we didn't have any plain brown bags, just the decorative bags we used.

'Okay, then I want a refund.'

I politely but firmly refused the refund and explained that she had already eaten the bulk of what she paid for and her distaste for the color of the container was not grounds for reimbursement.

What followed was about 15 to 20 minutes of this woman just getting red in the face and threatening to sue me, personally, because I wouldn't refund her the price of a small popcorn, and how I was what was wrong with America. Once she finished hitting the usual, 'Whatever happened to the customer is always right?' bullet points, she moved on to making the most insane accusations!

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