Maybe He Was Just Really Hungry
Maybe He Was Just Really Hungry

The look on this fellas face almost looked like he'd seen a ghost. He nearly froze mid-swing. He can't believe he just did that in front of a cop. I call for backup, file a report, and the guy gets arrested. I gave him assault creating fear, destruction of property, obstructing traffic and disorderly conduct.

My town's pretty quiet so it's not too often I make an arrest, but this one was the sweetest one I've had in a long time. Most of them are driving under the influence or somebody being a jerk at waffle house, that kind of small-town stuff."

They Tried To Break Into The Wrong Car
They Tried To Break Into The Wrong Car

"I am friends with a guy whose father is in FBI SWAT in LA. He told me this story once:

He and his unit were dispatched to bring in a wanted felon and assist with a bust. His unit gears up and loads into an unmarked white van (tinted windows), wearing full SWAT gear. They are parked a few blocks away from where the deal is going down waiting to be called in. Two men approach the vehicle and proceed to attempt to break in and steal it.

My friend's father, who is in the passenger seat, throws his door open, knocking one of the guys down, gets out with his MP5 and points it at the guy (who is now on the ground). He says, 'FBI, you're under arrest.'"

Stopping A Crime Got A Little Confusing
Stopping A Crime Got A Little Confusing

"My dad was a cop, there were a few times he told me he stopped some crimes in progress when he was off-duty. Once was when he was walking to his girlfriend's apartment. He sees two guys at the back of some apartment. They are breaking into the house. He used to always carry off duty. He runs into the Dunkin Donuts right there and calls 911, tells them what's going on, says he's a cop, what he's wearing exactly (he worked narcotics and anti-crime around then so he looked like a perp). Then he tells them that he a going to stop the burglary in progress.

He goes into the backyard and one of the guys is halfway through the basement window, the other is already inside. He grabs the guy by his belt and rips him out of the window. In doing so the guy got a good kick, hit my dad in the face, and gave him a bloody nose. He hit him a couple times to subdue him and then handcuffs him to a fence pole.

The other guy takes off as soon as the altercation started, obviously because my dad said 'police freeze!' He actually spots the guy and begins chasing him. Cops show up about now and see two guys running, one has a weapon (my dad). They stop my dad thinking he was the robber. They cleared that up right away and caught the other guy. Apparently, they were wanted in a ton of robberies/burglaries."

"If Karma Is Real, It Certainly Got This Guy"

"Before college, I moved around a lot due to my dad being an FBI agent. At this particular time, my family and I lived in Las Vegas, and let's just say my dad was a VERY high-level exec at the office there. This is a man in his 50s who is far beyond his field work days but always insists on carrying his secondary.

One day he's just getting some gas at a gas station when he sees a very excited woman come out of the convenience store. She had apparently just hit the jackpot at the gas station slots (yes, they are everywhere in Las Vegas). The woman enters the bathroom around the side of the building, and after a little while, my dad hears screaming and struggling. He rushes around to see what's happening and catches a man running out of the women's bathroom.

My dad immediately draws his weapon from his ankle holster, yells 'Stop, FBI!' He gets the guy on the ground with his hands on his head, then cuffs and arrests him. The man was indeed robbing the woman of her winnings and got hauled off by the police. For those of you who don't get the same weight of this that I do, this type of situation is incredibly uncommon for FBI agents, especially for senior execs. Anyway, what bad luck for the mugger to have an FBI agent arrest him immediately after committing the crime. If karma is real, it certainly got this guy. Serves him right."

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