Remember that one friend with the cool parent? The one who would spoil their children and their friends with awesome toys and fun trips? The one who would invoke the though, I wish my folks were like that! These people wish they knew someone with a parent like that.

People looked back on their childhood and later to think about times they spend with a friend and their parent, only to rediscover the more awkward and unusual moments they shared with them. They share these memories to Reddit and these are most outrageous of the bunch. Content has been edited for clarity.

"The Next 12 Hours Was Torture"

"My good childhood friend, her mother, and sisters were moving to Colorado, and her dad was staying a year behind to save up some money.

I took a road trip up there a week after her mom and sisters were settled in so that I could help my friend move in. The plan was her father would follow us behind her car with some more of her stuff and, a couple days later, I'd road trip back with him when it was time to go home.

The trip up there was fine, and we had a good time before it was time to go home. Right before her dad and I were supposed to head home, her mom told him that she wanted a divorce. The next 12 hours, give or take, was torture for me because he was crying and asking me if she would take him back the whole time. The worst part was that he had just gotten diagnosed with some type of prostate cancer a year before. It sucked.

Flash forward six years later he's remarried and happy and, after my friend found out what her mom did, she moved back home to live with him for two years."

"They Prayed Over Me To Do The Right Thing"

"I practically lived over at my friend's house from my mid to late teens. They were a devout Pentecostal family and his dad was treasurer of their church. I went over to their house, walked in, and both parents were immediately in my face - 'DID YOU STEAL MONEY FROM US!!'

Someone broke into their roll top desk and stole $2,000 from the church funds. They accused me, then the mother broke down and started crying, sitting on the couch, hands in her face, bawling. Then they all started praying for the return of the money. Then they prayed over me for guidance to do the right thing. I thought, What the heck?!

What they didn't know was that their son, my friend, had his eye on a $2,000 Nikon F3 camera for a few months and his parents wouldn't buy it for him. What really blew my mind was he bought the camera and they never suspected him of stealing the money and he never apologized to me for it."

"He'd Complain Because He Had To Feed Me, Like A Stray Cat"

"A friend's father was absolutely convinced that I was only friends with his daughter for money. They weren't exactly rich, maybe a tiny bit better off than we were, but it was impossible for him to know that.

When her Dreamcast needed a new cable after one of her pets chewed through it, my friend left it on their kitchen counter with a note asking him to buy a new one. Basically just, 'Dad, could you get a new one of these?' on a piece of paper, as I recall it. He came storming into her room while we were hanging out and demanded to know why I thought he would buy me something. My friend had to jump in and explain that it was her cable, not mine. I have no idea why he would assume that it was for me, but he just went off about it.

He'd complain if I spent the night because he had to feed me, like I was a stray cat. It was incredibly weird. I was only ever over there a handful of times in a couple of years, and it was always announced first, and approved by him. If he was going to let me come over to stay, you'd think he'd complain less about feeding me. My mother never complained about it. Everyone spent the night at my house. It was like a refuge since so many of my friends had messed up home situations. Ironically, this girl had what I assumed to be the most normal family, even though their mother had left, but even she was over all the time. The worst part is he made extremely inappropriate jokes all throughout dinner when I was there. I was maybe 14.

Looking back, I'm starting to wonder if he wasn't just high. My friend explained that he kept one fingernail long to pick his nose, but I've been told that is not its only purpose. None of his behavior ever made sense.

She and I stopped being friends a few months later because I asked her for 10 cents to make a photocopy of something and she flipped out, saying her dad was right about me. It was the first and only time I'd ever asked for anything from her. If they were under that much strain, she probably would have known about it. I could account for her weird reaction to the request. I always just figured she was letting her dad's paranoia influence her."

"The Family Was, Apparently, 'Known' In The Neighborhood"

"I was about 7 or 8 years old, and there was this kid in my class who lived a few blocks away. This kid was weird. His family was weird. His dad was this scary, fat guy who always wore dirty T-shirts and sweatpants. One day, the kid invited me over to play some Nintendo, but I didn't really want to go to this house. My mom was overprotective, so I'd usually just look at her and she could tell from my look whether it was a 'Please, Mom, can I go?' or a 'Please, Mom, tell them I can't go?'

My dad, however, was oblivious to the world around him. My mom wasn't there, but my dad was. I looked at my dad and he was probably like, Afternoon to myself, so he said, 'Go, have fun. Can his dad drive him home when you're all done? Sweet.'

The kid's dad drove one of those ancient vans. The kid sat in the passenger seat. There were no back seats, so I had to sit on the center console. The floor was covered in fast food wrappers and bags and just generally smelled like crap.

When we got back to his house, I couldn't help but notice how filthy it was. His parents were smoking like chimneys. The kid's mom kept calling me 'Adam.' My name isn't Adam. I asked the kid who Adam was as we went to his room and booted up the Nintendo, but he kept pushing off the question. We played for a while but, after about two hours of my guard being fully on, I asked if I could go home.

The kid's dad drove me home in the van while smoking and cursing profusely over traffic, missed turns, and what not. I was never so happy to get home. By that point, my mother was home and she was furious that my dad sent me off with this family and was thrilled that I was back. Among her concerns: my father had no idea where these people lived, so my mother couldn't just come and get me. He didn't feel like this was a big deal. She felt otherwise.

The family was, apparently, 'known' in the neighborhood. The mother had been in and out of psychiatric hospitals since her oldest son, Adam, died. As this was a long time ago, I keep getting different versions of the story from different family members. The gist is that she was, in some manner, responsible for Adam's death. My mother told me that she straight up murdered him, but was found not guilty by reason of insanity, spent a few years in the state hospital, and then managed to get released. I've also heard that it was a criminal negligence thing - i.e., she left him in the bathtub unattended and he drowned and she went away for that, but it wasn't murder, per se. The father of this kid was allegedly someone who, today, would be on a registry. He gave off a creepy vibe, but it's possible that this one was neighborhood hype.

Years later, the kid did some time because he would creep on women at a nearby college campus. Apparently, he got busted after he broke into some woman's apartment to watch her sleep. The mom offed herself while he was in high school."

"I Was Engulfed In This Soup Of Passive-Aggressive Comments"

"I love saving money as much as the next guy, but there's a fine line between being frugal and being cheap. I like to think that line is drawn right before you're complaining to the Applebee's manager to get your meal for free after the waiter brought out the extra honey mustard you asked for but failed to inform you that it cost 30 cents more.

When I was a sophomore, I went on vacation with a friend's family to some beach hotel. Downstairs, there was a super upscale seafood restaurant where we went for dinner one night, dressed up in suits and everything. Unbeknownst to me, this family was really cheap. Not 'frugal' like they claimed, but cheap. First off, the hotel we stayed at was already paid for because his mom was a teacher and the school board gave them this as a 'teacher's weekend.' Second, because we stayed at the hotel that the restaurant was attached to, we got 50% off our whole bill. Third, my mom handed his dad money for my food for the week that I could spend on any meal I'd like.

The meal started and the waiter started taking drink orders. I said, 'Coke, please!' And his dad, from the other side of the table, leaned over to me and said, 'You sure?' Everyone was staring at me while I ordered my drink.

I said, 'Yeah, I'd just like a Coke please.'

He piped up again, 'Alright, well, if you're going to be spending your parents' money, then might as well go big!' It was a $2 soda, but OK, so I just let it pass and broke the awkwardness by changing the topic.

The drinks were served and then came the time to order. His family decided for the table, for five adults, that the best plan of action was to split two small appetizers and eat free bread instead of getting meals individually. I had my own money and when I went to order a steak, he said again in front of everyone, 'Hopefully you have enough money for breakfast!'

So at that point, I was basically engulfed in this soup of passive-aggressive comments and cheapskate mindsets that I slowly lost my appetite and just sat there while picking at the appetizer we got. The appetizer was fried calamari served on a bed of spinach. The calamari was gone and the plate of greens had been sitting there for about five minutes. The waiter, who had just started and was being trained that day, came by and picked up the plates. All of a sudden, his dad said out loud for the restaurant to hear, 'Where's the spinach?'

The waiter rushed over and asked what the problem was, trying to diffuse the situation. He might as well have walked up and kicked him right in the balls because his dad erupted in rage. He had taken the waiter cleaning the plates off the table as some personal threat and had gone off the rails. My friend stepped in and tried to calm him and he said, and I quote to his own son, 'I'm not going to calm down. You're the kid, I'm the dad. Remember that.' He eventually calmed to a point of where the manager not only comped him his half-priced order of waters and calamari for free, but a second free meal to ease this magnificent burden in this man's mind.

I remember being dumbfounded with how weak I saw him for the rest of our friendship. To completely embarrass yourself and your family over calamari, Jesus man."

"The Topic Of 'Being A Man' Came Up"

"We were white water rafting in Maine. I was in a truck with my friend, a different friend's dad, and two 10-year-old boys going to the pickup spot at the end of the rafting route. I was in the passenger seat and the dad was driving. I was about 17 at the time, and the topic of 'being a man' came up. He talked about how sometimes you just need to follow your dreams. We were all listening at this point.

He then told us this wasn't his first life and that he moved to the West Coast when he was young and started a family. He said he liked his wife and kids decently enough, but he wanted to get more out of life. One day, he went out to pick up some milk and never went back.

I don't know how the kids in the truck took the story, but my friend and I were pretty freaked out the rest of the trip."

"Mom, You're Going The Wrong Way!"

"I grew up in a big tourist town with a lake with a number of summer homes, and all of the hotels had little water parks attached. The winter of my eighth grade year, my friend had a birthday party at one of these water parks. It was cheap to get into in the winter and they had slides and a lazy river, and a big hot tub. I remember there was a girls hockey team in town for a regional tournament, so a couple girls teams were in the water park and we started hanging out with them. A girl was flirting with me, so we hung around in a group.

It was a good party with plenty of food and girls in bathing suits flirting with us. The plan was after the party, about ten of us were staying at the birthday boy's house for the night, so we all were dropped off and his mom (divorced) was going to drive us all back to the house. I never really knew what drinking a lot looked like - my mom never drank - but this kid's mom had been drinking all night by the pool.

Well, it got late and was time to go home so the group of us piled into her minivan. We all had to squish together and some even sat in the floor between seats and next to the big sliding door. That was the first red flag. So we started to leave and had to cut across this divided four-lane highway. Well, the mom started going the WRONG way down the two lanes. Her son, my friend, started yelling at her, 'Mom, you're going the wrong way!'

It took her a minute of driving until she realized he was right and started to make a wide U-turn. Then, we get on the other side of the highway and she turned the wrong way again! We all started nervously yelling and pointing this out until after another minute or so, she corrected herself and got on the right track.

I never thought much of it, as it was a good night before and after that, but being an adult now, it scares the crap out of me that she had an over-packed car (some of us not wearing seat belts) and she still drove wasted down a highway twice! I never told my mom because I didn't get that she was wasted, but it makes me cringe thinking she could have killed herself and eight other people because she had too many drinks."

"He Kept Saying How I Looked Much Older Than I Was"

"When I was about 8, I was in the back of the car with my friend while her dad drove us to a friend's birthday party. He kept saying how I looked much older than I was, how I looked like an adult, and how people must mistake me for an adult all the time (EIGHT). He kept asking how old people usually thought I was.

I was kind of flattered because 8-year-olds like people thinking they're older than they are, but I remember telling my mom and her seeming kind of creeped out, and I never saw my friend's dad again. Her parents were divorced and she lived with her mom so I didn't think anything of it.

Just realizing now why my mom might have found that creepy."

"I Saw Everything and I Still Feel Weirded Out"

"I went camping with a couple of buddies and my friend's mom, who was the driver.

My girlfriend and I were setting up our tent and she walked away to go grab something, and I could see my friend's mom in her tent. She looked at me, smiled, turned around, pulled her pants and underwear down, and pushed her butt against the screen window and just laughed.

I saw everything and I still feel weirded out. I've known her for years and see her like a second mom."

"She Asked If I Wanted A Ride Home

"My friend's mom would pick him up at the bus stop every day. One day, she asked if I wanted a ride home. I said sure and got in. She said she had to do something at home quick and took us to their house. We each lived two blocks from the bus stop in opposite directions. It didn't make sense, but whatever. I didn't say anything.

We got to their house and she sat me down at the kitchen table and yelled at me for being mean to her son for about two hours. I walked home afterward, was late for dinner, and told my parents what happened. I feel like she essentially kidnapped me and yelled at me, and I still have no idea what I did to him; we were good friends and still are. His mom is pretty crazy, though."

"No More Drinking For You."

"I was at my friend’s birthday party. It was a backyard barbecue with family and friends. There was a lot of drinking starting at noon and going into the wee hours of the morning (I was old enough to be drinking legally in the US). I ended up tripping on the patio and skinning my knee. My friend's parents invited me inside to get cleaned up. They sat me on the kitchen counter and cleaned my knee. My friend’s mom went upstairs to get a bandage.

While she was gone for just that five minutes, my friend’s dad got real close to me and said, 'I want to do you. I want to do you right here, right now.'

I had no idea how to respond. His wife was just in the other room. I just stared at him in disbelief. I don’t think I ever actually provided an answer before his wife came back. He then took my drink and poured it down the drain saying, 'No more drinking for you.'

That friend doesn’t really talk to me anymore so, I have no idea what his dad said about me."

Dreams Do Come True
Dreams Do Come True

"My friend had moved back in with her mom when we were in our late 20s. Their mom lived around the corner from me, so it was not uncommon for them to invite me over for drinks/dinner/hang out.

One night, I was walking back from a bar and my friend texted me to come over and have a drink. I was only a block or two away... so I thought, Sure, why not? and headed there. I arrived and both my friend and her mother were wasted and listening to music in the lounge room. We all drank together and were chatting.

About an hour or two later, my friend just hit the wall and wanted to go to sleep. I told her I would go home and walked with her down the hallway, but her mother calls out, 'I just poured you another glass,' so I put my friend to bed and headed back down the hallway to the lounge room.

Straight away, the mother had changed the music to something more 'romantic,' the lights were dimmed, she told me to come sit by her and, within moments, was telling me how I was always her favorite of her daughter's friends and placed a hand on my thigh.

I'm not going to lie, I always fancied her. She was a top notch hottie when we were growing up and was the flirty, fun type. We made out a little right there on the couch and she gave me the most satisfying moment of pleasure I've had to this day. We made loose plans to meet up again, but ultimately decided it was too risky and left it at that and decided that it would be our secret and never tell anyone.

I felt incredibly awkward after that night and kind of avoided the daughter for a while. The mother was a big drinker, so I was always worried she might have a few and let it slip... but to my knowledge she never did. Sadly, she died suddenly last year and this is the first I've ever told anyone about it.

At the mother's funeral, the daughter told me that the mother always spoke highly of me and loved me. The daughter and I are still friends and talk on the phone often and catch up about once a month. She's still struggling with the loss of her mom, so I make an effort to be a supportive friend as much as I can."

"Still Gives Me The Chills"

"I was 12 years old and over at a friend's place. When I had to leave to go home, his mother came running after me screaming that I couldn't leave. I was already halfway down a set of stairs and just knew something was wrong, so I said I had to and continued on. She was still screaming for me to come back.

I told my parents when I got home and they 'looked' at each other. Then nothing more happened. A few weeks later, I was over there again, everything was normal. My friend asked if I wanted to sleep over. He had Nintendo, so of course I wanted to. My parents didn't let me though.

True story, that same night, his mother beat him to death with a wooden boat he had made in wood shop class. I watched him get carried out in a body bag from my balcony. That stuck with me for a while. Bizarre thinking about today, though.

She was a diagnosed schizophrenic. My parents knew. They told me after his death. Every parent in our neighborhood knew. I'm sure his school, teacher, CPS, and her ex-husband all knew. But she was probably on meds and fine most of the time. Hindsight, though.

Us kids also found her odd at times, but we didn't understand. Most of the time she was perfectly normal to my eyes. I've heard stories afterwards about all the weird stuff she did that the grown-ups noticed, though. Like, seeing military tanks in the parking lot, trying to steal another neighbor's dog because she wanted protection.

It's been 25 years now. Still gives me the chills. From what I've been told, it happened super early in the morning, 5ish, so he was most likely asleep. Hopefully that first blow put his lights out and he never woke up and realized what was happening. The crime scene was supposedly gruesome."

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